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“To err is human, to forgive is divine” we often throw this phrase around, forgetting the weight and load these phrases hold.

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All humans, at some point, have committed errors that have left those we love and care for hurt and wounded; this is a part of us we often act out knowingly or unknowingly.

Forgiving might be divine, but it isn’t easy, especially when whoever hurt you is someone dear to you or who means a whole lot to you.

The person you have hurt might be willing to forgive you, but he sometimes might need a little shove and assistance.

Getting gifts is one of the many ways to get back on someone’s good side, so pick from any of these apology gift for him and make amends. Also, these are general apology gifts for friends and also these are apology gifts for your girlfriend.

Thoughtful Apology Gifts for Him

1. Forgive Me Notecard

apology gift for himapology gift for him

The act of genuinely asking for forgiveness is a piece of the pie; following it up with something physical like this forgive me notecard is another way of showing how sorry you are. This card points out to him that you are aware you messed up; this is one genuine way to show remorse.

2. Miniature in a Bottle

apology gift for himapology gift for him

This is a creative way of admitting how much hurt you caused him; this bottle has a donkey in it, so since you accept your action was dumb, this bottle shows him that you admit to being a dumb ass.

3. Apology Scented Candles

apology gift for himapology gift for him

The humorous writeup engraved on this candle is one way to register your awareness of the mistake and error you committed.

This candle would smell better than the sh!t you caused him. However, we hope you don’t cause more sh!t because this candle will one day get burnt out.

4. Cute Poop in a Jar

apology gift for himapology gift for him

This is somewhat like the ass in the jar, but it points to him how you were such a sh!t. It is a funny way to say sorry, but it still gets the job done.

5. Apology Keychain

apology gift for himapology gift for him

The beauty of this keychain is if he decides to use this for as long as he keeps bearing that grudge, he’ll constantly be reminded of how sorry you are.

This keychain is engraved with words that show you begging him and apologizing. Who knows, he might give you a second chance.

6. Couple Reconnect Game

apology gift for himapology gift for him

Gaming together is one of the surest ways to reconnect; the thing here is, with the issues still looming, I doubt you both can focus while gaming, but if the game revolves around reconciliation, this is the correct item for him. With this game, you two can successfully get down to the root of the issue and maybe trash it out once and forever.

7. Engraved Wallet Card

apology gift for himapology gift for him

Tell him sorry with this engraved wallet card. It is more than just an apology gift for him; it also points out your loyalty to him, reminding him that you both are friends through thick and thin, and a little hiccup shouldn’t stop you from reconciling.

8. Get him a pack of his Favorite Beer

apology gift for himapology gift for him

Most men love buying their beer in bulk; if you can get him a full pack, you might win him back.

9. Complete Beer Making Kit

apology gift for himapology gift for him

Also, you can get this beer-making kit for him. Most men are pretty handy and would fancy DIY gifts. If possible, you could join him in brewing his beer. The joy and pride he’ll get from making his beer alone might be all he’ll need to forgive you.

10. Prepare his Favourite Meal – Cooking for Two Cookbooks

apology gift for himapology gift for him

From the countless recipes here, you can fix something unique or give the cookbook to him and allow him to make a selection of what he’ll love you to prepare.

I’ll leave a clue; this book is the ideal cookbook for two people, so couples. If he decides to join you while you prepare it, you are a step closer to reconciliation.

11. Treat him to a Spa – Luxury Men’s Spa Box

apology gift for himapology gift for him

You can treat him to a spa to help facilitate the forgiveness. He is probably a busy man and can’t afford the time to go for a good spa day; yes, men also need a spa day.

With this package, he can convert his bathtub into a premium spa room. Everything inside this package would help with his relaxation; probably after then, you both can have a proper reconciliation conversation.


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