You Can Put the “Haha” in Boss Day While Staying in Character With Any of These Ticklish Funny Gifts for Boss’s Day

Businessman going to give present for his chief on Boss’s Day - funny gifts for boss’s day

What are the others planning for Boss Day? Let me guess, mugs, cups, office accessories, cakes, blah blah blah, no, I’m not saying their gifts isn’t okay, I’m just saying, wasn’t this what they gave the boss last year and five years ago? For this year’s Boss Day, you’ll take a different approach; how long … Read more

Let Us Make Humor Out of This New Achievement Get Him One of These Funny Gifts for a New Dad

Father playing in bed with his little baby boy - funny gifts for a new dad

The world of “new fatherhood” is one hell of a universe f its own. It becomes even more of a unique world when the new father doesn’t have anyone to assist; even if he does, it is still one unique universe. I agree it is a big deal, but come on, you can put a … Read more

They May Be Cheap but They Are So Hilarious See These Funny Gifts Under $10

man seeing a funny gift on christmas _funny gifts under $10

Getting people to roll on the floor laughing doesn’t entail you breaking your bank. For a few bucks, there are some items you could get your friends, family members, coworkers, neighbors, and many others that would make them crack with laughter when they unwrap the items or on the many times they’ll use them. I … Read more

Before They Pick the Call to Bar These Funny Gifts for Law Students Would Do

funny gifts for law students

I’ve always admired law students and lawyers, and I believe them to be pretty smart. Like someone who loves debating with friends and strangers, especially online, I might consider going into the law school *wink. So, while dealing with the daunting “law school” task, you can help take the weight and put a smile on … Read more

Shhh These Secret Santa Gifts by Prices Would Catch Them off Guard

Creative Christmas background. Secret Santa card. Santa Claus hipster with red hat, beard and sunglasses. _secret santa gifts by prices

For this year’s Secret Santa, you get to gift whoever you are assigned something pretty unique, practical, thoughtful, or funny, and it doesn’t matter your budget or how much price range you were told to buy at, here we have at least ten gifts per prices for you. So, get below and pick out the … Read more