A Collection of Awesome Gifts for 7-Year-Old Boys

They might not say it, but when you get gifts for 7-year-old boys, you need to deliver. They are kids, no doubt, who have just five years’ experience under their belts. However, on a second look, you’ll realize they have developed an individual interest for specific things.

Among many interests 7-year-old boys have, adventure is quite predominant amongst them; some may start having a set of friends they hang out with, others are interested in a particular sport, and many develop various hobbies. In this list, I’ve recorded the best gifts for seven-year-old boys this year.

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1. Remote Control Building Car

gifts for 7-year-old boysgifts for 7-year-old boys

Instead of getting that young engineer an already made toy, you can bring out his construction mindset with this tow. What we have here is two vehicles in one set toy that he can construct and go race around town.

He can assemble it repeatedly, giving him numerous enjoyment time; it doesn’t break easily and won’t come apart after colliding with something like a wall. Children can build a transport pickup truck or an off-road racing truck. They can control it indoors or race it outdoors. The cool truck can race across most flat surfaces easily, even on sand, grass, gravel, or soil.

2. Kids Piano

gifts for 7-year-old boysgifts for 7-year-old boys

You can start developing his musical senses by getting this piano for him. This piano offers many different tones, rhythms, and melodies, and it can play different music’s. Using comfortable materials, fine craftsmanship, and sleek edge design, they won’t suffer any harm. Fun for both kids and adults.

3. Punching Bag for Kids

gifts for 7-year-old boysgifts for 7-year-old boys

As a seven years old boy, he is a creature of energy; you can help him channel that energy to these punching bags. It’s a tough freestanding punching bag too! This inflatable bag is made of PU leather and takes everything a kid can dish out! And it keeps bouncing back, ready for more! It also comes with cool kids boxing gloves!

4. Nintendo Switch

gifts for 7-year-old boysgifts for 7-year-old boys

You would make his year by getting him a Nintendo Switch. He can play on the go, with his friends alone and anywhere. The Nintendo Switch also offers parental control, so you can keep taps of what he is doing. Every seven years old kid will love this.

5. Pro Scooters

gifts for 7-year-old boysgifts for 7-year-old boys

The name says PRO, but still, it is perfect for a seven years old boy. He could ride with his friends, to the park, to school, or to anywhere of his choice. It would be best if you also got him a helmet for obvious reasons.

6. Coding Robot

gifts for 7-year-old boysgifts for 7-year-old boys

You can start getting him ready for the future with this coding robot. To begin coding with Artie’s entails a simple setup with pre-programmed designs. Your seven-year-old coder will learn with Drag & Drop, Remote Control, Point & Click, Blockly, Snap!, Python, and JavaScript coding languages.

No internet connection is required with Artie 3000. With his built-in WiFi server, all you need is a tablet, computer, or phone to control Artie. Artie does not collect data of any kind.

7. STEM Science Kit

gifts for 7-year-old boysgifts for 7-year-old boys

Introduce your kid to science the fun way! Join National Geographic as we inspire future generations by showing them the wonders of the natural world. Kids can use the included jewelry fastening to create beautiful homemade jewelry!

8. Control Crane Building

gifts for 7-year-old boysgifts for 7-year-old boys

With over 600 parts, you can be feeding the assembling gift he has. He can use the parts to assemble a fully functioning crane. It does offer a guide to make it easy for him; nevertheless, he will learn a lot from assembling this crane.

9. Spooner Boards Freestyle

gifts for 7-year-old boysgifts for 7-year-old boys

Before he goes skating, snowboarding, or even surfing, you can start preparing him with this Spooners board. It is a nice toy that he can practice without coming into contact with any danger. It improves core strength & stability, balance, coordination, gross-motor skills.

10. The Mandalorian Toy

gifts for 7-year-old boysgifts for 7-year-old boys

Is he a fan of Jedis? Then it would be best if you got him this toy. All he needs to do is touch the top of The Child Animatronic Edition’s head to activate sound effects inspired by The Mandalorian, including happy and excited, giggles and babbles, tired and sleeping, and force effects sound.

11. LEGO Creative Toolbox

gifts for 7-year-old boysgifts for 7-year-old boys

Introduce your seven-year-old friend to the creative world of coding with the best educational STEM toys to foster their curiosities. The building, learning, and programming robots has never been more fun! It offers various IQ boosting activities. With these practical gifts for a seven-year-old boy, you can lowkey stimulate his brain, preparing him for tomorrow.

12. Door Pong

gifts for 7-year-old boysgifts for 7-year-old boys

No, it isn’t table tennis. All he has to do is attach the clamp to the top of any doorway, turn the dial to adjust the length of the string, and then serve up hours of active fun. His goal is to hit the ball back to his opponent every time without missing. It is an outdoor gift for a seven-year-old boy.

13. Walkie Talkies for Kids

gifts for 7-year-old boysgifts for 7-year-old boys

It has 22 channels, with a maximum transmission distance of 3 miles. Thy needs to push the talk operation to start communicating simply. Its powerful transmitter and high receiving sensitivity enhance the signal stability. It can broadcast to one or multiple units, offering an ability to use different channels. It supports hands-free voice function and multiple simultaneous calls.

14. Bike Wheel Lights

gifts for 7-year-old boysgifts for 7-year-old boys

Make his bike unique with this bike wheel light. He can ride in style with it. Compared to normal bike lights, which can only be seen from the front and back, leaving him vulnerable from the sides, with the Activ Lites, his bike will STAND OUT from all angles, whether he is moving or not. He can mix the colors or activate a flashing feature.

15. Creator Cam

gifts for 7-year-old boysgifts for 7-year-old boys

Create awesome videos and edit like a pro with this high-definition video camera kit. Use the included green screen and 20+ animated backgrounds to get chased by a T-Rex, go to outer space, or make things disappear! Set up the perfect shot with the tabletop tripod, or convert it to a selfie stick. Get creative with easy on-screen editing tools.

Wrapping It up on Gifts for 7-Year-Old Boys

Like we discussed above, when you are picking gifts for seven-year-old boys, you should go for something that will stimulate his brain, allowing him to undertake adventures at the same time safe for him.

With my experience working in a Gift shop back in college, I can assure you every gift on this list will be much appreciated. So, good luck with your gift shopping.

Stephanie May is from Calgary in Canada, she's resided in the US for over six years now and worked in a Gift Shop during college so you can count on her gift suggestions. Thank you

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