Have a Glance at This 20 Cheap Gifts for a Family

The holiday seasons are the coolest when it is spent with people we love. But again, as much as we will love to spend big on our families, we sometimes can’t afford that much. Even if the gifts aren’t for our family but for a one we are close too, we can still get one this cheap Christmas gifts for a family.

The gifts listed here are quite thoughtful, often practical, and will go a long way to show your love and appreciation. They are between $20 – $100, so no matter what, you can spare a few bucks to get this family something to use in celebrating this Xmas. Go below and check out this affordable and unique family gifts.

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1. Electric S’ mores Maker

gifts for a familygifts for a family

With this, you will be giving the family S’ more fun indoors and enable them to roast marshmallows to perfection over the tabletop electric flameless heater. They will retire the stress of cutting wood and open flames; this unit is built with safety in mind; the electric flameless heater requires nothing but an electrical outlet to start making perfect golden browns’ mores.

2. Multiple Charging Station

gifts for a familygifts for a family

The family in mind can comfortably charge all their devices. They can plug up to 6 devices of various sizes. It comes with 4 Lightning Cables, 1 Type-C Cable, and 1 Micro-USB cable perfectly sized to keep your space organized; Warning: It is not Compatible with Cables Not Included; note this so that you may warn them. Instead of having six chargers scattered in the house, each could have their charging spot.

3. Play Platoon – Outdoor games

gifts for a familygifts for a family

Playing games as a family is a cool experience we should take once in a while. It was made with strong wood and top quality craftsmanship; this big four in a row connect game is built to last you and your loved ones for years.

4. Pajamas Matching Sets

gifts for a familygifts for a family

Here we have a matching family gift. Make it a Christmas they’ll remember with festive plaid matching family pajamas; Featuring red and green plaid pants and a long-sleeve, crew neck top in evergreen; High-quality PJs you’ll enjoy for years to come, and even their pet isn’t left out.

5. Family Grill

gifts for a familygifts for a family

Simple and portable social dining that lets everyone pick what they want from the grill and drizzle their cheese on top, or dip their items in their cheese pan. This is an awesome grill for eight people. It is an ideal pick for versatile cooking options, and a visible indicator light makes sure they won’t forget to turn it off when they’re done.

6. Scratch The World Travel Map

gifts for a familygifts for a family

The most wished-for wall map in the USA, this scratch-off map of the world is a great gift for your favorite adventurer family to plan a trip on the world map wall poster then record their journey! Also, the perfect gift to educate young explorers. It contains the Western view of the world and not the Chinese view like many other scratch maps.

7. Dodgeball Card Game

gifts for a familygifts for a family

If the game above doesn’t sit well with you, this Dodgeball Card game should. They will try to collect matching sets of cards faster than their opponents (other family members) while simultaneously ducking, dodging, and throwing squishy airborne burritos. The cards anyone collects earn points, but getting hit by flying burritos loses them.

8. Mini Projector

gifts for a familygifts for a family

Take, for instance, in 2020, where COVID-19 has affected our everyday lives, especially visiting Cinemas. If they are a family that doesn’t fancy Drive-Ins, they can have a quality cinema in their lawn with this mini projector.

It works with TV stick, PC, laptops, tablets, Blue-ray DVD player, SD card, USB flash drive, PS4/XBOX/WII, media players (music, pictures, video, TXT), headphone. They can also connect it to their iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones.

9. Questions to Start Great Conversations – Family Game

gifts for a familygifts for a family

It is a box of questions appropriate for any age. They can start a conversation with their kids and grown-up kids with this card. Picture them having a sit out then throwing and exchanging questions, beautiful, right?

10. Picnic Basket

gifts for a familygifts for a family

Wicker picnic basket has a split, dual-entry lid that provides a level surface for food and drinks, and a removable cotton/polyester blend liner that is easy to clean. While using the mini projector or playing the outdoor games, they could much a thing or two to keep them strong while they have a good time.

11. Instant Pot

gifts for a familygifts for a family

Great size for small households and side dishes, or anywhere space is limited. Has all the features of the Duo60 in a compact size. Replaces up to 7 appliances: combines seven kitchen appliances in 1 to save you space, including pressure cooker, slow cooker, rice cooker, steamer, sauté, yogurt maker, and warmer.

12. Fun Card Game

gifts for a familygifts for a family

A fun card game for families – for tweens, teens, and their families that brings everyone together and makes a perfect gift for kids and teens (4-10 players, ages 8+)—designed to reintroduce a love of family games for a screen-obsessed generation. Attention-grabbing. Easy-to-learn.

Quick, simple play. Kids will unplug and put down their phones. Cards contain gratuitous bathroom humor that kids will find hilarious while distracted from their screens. You might even giggle a few times.

13. Snow Cone Maker

gifts for a familygifts for a family

All you need is ice, flavored syrup, and a Cuisinart Snow Cone maker to enjoy fun, icy treats at home, anytime! It’s easy and safe to operate, too. It can make 4-5 snow cones in less than a minute. They will surely have a good time with this gift.

14. Movies Bucket List

gifts for a familygifts for a family

This poster compiles 100 of the best films ever made from around the world. This beautiful poster allows you to scratch the title off as you watch the film, unveiling a powerful image related to the film. How many have you seen?

15. Bear Family Clog Slippers

gifts for a familygifts for a family

You can have the Papa Bear for the father, Mama Bear for the mother, and Lil Bear for their kids. This Cog slipper goes down as a matching gift for the family.

16. Brownie Pan

gifts for a familygifts for a family

Do they love brownies? Well, so do I. Who doesn’t? I think the best ones have moist centers and lots of chewy edges. This pan is THE original, still made in the USA, Edge Brownie Pan. A pan that was designed to be the best brownie baking pan ever conceived. This patented pan adds two chewy edges to every brownie it bakes.

Those funky interior walls also improve their baking performance by circulating heat evenly to the pan’s middle – where stuff generally takes a little longer to bake. To top it off, they make it super heavy duty and non-stick – so it will never warp and be a lot easier to clean.

17.  Family Tree Picture

gifts for a familygifts for a family

They can show their family has blossomed with this cool family picture tree. Finished in dark metal, this striking design features hanging 2×3 frames. They will surely love this, display it in their rooms or parlors.

It may seem quite cheap, but it is a deep gift. Every once in a while, a family will love to see how far they have come; this thoughtful gift will go a long way to help them actualize that.

18. Air Fryer

gifts for a familygifts for a family

Air fry with up to 75 percent less fat than traditional frying methods; Tested against hand-cut, deep-fried French fries. It is an Air Fryer that Cooks, Crisps and Dehydrates, with 4 Quart Capacity and a High Gloss Finish. The combination of low fan speed and low temperature enables thorough dehydration.

19. Comfort Humidifiers

gifts for a familygifts for a family

Who doesn’t love a breath of fresh air? This cool-mist humidifier features a 6 liter (1.6 gallons) tank, with a super high mist output. It is an ultrasonic humidifier for bedrooms, works in rooms up to 500 square feet, and lasts for about 50 straight hours.

This humidifier is ideal for large rooms and is the perfect room essential for the house, apartment, office, nursery, or college dorm. The family can have a good time with this.

20. Hamilton Sandwich Maker

gifts for a familygifts for a family

This sandwich maker will cook their breakfast, lunch, or dinner sandwich in just minutes. Perfect for brunch or a quick, healthy meal on the go. With this breakfast maker, they can completely customize their sandwich with their choice of bread, cheese, eggs, meats, and much more. Eliminate the bread, and these are great for Keto and paleo diets too. It goes down as a practical and useful Christmas gift for a family.

Wrapping It Up On cheap Christmas gifts for a family


The gifts listed here are ideal for any family; they are relatively cheap and affordable as they are all within the $20 – $100 range. Above all, getting gifts for both a family or any other person is all about the heart and not its price. I hope you were able to make a cool choice? Thank you for dropping by, do have an excellent gift shopping.

Vivian Rose is from Rockwall County in Texas. With over ten years of working at her family's gift shop, she believes she knows how to give the best gift-buy-idea. This site is her little contribution to making the world a happy place. As an introvert, her phone and her laptops are her favorite spots MakeItaSpecialGift is next. #xoxo #kisses #love #Gift_Shop

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