Step into the World of Arts with One of These Gifts for Artists

If you are looking for useful gifts for artists in your life, then you are in the right spot. Getting presents for people is generally cool, but tailoring these gifts to fit their hobbies, interest, or profession is a whole new level of cool!

Being an artist or a painter is a thing of passion and often starts as a hobby, those guys are top-notch creative and brilliant, and they deserve the best. So, if you need gifts to celebrate your favorite artist on their Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary, etc., I’ve got you covered. A collection of cool gifts for drummers in your life.

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1. Artist Canvas Apron

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

You can make things easy for your favorite artist by getting this Apron. It does what it says; it is perfect for them. It features ten pockets, which is enough space for the basic things they will use in painting. It is made of solid fabric with a reinforced pocket, and it’s an impenetrable piece of clothing.

2. Smudge Guard

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

We often feel friction or a smudge of some kind when we position our palms in one place for long, so you can imagine what they pass through when they are trying to strike that perfect curve that is taking the time. Your favorite artist won’t have to deal with sweaty hands with this smudge gear while doing what she does best.

3. Electric Pencil Sharpener</h3>
gifts for artistsgifts for artists

For the rest of his life, he likely will be stuck with a pencil, and living with a pencil means needing a sharpener; they go hand in hand. You can make things easy for him by getting this effective electric pencil sharpener. Everything about this sharpener is quality, from its ability to be used manually to its safety installments; all these make it a perfect gift for artists who draw.

4. Portable Tracer

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

Most times, they wouldn’t have to start from the beginning when drawing, a sketch is all the need to start the job, so if you get them this portable tracer, you’ll be making things easy for them. This portable tracer offers different adjustable brightness levels with a little thickness making it easy to carry around.

5. Noise Cancelling Headphones

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

Many artists I know can’t work perfectly unless they have good music blasting in their ears. You can help him set the best working environment by gifting him these noise-canceling headphones. It features accurate bass technology and can be connected by Bluetooth while making receiving and making calls easy; this and many other features make it a perfect present for painters.

6. Wireless Printer

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

They may prefer to print out that picture they saw on Instagram, so this printer is an ideal pick for them. With this machine, they’ll be able to copy, scan, fax, print wirelessly, and do much more. It is one quiet and affordable printer that will make things easy for them.

7. Docking Station

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

A docking station where they can keep their phones, wristwatches, glasses, pens, and much more is another item to add to any artist’s life. When they are in a “painting mood,” this station will come in handy as they can easily organize what they wouldn’t need for the time being.

8. Painting & Drawing Set

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

One of the best gifts for artists this year is this drawing set. It features everything they will need in their drawing career, especially if they are starting. This set contains 24 colored pencils, 24 oil pastels, 24 watercolor cakes, 60 Wax Crayons, 3 Mixing trays, two drawing pencils, and so much more. It is an exclusive deluxe drawing kit for the beginner or as an intro set.

9. Adjustable Drawer Storage Box

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

Featuring three drawers, this is one gift for artists who paint. While painting, they can easily slide out one of the drawers and get whatever they will need. Everything they want is right at their beck and call, so no need for long journeys to get them. It includes two storage drawers with five compartments and a third drawer with one compartment to organize paints, brushes, markers, pens, paper, and other essential art supplies. Help them stay organized by getting them this.

10. Bamboo Folio Smart pad</h3>
gifts for artistsgifts for artists

This is a cool gift for digital artists. Using his pen in one hand and a clean sheet of paper, he can capture his thoughts and ideas and then turn them into digital, shareable files while he writes. With this item, he can collaborate, refine, and get his ideas moving.

11. Buddha Board

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

An original authentic Buddha board such as this might do the job for an artist who loves to paint. Once they feel they stand with water, then dip the brush in it, it’s drawing time.  With this board, he can create soft, beautiful images with a rich, inky Japanese look.

12. Mist Humidifier

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

When it comes to drawing, everything matters, the environment above all should be calm and conducive because these would boost that creative juice an artist needs to function. There’s no better way to make sure your favorite artist is having the right surrounding than by getting them this awesome mist humidifier that allows essential oils.

13. Finger Massager

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

After staying in one place for long trying to get those angles, it is normal that your favorite artist should feel some ache in their arms. With a massager roller such as this, they can relax the muscles at the palm they have stressed a lot.

14. Apple iPad Pro

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

Until you draw on an iPad, you won’t understand why it is a big deal for the most artist. A 12 inch iPad such as this one will give your favorite artist more than enough space to draw as the like. This is a luxury gift for an artist.

15. Artist Pendant

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

A classic pendant such as this may do the job. It is the carving of an artist’s paint palette and brush and is perfect for the lady artist in your life. It is quite trendy and will fit perfectly with any of her outfits. You can get this as a thank-you gift for her.

16. Art Bracelet

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

You could consider getting an art bracelet for her too. This cuff bracelet is natural for those who love adventure, the arts, or the wonders of the sky. a real show-off piece. It is one trendy bracelet made to stand out in any crowd

17. 642 Things to Draw

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

We sometimes run out of things to do; your favorite artist might be less busy and in search of something creative to draw. You can get her this book, which features about 642 different things to draw. Some are deceptively simple (Try drawing a bicycle!), some are conceptually mind-bending (sketching the sound of girlish laughter?),

and some are refreshingly basic (The only hard thing about drawing an egg is deciding how you want it to be cooked). Hip and helpful, 642 things to draw is the perfect inspirational sketchbook, sure to entertain and provoke the imagination of anyone ready to pick up a pencil.

18. Women in Art

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

We draw motivation from different things; as I write, I sometimes steal a glance at Wikipedia to see the awesome stuff most of the greats I know have done. You can get this book for your favorite artist to get inspired by these 50 creatives who have inspired the world by their art.

This is a charmingly illustrated and inspiring book highlighting the achievements and stories of 50 notable women in the arts–from well-known figures like painters Frida Kahlo and Georgia O’Keefe to lesser-known names 19th-century African American quilter Harriet Powers and Hopi-Tewa ceramic artist Nampeyo.

19. Permanent Markers Set

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

It would be best if you considered getting quality markers like this for your favorite artist. This is a fine point permanent marker set that will dry fast with no ink leakage. He can use paper, plastic, cardboard, metal, and more. Perfect for the classroom, home, office, or artist den.

20. Stylus Pen for iPad

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

An iPad (above) is one cool item for them; another gift for artists you can get from Amazon is this cool stylus pen. The pencil for iPad is compatible with Apple iPad 2018 & 2020 and will help them strike proper precision when drawing.

21. Apple Pencil Case

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

If she draws with an Apple pencil, you can get her this Apple pencil case. This case provides an all in one storage with different compartments to store the Apple Pencil, Lightning adapter, pencil cap, and extra pencil tip. Each storage compartment features a soft fabric lining that provides additional protection, while a sliding interior door keeps all of your accessories in place.

22. Rainbow Wheel Umbrella

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

You can get her this colorful umbrella which features the rainbow. It is a gorgeous umbrella that’s well made to stand the weather it is used in.

23. Adjustable Tripod

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

Most digital artists I know are always taking pictures, either with their phones or with their cameras; whichever device they use, this tripod is perfect for them. It’s an innovative 2-in-1 tripod that provides ultimate flexibility for snapping portraits, landscapes, selfies & video.

24. Water Drawing Board

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

If for any reason, you don’t find the Buddha board perfect for your artist who paints, then you can get the Samadhi Board for him. Just like the Buddha board, all they need to do is fill the stand with water, dip their brush, and do what they do best.

25.  Art Portfolio Carry Case

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

Get this bag for the artist who is always on the move. It features one large zippered compartment for canvas boards, panels, sketch pads, or other large items; 3 zippered front pockets and one zippered mesh pocket to organize his paint, bucket, pencils/brushes, etc.; 1 posture stand pocket for folding easels, posters or other long items. It is a must-get gift for painters.

26. Wood Burning Kit

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

Pyrography is a big deal for artists, most of them enjoy creating things out of wood, and this kit has everything they need to do. It features 54 different welding embossing tips and accessories, which is more than enough. It also takes care of their safety by adding heat protection of some sort and even a zipper case, so they transport it quickly.

27. Art iPhone Case

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

You can get them this art case to further show the world that they are artists. This case gives an awesome user experience and will fit perfectly into their phone. Aside from the beauty this case radiates, it will also protect your favorite artist’s phone from daily wear and tear, scratches, marks, and scrapes, without adding any bulk to their device.

28.  Hourglass Timer

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

Most artists may prefer this just for the style it will add to their work den; others may use it to time themselves; however, they may choose to use it; an hourglass such as this one somehow fits into an artist’s life. By flipping the hourglass, he will get 60 minutes of uninterrupted workflow that stay focused and productive for longer.

29. 3D Printing Pen

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

How about you help them bring their painting to life by getting this awesome 3D pen? All they have to do is plug it into its heat source, allow it some time then go about their business. When an artist sees how beautiful and realistic their drawings are, you have no idea how much joy they will feel. Furthermore, if they are already into the 3D workspace, check for more 3D lovers’ gifts.

30. Steal Like an Artist

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

No, not literally. This is an inspiring guide to creativity in the digital age; Steal Like an Artist presents ten transformative principles that will help readers discover their artistic side and build a more creative life. Nothing is original, so embrace influence, school yourself through others’ work, remix, and reimagine to discover your path.

With this book, they will stay Smart, stay out of debt, and risk being boring in the everyday world so that they have the space to be wild and daring in their imagination and your work.

31. Detail Paint Brushes

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

They are some angles, curves, and points out that an artist needs to be detailed about, so she will need detailed pencils such as this set to achieve that which they want. This set of detailing brushes offers the perfect small paintbrush for each of her artistic painting projects. They are perfect for all sorts of detailing.

32. Masters Brush Cleaner

gifts for artistsgifts for artists

Using this lemon-scented cleaner and preserver, your favorite artist will be able to breathe back life into that old paint. He will restore old, hardened oil paintbrushes to their original snap and luster. It contains a non-toxic, water-soluble cleaning compound that works safely on oils, acrylics, or watercolors.

Wrapping it up on gifts for artists

When you go shopping for anybody, it will make more sense if you get the tailored items to fit their hobbies or interest, and that’s what this list was all about. You can pick the artist apron, the electric sharpener, a portable tracer, noise-canceling headphone, a detailed pencil, and so much more in my gift guide. Thanks for stopping by. Do have a great day.

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