Your Shopping Is Not Complete Without Getting One of These Gifts for Bakers

I’m a big fan of getting presents for people based on their interests, occupation or hobby. Getting gifts for bakers somehow satisfies the three options up there. For some, baking is more than a job; it may be something they have always been interested in; for others, it is a hobby, and for the rest, it is all three.

When getting items for someone based on their occupation, you should get practical and somehow unique gifts. I also advise you to dig deep and find out their favorite brand, what they lack, or at least their favorite color.

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Nevertheless, if you can’t access all of that now, you can pick an item from my gift list and get a gift for your favorite baker on Amazon. You should check out these gifts for your favorite drummer.


1. Cake Printer Bundle

gifts for bakersgifts for bakers

First, we have a cake printer with a bundle of things a baker will need to make beautiful cakes. This bundle contains a printer, five packs of cake ink, and 20 wafer sheets. With this printer’s app, your favorite baker will easily give commands from their mobile device or computer over a Wi-Fi connection. I’ll suggest you get this for someone who bakes as a means to earn since it cost a few hundred bucks.

2. Marble Rolling Pin

gifts for bakersgifts for bakers

You can help the baker bring some ease to their baking with this White Marble Rolling Pin. It is a 10″ long rolling pin with a nylon ball bearing smooth rolling, wooden handles for a comfortable grip, and a wooden base for rest.

Its marble helps keep the dough cool while rolling, and its natural non-stick properties keep the dough from clinging, making cleaning easy. It would come in handy, especially when dealing with the toughest dough; it easily flattens them. It fits into a perfect baking gift set, and your favorite baker will appreciate this.

3. Round Cake Liner

gifts for bakersgifts for bakers

Often, bakers use butter, grease, oils, sprays, and parchment paper as cake liners, but they won’t need any of that with this item. It is made of fiberglass mesh and the highest quality food-grade silicone, which provides consistent heat distribution and promotes even baking and browning.

It is ideal for creating delicious round-shaped cakes, pastries, baking biscuits, and working with sugary and salted preparations. Since this cake liner has a non-stick material, they won’t have a hard time cleaning its surface.

4. Funny Mitt

gifts for bakersgifts for bakers

Yes, you can add a funny gift for bakers to your shopping list, but the gift should be useful, as I said initially. Bring a little humor to the bakery with this funny mitten; the “I’ll Feed All You F*ckers” inscription is a perfect write-up for the baker who bakes like he has six arms.

It features an all-cotton, natural-fitting shape. Its inside has extra-quilted insulation, so their hands will always stay cool. It will cost a few bucks but gives laughter worth a thousand. You will be using one stone to kill two birds by getting this gift as it features as a gift for charity, too, more details on its page.

5. Loot Box Cookie Jar

gifts for bakersgifts for bakers

Do members of their household steal their cookie before it is ready to be served? Then get this loot book cookie jar for them. It is a durable ceramic cookie jar that features the fun, recognizable shape of an Overwatch loot box, so if they are fans, they will appreciate this.

What makes it more unique is, it doesn’t necessarily have to be in the kitchen alone; they can have it in their game room, man cave, work desk, and more! Since it is a unique item, you can get this as a gift for the baker who has everything.

6. Grips Cookie Press

gifts for bakersgifts for bakers

This is a perfect gift for cookie bakers with so many positive reviews. With this practical tool, your favorite baker can relax with the electric press or the ancient press, which has been giving her a headache. The packaging is perfect, and the shapes come in a nice little plastic. It offers pretty simple instructions are it even comes with recipes that are easy to follow.

7. Grips Measuring Spoons

gifts for bakersgifts for bakers

These gripping measuring g spoons are from the manufacturers of the cookie press above. They are a set of stainless steel measuring spoon that is elegant yet acts as a functional measuring solution. The unique magnetic feature allows your favorite baker to remove one Spoon at a time easily.

This feature also keeps the spoons neatly stacked together for storage. The sturdy, stainless steel measuring spoons are designed to make leveling ingredients easy for greater accuracy. The soft, comfortable, non-slip handles feature permanently etched measurement markings. I’ll call it one of the best gifts for bakers this year as it features so many positive reviews.

8. Cupcake Batter Dispenser

gifts for bakersgifts for bakers

This is a durable and reliable Pancake Batter Dispenser, made entirely of high-quality BPA-free plastic. It is an easy to use 4 cup capacity pourer designed with a wide mouth opening, making filling it up easy, and the quick close valve makes pouring the perfect pancake like a pro seem like a child’s play.

Among other features this batter dispenser has, your favorite baker won’t have to worry about unwanted stains in the kitchen as this item offers a fail save that prevents leaking. It is a perfect baking tool for cupcakes, waffles, muffin mix, crepes, cake, or other baked goods.

9. Electronic Hand Mixer

gifts for bakersgifts for bakers

With 220 watts of power and automatic feedback, this electronic hand mixer will easily cut through cold sticks of butter and mix anything the baker wants to mix.  It also has a beater eject button and easy-to-use speed control and beater eject button.

The manufacturers of this tool considered its users’ favorite hands, so with its unique swivel cord, your left or right-handed baker will work well. It also comes with a self-cleaning beater, spatula, and recipe book.

10. Stainless Steel Whisks

gifts for bakersgifts for bakers

You can update their bakeware by getting this three-in-one set of stainless steel whisks for your darling baker. They are made of high-quality, durable stainless steel and highly-polished processing method, which is ergonomically designed for excellent balance and control-for a difference you can feel in hand. The stainless steel ends allow for easy hanging on any hook in your kitchen, allowing for easy storage.

11. Baking Tray

gifts for bakersgifts for bakers

You can get them a standard baking tray to feature in their bakery, which is a major upgrade to what they are probably used to. This baking tray is made from a commercial-grade aluminum that heats evenly, while elevated sides keep pans steady & allow the tray to be inverted for use as a cooling rack.

Its perforated surface does the job of even heat distribution across the underside of this pan; it has an easy to grasp – long handle designed for easy manipulation while its premium non-stick feature ensures the pan contains are easily taken off, especially during cleaning.

12. Cheat Sheet Baking Apron

gifts for bakersgifts for bakers

This is an excellent novelty baking gift for someone who is just starting or isn’t yet a professional. Aside from doing the job of every other apron, this one adds style to aprons’ history by giving a cheat sheet of instructions that could come in handy while baking.

With this measurement conversion apron, your favorite baker won’t have to look up Google or punch their calculator to quickly convert cups to ounces to tablespoons to teaspoons as well as other common baking pan substitutions. When you get this piece, you will be giving back to society as its manufacturers are members of a charity organization funded per purchase.

13. Measuring Cup

gifts for bakersgifts for bakers

With over three thousand positive reviews, this is one unique and practical gift for bakers. Costing a few bucks, this flexible silicone is microwave safe and ideal for melting butter, chocolate, and more. The honeycomb pattern outside the Silicone Measuring Cups dissipates heat, making it safe to touch, even right out of the microwave.

The pattern also gives the flexible Cups structure, allowing you to hold and squeeze the Silicone Measuring Cups to form a narrow spout for precise pouring. The durable, BPA-free Cups feature convenient measurement markings and flat bases for stability in the microwave and countertops. It is perfect bakeware.

14. Christmas Rolling Pins

gifts for bakersgifts for bakers

This rolling pin is engraved with Christmas tree, Christmas deer, and snowflake pattern with a 4pcs cookies cutters for baking Christmas cookies. It is designed and produced to easily use it for baking dough, pie, cookie, fondant, and pastry.

The carvings are quite deep, so they won’t have to push deep to get the desired shapes; just a roll will do. With this rolling pin, your favorite baker will easily carve a 3D Christmas tree, flower, and two pieces of gingerbread men cookie; these carvings are often very funny and practical, and you can bet on children to love them.

15. Digital Timer

gifts for bakersgifts for bakers

I once wanted to try a new recipe, well to cut the long story short; I ruined it, lol, all thanks to my poor timing. This digital timer is an ideal piece for that baker who loves experimenting or trying out new recipes.

It is a 99-minutes countdown timer with a magnetic back to stay on task, tablet, iron wall, assists with organization and concentration. Aside from using it while baking, they can use it for other things like study, reading, and different activities.

Wrapping It up on Gifts for Bakers

You could first check to see what is missing in their kitchen before you go shopping; however, every item on this list is both unique and practical, from the cake printer to the measuring cup down to the digital timer; make a choice and put a smile on your favorite’s baker’s face. Thank you for stopping by, do have a great day.

Stephanie May is from Calgary in Canada, she's resided in the US for over six years now and worked in a Gift Shop during college so you can count on her gift suggestions. Thank you

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