For More Pleasurable Shower Time Below Are Gifts for Bath Takers

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Besides doubling the water bills, people who spend their time in the bathroom have reasons for that, most of us are one with our thoughts, and we have time to meditate and have our “me” time. For the records, some of us spend time in the shower carrying out our music tour!! *wink. Well, if you have someone you love who spends a lot of time in the bathroom, you are on the right page, below are gifts for bath takers.

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Gifts for Someone Who Loves Baths

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All Gifts for Bath Takers

1. Bath Spa Gift Basket

gifts for bath takersgifts for bath takers

What better way to get her more comfortable in the bathroom than by providing her with a bath gift basket such as this. This bathtub gift for her contains essential oils, bath salt, bath solution, and shower gel, which would all combine to soothe her mind, promote overall well-being, and provide the ultimate spa experience.

2. Bathtub Caddy Tray

gifts for bath takersgifts for bath takers

This bath caddy tray is a luxury bath gift idea for anyone; it is a uniquely assembled tray made to fit the majority of the bathtubs in the market; it features a reading tray alongside a variety of amenities such as a book/tablet holder, candle/cup slot, wine glass holder, phone slot, and even a free matching soap dish. This would give the receiver a crazy bath experience so that you know they might never leave the bathroom if they get this.

3. Vintage Bath Gift Set

gifts for bath takersgifts for bath takers

2 in 1 shampoo and conditioner, body lotion, bubble bath, shower gel, handmade soap, egg-shaped bath bomb, aromatherapy shower tablet, and bath crystals are all a fragment of what you can find in this vintage carrier. This is one bath gift sets for older adults, in my opinion.

4. Dr Teal’s Foaming Bath

gifts for bath takersgifts for bath takers

How often do you come across products on Amazon with a 5-star rating? In this case, not only does this product have a 5-star rating, it has over 50k ratings; that’s all you need to know is that this foaming soap is the perfect item to gift someone who lives in the bathroom.

5. Men Bath Bombs

gifts for bath takersgifts for bath takers

Who told you they aren’t bath bombs for men? Well, here is one or many. It contains a collection of carefully selected bath bombs set for men, including sandalwood, peppermint, lemon-grass-orange, green tea, aloe vera, and much more, which leave a fantastic lasting smell. It is one of those rare bathtub gifts for him.

6. Relaxing Spa Bath Pillow

gifts for bath takersgifts for bath takers

Be ready to have a new roommate, or should I say bathroom mate; with the amount of comfort this spa pillow gives, there’s almost no reason for an owner of this product to leave the room. Most bathtubs are often hard, so this luxurious bath pillow and headrest are constructed to be 2 inches thick, making it the perfect bath pillow.

7. Shaving Razor Hook

gifts for bath takersgifts for bath takers

How about adding some style to how he hangs his razor by getting him, Mr. Razor. It is compact and convenient with a great aesthetic look to make every bathroom experience extraordinary. It has a suction feature that enables it attaches to any surface, including mirrors. This is one affordable bath birthday gift for men.

8. Bath Wine Holder

gifts for bath takersgifts for bath takers

Items on this gift guide aim to make every bath experience memorable or motivate the receiver to make the experience more fun. Looking at this bath wine holder, you can picture different scenarios where this would come in handy. Picture your dearest bath lover soaking in a hot bath while sipping wine from this winter; that picture confirms this as an excellent gift for bath takers at Christmas.

9. Handmade Bath Bombs

gifts for bath takersgifts for bath takers

We have here another bath bomb; the icing on this bath bomb was handmade. A set comes in four different boxes with different fragrances and colors. All ingredients are made from natural organic grape seed oil, shea & cocoa butter, coconut oil, etc., which gives it a lasting scent and makes it gentle, nourishing, and relaxing. This is one luxury bath gift set for her.

10. Shower Caddy Bathroom Shelf

gifts for bath takersgifts for bath takers

If your loving bath taker has enough room in their bathrooms, then you should consider getting this bathroom shelf. Accumulating over 17k reviews, this bathroom shelf has a 5-star rating on Amazon, making it one fantastic gift for bath takers on Amazon. 

11. Bluetooth Shower Speaker

gifts for bath takersgifts for bath takers

At the beginning of this gift guide, I pointed out how I sometimes went on a “bath tour” while in the shower; well, if you have a “bathroom musician” in your life, then get that person this Bluetooth shower speaker and watch them gross more from touring than Ed Sheeran – for the record the water bill would… well, let’s leave that *wink. This is one of the best gifts for someone who loves bathing.

12. Bath Overflow Drain Cover

gifts for bath takersgifts for bath takers

Your bath lover would enjoy every inch of warm, luxurious bathwater with this present. It adds precious inches of water depth without sacrificing safety – the cover blocks the existing overflow drain and has a hole at the top to release water a few inches higher. It’s a win-win for achieving a deeper bath without worry! A thoughtful bath gift, in my opinion.

13. Waterproof Phone Pouch

gifts for bath takersgifts for bath takers

While a few phones may be waterproof, many others aren’t o prevent your favorite bath lover from drowning their device; you should grab this waterproof phone pouch. This waterproof case dry bag fits all smartphones up to 7.0″ diagonal size. It is a thoughtful gift for bath enthusiasts.

14. Rose Glow Body Lotion

gifts for bath takersgifts for bath takers

After spending tens of minutes in the bathroom, next comes the rubbing. Your cream can make or mar you to make your skin glow; you should get this fantastic body lotion. We have a body lotion infused with murumuru butter that reveals skin and is scented with the freshness of handpicked Bulgarian rose petals.

15. Shower Steamers

gifts for bath takersgifts for bath takers

This aromatherapy shower melts; it will dissolve in your dear friend’s bathtub and release potent aromatherapy essential oils that will help them immerse in deep relaxation. It comes with grapefruit, citrus, and cocoa orange scents.

Wrapping it up on gifts for bath takers

Besides the skyrocketing water bills, having a bath lover in your life is cool because they are spending time in the bathtub doing nothing other than something that would help in one way or the other – in most cases, though. We hope the bath gift lovers’ presents we suggested were perfect; if it wasn’t, grab this Amazon gift card.

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