Gifts That Give Back | 30 Gifts For Charity In 2020 – Show Them You Care

In 2019 alone, over 500,000 Americans were recorded to be homeless. These stats were taken before the COVID-19 pandemic. If we could record such an amount last year, you can only imagine the number of likely affected in 2021.

So far, about 40m Americans have been rendered jobless; therefore, as compared to other years, opening this article is a giant step towards giving back to humanity. They are many gifts that give back in 2020; in this article, we have about 30 different Christmas gifts for charity.

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No matter how little, you will be putting a smile on the face of that homeless man outside. We divided this gift guide into sections which are;

  1. Christmas Gifts that give back under $20
  2. Christmas Gifts that give back from $21 – $100
  3. Charitable Christmas gifts from $100 above

Christmas is a once-in-a-year celebration, one of the biggest in the world. This year, let us get something for those in need. The gifts here are sustainable, trendy, ethical, and help self-care. Again, thank you for taking this step.

P.s: Prices may vary slightly on the merchant stores as we aren’t in charge.

1. Christmas Gifts That Give Back Under $20

A cross-section of donation gifts between $20 – $1.

1. Cozy Design Women’s Winter – Keep our ears warm

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

It is a perfect Christmas gift, a well-timed gift for this time of the year. The temperature in December could go as low as 30°s. The Cozy Knitted Ear Muffs will go a long way to help. It is 100% acrylic with a soft touch to keep the ear warm without any strain. It is adjustable and the perfect winter gear for anybody who often steps out – lives outside.

2. LA JOLIE MUSE Woody Leather Scented Candle – Light up naturally

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

Chances are, they don’t have access to light. Darkness is not an option either; with the LA JOLIE natural candle, they could have a means of light for up to 100 hours.

This candle is made concerning nature. Its natural wax and the lead-free cotton wick are vegan, cruelty-and-paraben-free, and biodegradable. It gives a pleasant fragrance of pink pepper, orange flower, juniper, and many other ingredients. It’s an excellent gift to give back to the homeless.

3. GRANDMA SAID. Volumizing Shampoo for Damaged or Thin Hair – Let the hair breathe

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

Often than not, people affected by this usually don’t bother about taking care of themselves; they are mostly concerned with feeding and surviving. An excellent self-care gift will suffice in this case.

The GRANDMA SAID shampoo endowed with Nettle and Tamanu Oil would help restore damaged and thin hair. It contains nutrients the hair needs and is a sustainable gift for all genders. It is biodegradable and packaged in a 100% plastic and paper-free package.

4. YOYONY Inspirational-Love -Memorial-Motivational – Inspire!

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

You won’t be around them always, but an inspirational bracelet will go a long way. Get this for that girl with dreams, for that lady who isn’t giving up, a bracelet with a “She believed she could so she did” inscription is a great Christmas gift that gives back to humanity.

5. SHORFUNE High Visibility Safety Vest – Protect from afar

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

Worst case scenario, they are stuck in a dark place may be outside, a safety vest of this nature could help warn coming vehicles of someone ahead.

The SHORFUNE visibility vest is lightweight and comfortable with a 100% polyester knitted fabric. It has over five multifunction pockets with yellow stay safe visibility strips.

6. WATERFLY Fanny Pack – Waist Bag Pack For All

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

The water-resistant waist pack is one that fits all seasons. It is both comfortable and lightweight. One could keep things in it, ranging from small accessories to large mobile devices.

The WATERFLY Fanny pack is a Christmas charity idea because it is multifunctional, offering different pockets for different things.

7. Gladiator Beard Butter – Beards need care too

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

Healthy skin, healthy hair, incredible scent, natural hold, the Gladiator Beard Butter is a sustainable gift idea for any man stuck outside. Due to the blistering cold and unforgiving weather, his beards may be conditioned to breakage or dehydration. This charitable gift could go a long way.

8. Conscious Step Organic Cotton Crew Socks – A Pair for Books

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

This gift for good is unique; the makers of these socks donate two schoolbooks to children in Asia through a program called Room to Read. So, you can use two stones or should I say two soaks to kill two birds.

The Conscious Step Organic Cotton soaks is 75% organic, 23% Polymide, and 2% Spandex. A great gift that gives back in 2020.

9. Amazon Brand Solimo Cocoa – Body lotion for all

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

Body lotion will go a long way. The Amazon Solimo Cocoa body lotion has been dermatologist tested and gives a non-greasy formula for dry skin. It is a suitable replacement for Vaseline cocoa butter.

10. Brave Bark GF Pet Mango Wood Pet Bowl – Happy Christmas Meow

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

Their pets won’t be left out. The Brave Bark Wood bowl will do just fine for a dog, cat, or any pet they own. Easy to wash, rust restrain, and a removable steel bowl.

2. Christmas Gifts that give back from $21 – $100

A cross-section of donation gifts between $21 – $100

1. Chaos World Men’s Novelty Hoodie Realistic – Beauty and Class

Are you looking for a gift that gives back under $30, the Chaos World Men’s hoodie is one of many? Offering both style and comfort, this top provides warmth masked under a 3D digital print. It is made of polyester+spandex.

It is soft, stretches, and has a quick-dry fabric super. It doesn’t fade, crack, peel, or flake; therefore, it a high-quality, trendy gift for both the Xmas holidays and beyond.

2. 24 Kits – Basic Personal Hygiene Pack

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

It will make a perfect self-care gift. The 24 kits is a prepackaged kit that has the basic things one needs for their hygiene. It is a donation gift for the homeless because it is easily moveable. It comes with shampoo, deodorant soap, toothpaste, toothbrush, and much more.

3. LifeStraw Go Water Filter Bottle – Safe Drink

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

Water is essential for every living thing. The human body is made up of 60% water, and we can go for about three weeks without food but can go for just three to four days without water. In summary, get this reusable water filter bottle.

It has a 2-stage activated carbon filter that reduces odor, chlorine and leaves no after taste. It kills 99.99% waterborne bacteria and waterborne protozoan parasites. It will make a charitable gift under $50.

4. Love Your Melon Black Leather Pom Beanie – Fight cancer

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

A little kindness can go a long, long way. The Melon Black leather pom beanie is one of those gifts for good that does that. When you purchase this, 50% of your pay is given to boost the fight against cancer.

It is 100% natural cotton and imported faux pom and is a natural fit for both men and women.

5. Dickies Men’s Dri-tech Moisture Control Crew Socks – Multipack Socks

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

78% cotton, 19% Polyester, 2 Spandex, 1 Nylon. The Dickies Men’s Dri-tech moisture control Is a good buy. It offers ventilation channels and enhanced airflow.

6. Grizzly Gear Emergency Thermal Blanket 60 Pack Set
– Survival Pack

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

The Thermal Mylar retains 90% of body heat and repels wind and water. It is super sturdy. The Grizzly gear emergency pack is a fantastic Christmas sustainable present for people of all ages.

It is a full survival pack that contains a solar cooker, horseshoe pack, windscreen, shade sail, fishing lure, and many other things. It is a gift for the homeless because it offers gears to help them survive.

7. Roma Women’s Chelsea Rain Boot – Protect her feet

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

It is 97% Rubber, 3% Neoprene with a rubber sole. Its shaft is up to 5.5″ foam arch, and its heels measure up to 1″. It has a removable insole and is a good Rainboot.

8. The North Face Borealis Backpack

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

The North Face Borealis Backpack is made of polyester lining. It is an excellent gift for anybody that will be met with genuine happiness.

9. Tommy Hilfiger Men’s Plastic and Rubber Casual Watch – Tick says the clock

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

Quality + Durability the Tommy Hilfiger wristwatch is a men gift that gives back. Its durable crystal protects the watch from scratches.

10. Coleman Sundome Tent – A roof

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

It will go a long way; you have no idea how worn out their current living net is. The Coleman Sundome Tent is a sustainable gift that will last for quite a long time. It is weatherproof, wind and rain tested, superb ventilation, and offers a medium for electrical connections.

3. Christmas Gifts For Charity From $100 Above

This section has a collection of Xmas charitable presents that may cost you over $100. Like we started the article, anything you give matters. Go below for gift suggestions in this section.

1. 2 Box Pantiliner Winlon Anion Sanitary Pad (384) – This will go a long way

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

Menstrual flow doesn’t pick and choose; it happens to any and every girl or lady. For most people, having a sanitary pad isn’t so much stress; the homeless lady out there can’t say the same.

2 Box Pantiliner contains over 300 sanitary pads; this is enough to last up to 20 girls for a year. It enhances Hormonal balance, Treats inflammation, eradicates odor, and much more. This will go down as a perfect Christmas gift for charity purposes in 2020.

2. Darn Tough Men’s Hiker Wool Socks – Our feet are frozen

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

I recently went through a Reddit thread where formerly homeless people were listing things they needed when they were on the streets. Wool socks are one of the most crucial things required out there. It’s been on the news once or twice of a homeless man getting stabbed or brutally injured in a fight over socks.

The Darn tough wool socks will go a long way. Containing six-packs, you could be saving not one but six different homeless individuals by giving this thoughtful Christmas gift.

3. Naturelike Ultralight Goose Down Sleeping Bag – Finally a place away from the cold

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

The harshness of the weather in December shouldn’t be overemphasized. Some don’t have a place rest; the freezing weather isn’t friendly, especially at night. You could save a life this Christmas by giving this fantastic gift.

Naturelike Ultralight waterproof body bag is equipped to handle the low temperature. It is long-lasting and durable, helping its users stay warm with enough space to roll around.

4. Dog Food – One for our canine friend

Picture of a homeless dog being fed| christmas gifts for charity

Source: Unsplash

How about we repay the dog for its loyalty to its master. Checkout different dog food here.

5. Hot Water Bottle In Supersoft Faux cover

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

It’s icy out there; a good water bottle that keeps its contains warm will do much good.

6. Rain Gear

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

The slightest rain could cause a tremendous amount of discomfort. My Christmas gifts for charity would be incomplete without including a suitable rain gear.

7. Gift Cards

Christmas gifts for charity

Source: Unsplash

Gift cards could help a homeless person more than you can imagine; getting one for them will suffice in so many places.

8. Rugged Unlocked Affordable Cell Phone – Let’s stay connected

You could get them a mobile device between the ranges of 100 – 200 bucks to keep them updated. You could also check in with them occasionally to see how they are fairing.

The rugged phone here is the best because it is both drop and waterproof. It can also work in any temperature and offers a 4400 mAh Battery.

9. A Suit, Tie and Pants – Job seeking

Christmas Gifts For CharityChristmas Gifts For Charity

Often, most have the potentials to secure good jobs. You are addressed the way you dress, so getting a homeless person a suit, tie and pants wouldn’t be a bad Christmas present, in any case. If possible, you could help work on their CV and help prepare them for the job.

10. Un-perishable Food – Above all we are really hungry

Canned Food | Christmas gifts for charity

Source: Unsplash

Yes! They need this more than you can imagine. Cooked food will last for a while but unperishable food especially those that are canned will go a long way. Go below to choose a few.

Let Us Wrap Things Up

Christmas gifts for charity varies. If you see a homeless individual who loves watching the NBA, a basketball will mean a lot for him, a jersey of his favorite player too. Get talking with them; you’ll find out the things they need. Homeless people are like anyone of us. Thanks for reading and happy christmas.

Stephanie May

Stephanie May

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