You Can’t Gallop Away from Getting Gifts for Horse Lovers in Your Life

I understand the affection most people have for horses; I mean, I am from Texas. You can give them a smile by getting one of these gifts for horse lovers. For about 5000 years, humans have been friends with horses, as a means of transportation or just ordinary love.

You just can’t stop loving those powerful creatures, from how they move, their strength, how they live, their loyalty, and much more. If you need gifts for horse lovers? Then you are at the right stop. Check the best equestrian gifts out there.

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1. Holiday Horse

gifts for horse loversgifts for horse lovers

If you plan to surprise them with something this Christmas, then you can quickly grab this horse lover gift from Amazon. Its yuletide greetings are adorned with rustic appeal. His plaid blanket features “Happy Holidays” embroidered on one side and a large buffalo plaid bow on the other.

Ribbons, burlap, and rope detailing complete his look, which exudes modern country charm. A timeless holiday gift for any equestrian, Yuletide Greetings features “Happy Holidays 2020” on his belly. This piece’s designers took a great time creating it; your favorite horse lover can have this on their Christmas tree or their table; it’s a cool gift for them.

2. Sculpted Willow Tree Horse

gifts for horse loversgifts for horse lovers

Another horse-themed gift will be this beautiful hand-painted wood box with a bas-relief resin carving of a female in a green dress, with arms embracing a reddish-color horse on a hinged lid fixed to a reddish-brown square wood box.

A message of love and friendship is written inside on its lid. If you get a larger size of this item, your favorite horse lover can keep their jewelry, keys, notes, change, etc., in it. It may look like nothing, but the lady’s carving with the horse symbolizes quiet strength, then the note sums it all up; this is quite a sentimental and unique horse gift.

3. Iron Horse Door Knocker

gifts for horse loversgifts for horse lovers

You can help your favorite horse lover announce to every visitor that they are outrightly horse lovers by getting them this cool iron horse door knocker.  It is made from quality foundry cast iron collectible, which was crafted using age old techniques.

It is an awesome item with a nice weight, giving an excellent feel to it top to bottom, including the hanging knocker part with a decent heft. Not to forget, a reviewer on this page says it gives that vintage feel; I’ll categorize this as a retirement gift for horse lovers.

4. Horse Girls Notes

gifts for horse loversgifts for horse lovers

This will be a cool gift idea for a horse-loving girl, especially a tough queen. It is made of high quality painted wooden, specially designed to freely stand on a flat surface or hang on a wall. The write-up reads, “Horse girl knows how to handle sh!t; we’ve walked through it, shoved…” In summary, she will love this.

5. Equine Dangle Earrings

gifts for horse loversgifts for horse lovers

A pair of these earrings will count as an awesome horse gift for teenage girls. It is a set of fashionable and trendy earrings. Spicing up her outfit with a jewelry that shows her favorite animal might be exactly what she wants. These earrings come with an original AERAVIDA jewelry packaging card making it more perfect for giving someone special.

6. Horse Night Lights

gifts for horse loversgifts for horse lovers

Add color to their room with this beautiful horse night light. The horse night lights would be a fantastic gift for that special person in your life. It has seven different colors and three working modes with a very realistic look.

Your favorite horse lover can set it up with either the remote or touch control making it quite convenient. The makers of this beauty checked every box to make sure its users get the best; they have a dimmable feature plus an auto-off function in case they sleep off. They can charge it to any DC device that has a USB port or plug it into the wall.

7. Paint Horse Breeds

gifts for horse loversgifts for horse lovers

If your favorite horse lover is between the ages of 8 to 12 years, you should get them this educational horse gift. With illustrated instructions that use simple materials like acrylic paints, glue, embroidery floss, and yarn, children are in for plenty of crafting fun as they bring to life an Arabian, Appaloosa, Tennessee Walker, and more! Sturdy enough for playing with, these paper animals are sure to bring hours of enjoyment to your horse-crazy child.

8. Cell Phone Purse

gifts for horse loversgifts for horse lovers

Get your female horse lover phone into this cool crossbody bag. Its front pocket is adorned with a unique CHALA Character, in this case, a horse. This crossbody phone purse is designed with superior soft leather textured, which is durable and nice. It has a beautiful Lining Material to avoid friction to the phone and causing any damage.

This bag has an external unzipped compartment and main zippered compartment, with three credit card slots that can hold money and credit cards. Its other compartment is very spacious and can hold all modern smartphones, keys, wallets, headphones, passport, lipstick, and almost everything a girl wants in a pocket.

9. Horseshoe Boot Rack

gifts for horse loversgifts for horse lovers

You can get them a lift with this rustic horseshoe boot rack, handmade with brand new, genuine horseshoes. This boot rack bunkhouse will add an authentic western touch while also keeping critters out of their boots and making an easier clean-up. This is a personalized gift for horse lovers since it offers a space to customize their name or their favorite phrase on it.

10. Gear Saddle Bag

gifts for horse loversgifts for horse lovers

If your favorite horse lover is also a horse owner, you should consider getting them this awesome gear saddlebag. This is a practical gift for horse owners. It was durable-constructed with a weather-resistant polyurethane coating plus adjustable webbing straps for stability and nickel-plated mounting grommets.

This design features two padded main compartments, one with an insulated insert perfect for food and drinks and additional interior pockets. Both main compartments feature a handy front pocket and flap secured with a quick-release buckle.

11. Horse Necklace

gifts for horse loversgifts for horse lovers

It would be best if you got this horse necklace for them too. We have a perfectly designed gold horse pendant, which is about 20+2 inches long and adjustable. It is a nickel-free item that will fit any outfit they wear it with. Note: If on visiting this link, you see another animal, just go through the options there; you should find the horse necklace.

12. Horse Head Bookends

gifts for horse loversgifts for horse lovers

Get this for the horse lovers who have so many books. These nonskid bookends keep books vertically organized and in place, so books don’t easily tip; it is an ideal gift for a horse lover and bookends collectors.

It is made of 100% polyresin and is both handcrafted and painted to meet excellence. It is heavy enough to hold many books and heavy books displaying on desktop and bookshelf, making it a durable, high-quality item that is also decorative.

13. LED Horse Breastplate Collar

gifts for horse loversgifts for horse lovers

Another cool gift for a horse owner will be this magnificent LED horse breastplate collar. Your favorite horse lover/owner will adequately protect their horses from motor vehicles and hunters with this item. This is ideal, especially when riding on the road or a trail in the moonlight; their horse will be highly visible and, most importantly, safe.

Aside from its obvious practical use, these item radiates beauty, so your favorite horse owner will not only be protecting their horse but making it beautiful – and attractive to other horses, lol, kidding. It doesn’t matter the size of the horse as these straps are adjustable.

14. Horseshoe Bangle

gifts for horse loversgifts for horse lovers

This horseshoe bangle is an ideal horse gift for a teenage girl. It depicts the picture of a horseshoe properly made into a bangle that is both trendy and comfortable. It is a great item to feature in a horse lover gift basket.

15. Horseshoe Wine Rack

gifts for horse loversgifts for horse lovers

This antique rustic decor wine rack matches any cozy home bar, kitchen, or wine cellar. Perfect for western themes or modern farmhouses, especially those of a horse lover. This horseshoe wine bottle holder has a low profile, perfectly fitting table tops, bar tops, countertops, or bar carts. It is one of the best gifts for horse lovers and horse race enthusiasts. It perfectly matches Kentucky Derby decorations!

Wrapping It up on Gifts for Horse Lovers

Horse lovers are passionate; they don’t joke with horses, so long as the present, you get for them is horse-themed somehow, they will appreciate it. You can settle for the iron door knocker, which clearly announces to every visitor that they are horse lovers, or you get the horseshoe wine rack, which will not only beautify their table but hold their wine correctly. Every other item here is perfect; you should consider one. Thank you for stopping by, do have an excellent gift shopping.

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