20 Thoughtful Gifts for Students From Parents, Teachers, Relatives Etc.

As a one time student, I sure know what it means to balance my social and academic life of a tiny budget. How I pulled through is God’s grace, I must say. Getting gifts for students is something we should try at least once in 5 years because it sometimes isn’t easy with them.

You don’t have to break your bank when getting gifts for students, but you still have to get a present that is worth it. In the student category, you should aim for a useful, practical, and thoughtful gift as they will love a gift they can either use to relieve stress or study well.

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Go below and see my top 20 most useful gifts for school students. If you are a teacher, parent, friend, relative, etc., giving this gift, we sure have something suitable for you.

 1. Digital Bookmark and Reading Timer

gifts for studentsgifts for students

If you have a student who loves reading while watching the clock, you can get them this digital Chewbacca Starwars bookmark. With it,  the student at hand can track how much they have spent reading. It is relatively easy to use and can keep an accumulative time of 100 hours across multiple reading seasons.

Get this for them and allow them to keep track of how long they’ve been at the books. A student who challenges his or herself will know the progress they’ve been making on their reading time.

 2. Echo Dot

gifts for studentsgifts for students

The 3rd generation Echo Dot with clock and Amazon smart plug is an excellent gift idea. It will make their smart home easy. With this, they can ask Alexa to set the alarm, and do other minor tasks. Its display light is perfect for any student’s room as its light sensors are configured to adjust based on day or night.

They can turn on their lights, play music on different music apps, adjust thermostats, lock doors, and much more. It is quite simple to set up and will cost a few bucks. Your student will sure love this.

 3. Women Spray

gifts for studentsgifts for students

You can also get that young lady this perfect gift. The Versace Bright Crystal spray is a nice Christmas present for any student, especially those ladies hitting adolescence.

It is a high-quality product with proper packaging. It features fragrances from feminine peony, musky mahogany, amber, lotus and magnolia, and much more. Your female student will appreciate this wholeheartedly.

 4. Men Spray

gifts for studentsgifts for students

Yeah! The young men need to scent good, too; this excellent spray will do just that. It will fit nicely on his casual wear. It is appropriately packaged and gives that masculine scent for any young man.

 5. Skincare Oil

gifts for studentsgifts for students

This will work effectively on any student irrespective of their gender. It is clinically proven to help repair skin damage and scars from pregnancy, surgery, injury, acne, and much more. It may not seem like a gift for a student, but what about that boy with the scar courtesy of the sport he represented the school at? Or the girl who got an injury from her gymnastics?

It radiates the skin and preserves its beauty. It will help smoothen uneven skin tones and works naturally with texture and rhythm. Your student friend can share this inexpensive Christmas gifts with their family.

 6. Running Shoes

gifts for studentsgifts for students

Does your student friend often participate in sports? Do they occasionally go for a walk or run down their streets? Do they visit the gym often? Then these shoes are for them. Its rubber sole possesses high durability so that they will have this for a long time. It is soft and protective in the inside at the same time strong for almost all types of terrain. It is a usable gift and not something your student can have at home.

 7. Laptop Backpack

gifts for studentsgifts for students

One of the things we were taught the most in school was “Organization,” this specific laptop backpack will make this goal attainable for any student.

It comes with so many pockets, including pen pockets, key fob hoop, laptop compartments, and other fancy pockets. It gives your student space to comfortably charge their devices and listen to music from their phones, making their hands free.

Your student’s things will be safe as this bag offers top-notch security with its fixed password lock and durable metal zipper. It is made from quality polyester fabric material and practical luggage strap.

They can use it in school, college, business, on journeys, etc. It is big enough for many things. It goes down as one of those practical Christmas gifts for students.

 8. Water Bottle

gifts for studentsgifts for students

The Contigo Autospout water bottle is a unique gift. It may seem ordinary or straightforward, but a student who frequents the gym will find this helpful.

Its protective sprout will keep the students’ water clean and free of gross dirt and germs. When covered, you have a seal proof container, so no drop of water will be wasted. To further boost its leak-proof feature, it has a button to lock your student’s liquid.

 9. Candy Cane Pen

gifts for studentsgifts for students

Here we have a red and white candy pen. Students in the lower grades will so much appreciate this. It is beautiful, colorful and comes in a superb display tub. The pen writes well, and they have an opportunity for so many options. See these gifts for orchestra teachers.

10. Hand Operated Drone

gifts for studentsgifts for students

Do you have a 6 – 14 years student at mind? Do they love watching machines? Then this gift is for them. The drone is an excellent toy for kids, it has a powerful flight mode.

Reasonable high and low-speed control and supports headless mode. Your student’s safety is guaranteed as its manufacturers ensured it had a proper safety protection mechanism.

It gives that UFO looks, so a student who is obsessed with astronomy and aliens will love this. They can control the drone’s movement with their hand or with the drone’s remote.

It will suffice as an indoor and outdoor game for kids. Do you want something to keep them occupied this holiday? Get this one for them.

11. Reusable Drinking Straws</h3>
gifts for studentsgifts for students

If your student is concerned about saving the planet and giving people reusable things, this silicon straw will do the job. It is 10″ long and could be used in almost all drinks. It also offers an easy-cut feature to shape it how they want.

12. Vacuum Insulated Tumblr

gifts for studentsgifts for students

This Tumblr can retain cold drinks for up to 24 hours and a hot drink for up to 6 hours. Your student can have their beverage at any temperature of their choice.

It offers them two unique lids to choose from when enjoying their drinks. One of its slider lids is fast and simple to use; if your student enjoys sipping their coffee quickly, it has them covered.

It also has a steel straw and a straw cleaner for those who will prefer this. It is sleek and lightweight. It will fit into their hands with ease, and they can hold it for a long time without sweating. It is one of those gifts to help save the ecosystem – no more plastic cups.

13. Mini Projector

gifts for studentsgifts for students

You could give this student friend a cinema in their rooms. This mini projector is high grade; it supports so many high resolutions and has a lamp lifetime of 40,000 hours.

Students can watch and stream quality videos with this; they can also game in style with this mini projector. All with its HDMI cable connected to their smartphone, you have a We-gift, just that it is the student and their family who will enjoy this gift.

14. Motivational Silicone Bracelet

gifts for studentsgifts for students

A little word of encouragement could go a long way. These pack of silicon bracelets has that covered. You could share this with all students in your class, each with a unique message they can embed in their life.

It is made of silicone, making it soft, stretchy, and durable. It is carved in a proper size so it will fit perfectly well into any student’s hand.

15. Stress Relief Toys

gifts for studentsgifts for students

As a teacher, getting these relief balls could go a long way. Each foam has a positive motivation that could come in handy for adults, students, tweens, teens, and anybody.

If you have a restless student who occasionally fidgets in school, this relief ball will help. It is a thoughtful gift for people living with ADHD, anxiety, and those with anger issues. The balls are durable and soft, adequately designed to be squeezed at the same time strong.

16. Heartbeat Stethoscope Bracelet

gifts for studentsgifts for students

It is lead and nickel free. If you have a student who aspires to work in the medical field, you can help start their dreams by getting this. Even your medical students will love this. It depicts a heartbeat and stethoscope, and yes, it is common to associate doctors and nurses with these two. By the way, are you aware that the heart beats an average of 108,000 times a day!

17. Mini Photo Printer

gifts for studentsgifts for students

Do you have a student who enjoys taking pictures? How about you get them this mini photo printer to help them bring their photos to life? They need to connect their mobile devices to the printer through Bluetooth and the Cannon mini print app.

18. Fitbit Fitness Tracker

gifts for studentsgifts for students

Everyone loves to keep track of the time spent running, jogging, hiking, and other activities. With the Fitbit fitness trackers, students can see how their heart rate changes. It can also measure the amount of calorie burnt.

They can play their favorite songs and playlist directly from Spotify and can receive and make calls as well as see their smartphone notifications.

It is waterproof, and its battery can last up to 7 days while using its essential features. Get this useful gift for your student friend and help them stay in shape.

19. Splashproof Bluetooth Speaker

gifts for studentsgifts for students

You seldom see anybody who doesn’t love music. College students often party at pools, getting them this Spalshproof speaker will go a long way. It has a 3000mAh battery capacity, which supports up to 10 hours of playtime.

They can connect up to three smartphones at the same time and take turns to play their audio. With its noise and echo canceling speakers, your students can make and receive crystal clear phone calls.

20. Noise Cancelling Headphones

gifts for studentsgifts for students

Will, they instead prefer to have the music in their ears, then these noise-canceling headphones will do just that. It comes in different colors; it will be a plus if you can pick their favorite colors. However, they will still love it. It goes down as one of those awesome Christmas gift ideas for college students.

Its cushions are soft and comfortable, which makes users enjoy quality music. It has a built-in 800mAh battery that won’t go off unnecessarily, offering students 30 hours playtime. This is a great Christmas gift.

Wrapping It up on Gifts for Students

Every gift here is an excellent buy for any student. I listed gifts for students in lower grades till college. I hope you were able to make a choice? Thank you for stopping by.

Vivian Rose is from Rockwall County in Texas. With over ten years of working at her family's gift shop, she believes she knows how to give the best gift-buy-idea. This site is her little contribution to making the world a happy place. As an introvert, her phone and her laptops are her favorite spots MakeItaSpecialGift is next. #xoxo #kisses #love #Gift_Shop

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