Do You Have a She-Fan in Your Life? Then Grab One of These Pokemon Gifts for Girls

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There have always been Pokemon fans since time immemorial. Compared to the senior Pokemon fans, these days, many people are getting the hang of it because of the access to more exciting ways to interact with the franchise. So, if you have a female pokemon lover, snatch any of these Pokemon gifts for girls. Before we proceed, have a look at these Pokemon gifts for boys.

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Best Pokemon Gifts

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All Pokemon Gifts for Girls

1. Pikachu Over-Ear Headphones

pokemon gifts for girlspokemon gifts for girls

One of the best Pikachu gifts for girls, this is one foldable headset that would make your receiver appear calm. The designers behind this Pokemon-themed gift didn’t leave out creating a quality headset despite its aesthetic looks. It features a Bluetooth 5.0 connection, a 3.5mm audio cable, and 15 hours of playtime.

2. Pokemon Beach Towel

pokemon gifts for girlspokemon gifts for girls

It is comfortable and cozy; it is plush and comfortable to touch. It is made with a pretty loose material making movement comfortable in it. Besides all these features, this towel comes designed like your receiver’s favorite character – Pokemon. Although it is a towel, you have a great girls’ Pokemon cloth here.

3. Pokemon Card Binder

pokemon gifts for girlspokemon gifts for girls

This features a 4-pocket per page, storing cards on both sides, including 55 high-quality removable sleeves, which hold up a total of 440 for trading card games. With this, your dear Pokemon lover would store their cards in one of the best conditions and avoid losses.

4. Pikachu Hoodie

pokemon gifts for girlspokemon gifts for girls

The ‘gotta catch them all girl’s hoodie is one excellent Pokemon gift for kids. It is 100% made of cotton with a well-crafted Pikachu design and a pink foil and glitter detail. This hoodie is stylish and would make your receiver appear fantastic.

5. Pokemon-Themed Smartwatch

pokemon gifts for girlspokemon gifts for girls

Almost no one wouldn’t fancy an excellent smart wristwatch; now, getting one designed to accommodate their favorite TV character is a significant plus. For your Pokemon lover, grab this smartwatch. It is a Pokemon present for kids and comes with a selfie cam, voice recorder, alarm, stopwatch, and calculator.

6. Pikachu Sculpted Ceramic Cup

pokemon gifts for girlspokemon gifts for girls

Another nice Pokemon-themed gift is this ceramic cup. This mug can hold up to 20 ounces of their favorite beverage and features the outline of the iconic electric Pokémon Pikachu, with a thunderbolt on his body, which is sculpted to be the handle. As an item they may likely use daily, it is one of the best Pokemon gifts on Amazon.

7. Pokemon Plush Doll

pokemon gifts for girlspokemon gifts for girls

Espeon and Umbreon Pokemon plush stuffed animals are a must-have for all Pokemon fans! They are super soft collectible plush figures that can be taken anywhere; remember your dear Pokemon lover Gotta Catch ‘Em All! It is one of the most famous Pokemon gifts for girls.

8. Soft Comforter and Sheet Set

pokemon gifts for girlspokemon gifts for girls

You could also get them a bedsheet with many Pokemon-related characters for their room. Please give her a bedroom worthy of a Pokemon trainer with a colorful bedding set featuring the famous Pikachu, Charmander, and Squirtle Pokemon characters.

9. Pokemon Piggy Bank

pokemon gifts for girlspokemon gifts for girls

Teach her the act of saving by getting her this Pokemon piggy bank. Whenever they toss a coin inside this bank, it makes a “pika pika~ Pikachu pika pika~ Pikachu” sound. While enjoying the sound, it makes your litter friend would learn the art of saving, something she’ll need in the future. It is a thoughtful Pikachu gift that would build character.

10. Pokemon Room Decor Set

pokemon gifts for girlspokemon gifts for girls

You can help make her room Pokemon-themed with this room decor set. It contains about 25 pieces making it more than enough. It has classic Pokemon characters like Pikachu, Charizard, Blastoise, and other Pokemon girl characters; peel and stick these Pokemon decals to apply.

11. Cosmetic Bag

pokemon gifts for girlspokemon gifts for girls

What better way to keep what makes her look suitable than a Pokemon-themed makeup bag? It is made of high-quality cotton canvas. It is excellent in wear resistance, comfortable, and should last the test of time. Your dear Pokemon lover can throw in a reasonable amount of her makeup stuff in this 3D-designed Pokemon bag, especially when she’s traveling or going for a sleepover. It is a pretty girly Pokemon gift.

12. Pikachu Tritan Water Bottle

pokemon gifts for girlspokemon gifts for girls

This bottle can hold up to 28 ounces of their favorite beverage. It is made with pretty durable material. The plastic screw-top lid helps keep liquids in the bottle to eliminate spills and messes. Your Pikachu lover would surely fancy this item; she can rock it to school, camping, field, practice, and hanging out with her friends.

13. Pikachu 3D Illusion Lamp

pokemon gifts for girlspokemon gifts for girls

This laser lamp would light up her room, making it look more attractive and majestic. It features 16 colors and three changing modes.

14. Pikachu Pajamas

pokemon gifts for girlspokemon gifts for girls

With over a thousand ratings, these pajamas have 5-star ratings. It is a terrific Pajama for your receiver. It features a matching all-over print of Pikachu, Litten, Popplio, Rowlet, and Pokeballs on the top and bottom.

15. 3D Crystal Ball Night Light

pokemon gifts for girlspokemon gifts for girls

Another excellent way to make their room full of Pokemon-fledged is with this crystal 3D light. It is made with a lovely shape and attracts attention and admiration even when not on. It makes their room more attractive and serene, and it is one of the most excellent Pokemon gifts for girls.

16. Pokémon Plush Toys

 pokemon gifts for girlspokemon gifts for girls

Another fantastic gift for the young lady would be her favorite Pokemon character as a plush toy. It would be awesome having it on her bed, when she’s in the living room, as a form of design, etc.; this is an excellent Pokemon gift idea for a girl.

17. Pokemon Trading Card Game

 pokemon gifts for girlspokemon gifts for girls

Get her started with the Pokemon trading card game by gifting her a starter deck or booster packs to expand her collection. 

18. Pokemon Video Games

 pokemon gifts for girlspokemon gifts for girls

If she enjoys gaming, consider gifting Pokemon video games for her Nintendo Switch, Nintendo 3DS, or mobile device.

It would be awesome to fall in love with the Pokemon character on TV; it would also make sense to love it while they are gaming; this would keep her entertained and help her exercise the full power of the Pokemon. 

19. Pokemon Accessories


Look for Pokemon-themed accessories like hats, scarves, socks, or keychains featuring her favorite characters.

She’ll love this; if she has to attend a costume party, any of these is joining her, even for casual strolls, going to school, outings with friends, etc., she’ll surely love to show off this. 


20. Pokemon School Supplies


Help her show off her Pokemon fandom at school with Pokemon-themed notebooks, pencils, or backpack accessories.

No one comes close to her as a Pokemon lover, so let her show off in school with this. Ensure she has heavily Pokemon-themed and as many school supplies, and please, let them all be quality. 


21. Pokemon Stickers And Decals


Please give her a collection of Pokemon stickers or decals to decorate her belongings, such as her laptop, water bottle, or phone case.

Like the school supplies, I’m sure she’ll love to show off her love for Pokemon characters with these stickers and decals. 


22. Pokemon Books And Manga

 pokemon gifts for girlspokemon gifts for girls

Gift her Pokemon books, manga, or graphic novels that delve into the world of Pokemon adventures and stories. Gifts of this nature would take her to Wonderland; she might one day get some Pokemon powers, haha. If she already has a collection, it would still be awesome to add to her collection. 

23. Pokemon Dvd Sets

 pokemon gifts for girlspokemon gifts for girls

If she enjoys watching Pokemon episodes or movies, consider gifting DVD sets or digital versions of her favorite Pokemon series.

24. Pokemon Music


Look for Pokemon soundtracks or music albums featuring Pokemon-themed songs and soundtracks from anime and games. Songs like Pokemon World, Totally Pokemon, Pokemon Christmas Bash, etc. 


Wrapping it up on Pokemon Gifts for Girls

I’m a big fan of buying gifts based on the receiver’s interest. Pokemon has always had fans from the 90s, so whatever attracted the OGs to him in those days has drawn your little friend to Pokemon today. So, from illusion lamps to the pajamas, down to the headset and towel, we’ve presented you with the best Pokemon gifts for girls; however, you can purchase this Amazon Gift card and allow her to shop.

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