She Has Been Faithful to the Church and Deserves Some Devout Catholic Mother’s Day Gifts

Lalín, Spain- june 20, 2011: people carrying the Corpiño virgin ancient sculpture in the open air during a procession , venerated near Lalín, Pontevedra province, Galicia, Spain. Church facade and doorway in the background. Santuario de Nosa Señora do Corpiño - catholic Mother’s Day gifts

The catholic faith is one community that really recognizes the role of a mother, so more than ever; this gift guide is ideal. You know how much the church rates The Blessed Virgin Mary as the mother of our lord, so on Mother’s Day, it makes sense that you specially celebrate your mum. In this … Read more

Even the Padre Has Needs and These Are Great Gifts for Priests for Him

gifts for priests

Inside the vestment, the prayerfulness, the humility, and many other priestly attributes, that priest you have in mind are also human and like every other human, he will welcome the act of getting gifts. Gifts giving remains one of the most genuine ways to express love and show concern to everyone, we will all smile … Read more

Tell Him “Goodbye” in Style With These Gifts for Priests Leaving Your Parish

gifts for priests leaving your parish

He has come and served, he has been a shepherd to his congregation, now he obeys the instructions from above and would be posted somewhere else, our priest deserves a gift, an appreciation, an item to remind them of those he’ll be leaving and right here are great gifts for priests leaving your parish. All … Read more