Gratitude Is the Greatest of All Virtues, and This Goodbye Gift for a Therapist Proves That

As the unrecognizable female therapist asks her questions, the young adult woman smiles and answers - goodbye gifts for a therapist

“Goodbyes” are often sad, but I can’t say if one should feel sad when they are finally saying goodbye to their therapist, this is why. Your therapist has held your hands and assisted you in walking out of that ditch; she has helped you orient your life and put your house in order; while it … Read more

These Farewell Gifts for Pastors Are Instrumental in Every Pastor’s Spiritual Journey

farewell gifts for pastors

His journey is complete; he has served, answered the call, and now is to leave. Saying your goodbyes properly is a good way of sending him forth, but saying it with a gift is an action even better. For your pastor who would be continuing his mission in another location, these are some awesome farewell … Read more