Get Any of These Travel Gifts for Men While Screaming Bon Voyage

It is common with travelers that they have everything they’ll need to undertake a journey; no, sweetheart, you won’t be getting them socks this time; we’ll help you step things up. The world is barely opening; the lockdowns and pandemics have affected so many of us, especially those who are often “catching flights,” so, for that remarkable man in your life, check out our list of the best travel gifts for men this year.


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Travel gifts for men

1. Sheepskin Leather Gloves

travel gifts for mentravel gifts for men

If you have a clue where his next journey would be, then go for these gloves, especially if it’s a place with a pretty low temperature. Outer is made of premium top layer genuine sheepskin leather with soft-touch, suppleness, strength, and lasting comfort. One of its most unique features is, he’ll comfortably use these gloves on his touch screen device.

2. Leather Passport Cover

travel gifts for mentravel gifts for men

Although we have a separate guide for leather gifts for her and leather gifts for men, however, this second leather gift couldn’t just be ignored. What we have here is an excellent leather passport cover. For a man who’s always on the move, you can only imagine how often he’ll have to show his passport; using the wrong case could wear and tear, so get him this beauty.

3. Water Filter

travel gifts for mentravel gifts for men

His journey may take him to places with a poor water supply, and water has quite an amount of bacteria and parasites. This microfiltration membrane removes 99.999999% of waterborne bacteria (including E. coli and salmonella) and 99.999% of waterborne parasites (including giardia and cryptosporidium). It’s an ideal gift also for an outdoor man.

4. Mini Duct Tape

travel gifts for mentravel gifts for men

Things tend to break while constantly on the move; some of these holes aren’t big enough for a complete replacement of the item or small enough to be ignored; in such cases, a great mini gorilla duct tape like this could come in handy. It is an ideal choice for more minor repairs or projects. It is made to stick to rough, uneven, unforgiving surfaces. It can also be used for clamping surfaces together.

5. World Map Duvet Cover

travel gifts for mentravel gifts for men

While getting a traveling box would be cool, getting travel-themed gifts would be awesome too. This is a 100% brushed microfiber fabric. It is super soft for ultimate comfort. The coloring and depiction of the world are colorful and pretty vivid. It would look pretty in his room. This is one of the best luxury travel gifts for him.

6. Portable Handheld Suitcase

travel gifts for mentravel gifts for men

It is pretty rare to find someone who loves waiting in line for something as important as checking the weight of their luggage. This device has a pretty high sensor with a rubber-texted handle. It features an auto-off functions system to preserve both time and energy; Low battery and overload indication; Automatically lock weight results.

7. Wireless Charging Station

travel gifts for mentravel gifts for men

When lodging in hotels or Airbnb, it is advised that we be as organized as possible to avoid leaving something back. This wireless charging station is a 4-in-1 charging device that contains a dual wireless charging pad for two phones, an iWatch charger stand for Apple Watch, and an AirPods wireless charger for AirPods.

8. Electronics Organizer

travel gifts for mentravel gifts for men

Most men travel with a ton of electronics, especially those with so many wires. This bag is a business travel gift for him; it would help keep all his electronics in one place while preserving them from wearing and tearing and his wires from cutting. This cable organizer bag is made of waterproof fabric and shockproof material. All the things inside are protected very well.

9. Portable Espresso Machine

travel gifts for mentravel gifts for men

For so many people, coffee is an integral part of their lives, many can’t start the day without coffee, and if your traveler’s darling is like that, this portable expresso would be a blessing to him. This is one unique travel gift

10. Neck Pillow

travel gifts for mentravel gifts for men

Most journeys could see him sited for hours, which doesn’t help the neck at all. The pain is often much, and a neck pillow is an ideal addition to his traveling pack. This pillow provides doubled support which helps relax and prevent neck pain and sore shoulders when sleeping sitting upright in an airplane, car, or at home.

11. JBL Waterproof Speaker

travel gifts for mentravel gifts for men

Music is an integral of so many people’s lives; while a good headset would be ideal for journeys, especially long ones, good JBL speakers could help him enjoy music while working or in his hotel room. Th is speaker is available in different colors and can be connected by three smartphones.

12. Worldwide Travel Adapter

travel gifts for mentravel gifts for men

This travel adapter Accepts Plugs from More than 150 Countries with US/EU/UK/AU European Plugs like Thailand, New Zealand, Israel, Italy, Rome, France, Spain, Canada, China, Australia, India, Hong Kong, Argentina, Peru, Korea, Asia, etc. Simply put, this is one small travel gift for men.

13. DSLR Camera

travel gifts for mentravel gifts for men

Pictures are memories; they can be passed down to generations, exceptionally if they are well preserved. This DSRL camera is a perfect item for your traveling friend; it is a high-quality camera with just so many features.

14. Travel Fund Piggy Bank

travel gifts for mentravel gifts for men

This “Travel Fund” wooden piggy bank is the ideal gift for you and your loved ones to start saving for your upcoming trip.

15. Large Aperture Binoculars

travel gifts for mentravel gifts for men

While binoculars wouldn’t replace a camera and vice versa, this is also a gift about vision and creates some memories. This is one oversized 70 mm objective lens that offers maximum image brightness in low-light and long-range conditions; he could use it to watch the skies or for bed watching. Speaking of birds, check out our list of gifts for birds lovers.

16. Scratch Off World Map Print

travel gifts for mentravel gifts for men

If he’s taking his traveling adventure pretty seriously, asides from calling him Gulliver (travels – novel), you can get him this off the world map print. It is a fun gift, too; he gets to scratch off the places he has been and reveals the path in beautiful, bold colors that pop against a classic matte black background.

17. Travel Liquid Soaps

travel gifts for mentravel gifts for men

Uhmm, there’s no need to write much about this item.

18. Expandable Carry-on Spinner Suiter

travel gifts for mentravel gifts for men

This is an expandable carry-on spinner suitcase with an external USB port and dedicated power bank pocket that meets FAA regulations for carry-on and checked baggage. It has a precision glide system that includes a four-stop adjustable power scope handle and magnetic spinner wheels for precise control and effortless roll.

19. Pack-It Cube Set Packing Organizer

travel gifts for mentravel gifts for men

Most travelers are pretty neat and arranged when traveling; they often compartmentalize their articles of clothing to avoid mixing things up; if you have such a traveler in your life, then quickly snatch this gift for him.

20. Leather Toiletry Travel Bag

travel gifts for mentravel gifts for men

Without mincing words, every man will love this; I mean, why won’t they? He can comfortably pack all his toiletries in this roomy beauty case; The classic and unique Marcuse handmade Italian leather toiletry bag will make him feel complete and at ease anywhere he goes.

21. Travel Neck Wallet with RFID Blocking

travel gifts for mentravel gifts for men

You seldom know who is who while on the queue or while moving around that market; this device is built with Industry-Leading RFID Blocking Technology, it would help him stay Protected from Unwanted Scans. His cards and personal information are PROTECTED.

The Travel Neck Wallet is designed for lightweight durability and comfort. Multi-zippered pockets keep your valuables organized, and the rip-stop nylon with moisture-wicking material keeps items dry and protected, minimizing moisture and heat.

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