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Are you aware Texas means “Friends” in Caddo, India, or that Texas celebrates being the state with America’s largest Rose garden?

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Everything about the second largest state in the US indicates how much of an excellent place it is. Yeah yeah, I am from Texas, so you should understand why I’ll brag about my state.

In this gift guide, I’ll suggest some of the best welcome to Texas gifts for that awesome person who has joined us in this friendly state.

Perfect Welcome to Texas Gifts

1. Welcome to Texas – Hardcover

welcome to texas giftswelcome to texas gifts

This beautiful book is an ideal gift to get someone who is a new resident of Texas or a visitor. It doesn’t matter how short their stay is, but it is perfect if they know a thing or two about the state they are in

This book would reveal a truckload of things about Texas to your receiver. It features many things like the state’s animals, plants, regions, food, people, customs, and excellent places to visit.

2. Cowboy Hat

welcome to texas giftswelcome to texas gifts

Your receiver is visiting the “cowboy capital of the world,” and a cowboy hat might be the perfect gift to get her.

I mean, whenever many people think of Texas, the picture of a cowboy pops into their heads. Let us show the world how beautiful our cowboys are by gifting this hat.

3. State Jigsaw Puzzle

welcome to texas giftswelcome to texas gifts

Although it is unlikely that your receiver would solve this puzzle in a short time, I mean, they are probably visitors or just got here.

However, for someone who would be here for a while, this puzzle would help them know a thing or two about their state.

4. Texas Map Shaped Cutting Board

welcome to texas giftswelcome to texas gifts

Make everything they have Texas-themed in one way or the other, and this bamboo cutting board is one of such gifts to realize this.

This cutting board is a premium item to have in any house; it is beautiful and could serve as decor when not busy chopping things.

5. Texas Candy

welcome to texas giftswelcome to texas gifts

Oh yes, we have candies, too, specifically made here in our friendly state. These candies are chewy and an excellent welcome gift for anybody.

6. Interesting Facts About Texas – Book

welcome to texas giftswelcome to texas gifts

This is the best welcome to Texas gift for kids; with images and cool pictures, this book can teach them over ninety things they need to know about Texas.

Texas is one hell of a place, beautiful and friendly, and the kids should know about this friendly state from this book.

7. Texas Bucket List Guide – Paperback

welcome to texas giftswelcome to texas gifts

Nobody should visit Texas without seeing our excellent hospitality and leisure places. This book would help your receiver plan their stay in this state, and it features so many places everybody would like to check out.

8. Makeup Zipper Pouch

welcome to texas giftswelcome to texas gifts

This pouch would give your visitor room to have their cosmetics and pieces of jewelry. Besides that, this is a pouch they can use for casual outings or strolls. It features three signs the peace and love sign and a Texas map.

9. Texas History – Paperback

welcome to texas giftswelcome to texas gifts

Did you know that Texas has hoisted over five flags? Or Texas was once a self-governing state? This and many more are things your receiver would get to know on receiving this book. It is choked with just so much history about Texas, and I think you should get it too.

10. Cheese Spreader

welcome to texas giftswelcome to texas gifts

This pack of cheese spreaders has about four spreaders that are designed with the famous cowboy boots.

They are some assorted utensils to have in their kitchen even if they won’t be staying in Texas for long, and these are great utensils to travel with.

11. Made You Smile Coffee Mug

welcome to texas giftswelcome to texas gifts

The name says it all; this coffee mug would surely make your receiver smile for apparent reason. Besides the map of Texas well drawn on it, it also features some sayings that are associated with Texas.

12. Boots Salt And Pepper Shakers Set

welcome to texas giftswelcome to texas gifts

A set of salt and pepper shakers inside different cowgirl boots might be the most Texas gift for anybody.

They are lovely keepsakes that would add style to the kitchen even when not in use. These are Unique gifts from Texas. 

13. Plush Stuffed Animal

welcome to texas giftswelcome to texas gifts

Are you aware of the famous Texas longhorn cattle breed? Your receiver must have heard of them; if they haven’t, this gift will give them an idea.

These handsome, curved horns and lifelike expression will capture their hearts and inspire their imagination.

14. Texas Slangs

welcome to texas giftswelcome to texas gifts

There is a truckload of slang we use here in Texas. Anybody visiting our beautiful state should be ready to learn to navigate the state well; this book does an excellent job of teaching people over a hundred Texas slang, sayings, and how to speak.

15. Dallas Gift Basket

welcome to texas giftswelcome to texas gifts

You can always settle for a gift basket, and this basket features our famous cowboy mix. Also, have a glance at these gifts for someone moving to Florida and presents for those moving to Australia.

Wrapping up on Welcome to Texas Gifts

The best welcome to texas gifts includes a gift basket of our cowboy mix, a Texas map cutting board, a book on Texas slang, history and places to visit, and much more. These gifts are either fantastic items your receiver would have for a long time or gifts that would make navigating Texas more probable.

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