As a Brand Lover Below Are Gorgeous Yeti Gifts for Dad

I have a special admiration and envy for people who patronize and use a specific brand only. I could imagine how much trust they’ve put into it and how they risk being disappointed if it goes down; if your dad happens to be one of such people, then welcome. In this guide, we have a collection of Yeti gifts for dad that would bring a smile across his face.

Best Yeti Gifts for Dad

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All Yeti Gifts for Dad

1. Refreezable Reusable Ice Cooler

yeti gifts for dadyeti gifts for dad

With this item in your dad’s arsenal, his beer, drinks, coffee, whiskey, bourbon, etc., would never be not-be cold. Besides its ability to retain the “cold” inside, it is a durable material and is break-resistant, meaning he can have it on his journey across rough terrains. This is a cool Yeti cooler for dad.

2. Daytrip Lunch Box

yeti gifts for dadyeti gifts for dad

This is a plus if dad is an outdoor man or has a cabin in the woods or lake; dad could use this while going to work. This insulated fortress is built to keep anything he is craving, whether it’s a hearty sub that tastes just as fresh as when he packs it or a cold drink ready to be relished.

3. Rambler Tumbler

yeti gifts for dadyeti gifts for dad

Any Yeti lover would always welcome a Yeti tumbler; this specific tumbler should be part of YETI Black Friday deals.

4. Wheeled Cooler

yeti gifts for dadyeti gifts for dad

Take things to a higher level by getting dad this Yeti wheeled more astonishingly as a gift. This is a unique gift since this is the first Yeti cooler on a wheel.

5. YETI 30 oz Tumbler

yeti gifts for dadyeti gifts for dad

If the tumbler above doesn’t cut it, get him this 30 oz a big tumbler to contain his entire can of beer while keeping it at the exact temperature he wants. This rumbler features a YETI MagSlider Lid, the only drink lid that uses the power of magnets to keep water, beer, or favorite drink on a lock.

6. Yeti Tundra T-Rex Latches (Replacments)

yeti gifts for dadyeti gifts for dad

The wheeled cooler might be one rugged item; however, its latches are prone to be damaged especially when used too much, especially on rough terrains that it is meant for. So, as a thoughtful Yeti gift for dad, you can get your dad this replacement; it should have clear instructions on how to set it up.

7. Colster Can Insulator

yeti gifts for dadyeti gifts for dad

The Load-and-Lock gasket only requires a simple quarter-turn to seal the deal. This colster is insulated with a double-wall vacuum, so his beverages stay cold. It comes in different colors.

8. Yeti Dog Bowl

yeti gifts for dadyeti gifts for dad

This isn’t a Yeti gift dad can use exactly, but for a dad who loves his dog, go for this dog bowl. This puppy bowl is designed to be as dependable and adventurous as man’s” best friend. This is a cool Yeti gift for dad.

9. Bottle Straw Cap

yeti gifts for dadyeti gifts for dad

With this Yeti bottle straw cap, when your dad needs water or his cold drink, all he’ll have to do is flip this straw open, take a sip and seal it. It is leakproof and easy to carry. This is one other practical Yeti gift for dad.

10. Yeti Cooler

yeti gifts for dadyeti gifts for dad

This is an upgrade to Roadie 20 and holds about 20% more weight than its predecessor, with a thermal performance of 30% more. It is big enough to accommodate a standard wine bottle or a two-liter bottle.

11. Survival Filtration Gear

yeti gifts for dadyeti gifts for dad

This isn’t precisely a Yeti gift for dad as it isn’t from the brand; however, this filtration gear could come in handy any time. This mini and lightweight filtering system is ideal for recreation, hiking, and camping. It’s also a good companion for scouting, domestic and international travel, and emergency preparedness, so he’ll embrace this if dad does any of this.

12. Cooler Drain Plug Replacement Accesories

yeti gifts for dadyeti gifts for dad

If you needed a Yeti Dad gift below $50 (since items here seem to be pretty pricey), you have it. Since dad is an avid user of Yeti products, he has likely overused any of them which have worn out; find out which needs replacement and go shopping. Even if they don’t need a replacement, it won’t hurt to have a replacement nearby that would be a thoughtful Yeti gift for dad.

13. Cooler Box Light

yeti gifts for dadyeti gifts for dad

With the amount of Yeti Cooler on this gift guide and how gigantic Yeti coolers typically are, dad could miss his way while trying to get his favorite beer brand hidden inside the ice. With this cooler box light, he won’t have a hard time again.

14. Yeti Adjustable Handle Fit

yeti gifts for dadyeti gifts for dad

This handle fit takes the stress from holding his Yeti tumbler, Yeti bottle, and other yeti products that would fit comfortably in this. It gives a more comfortable grip and is pretty durable. It is a practical Yeti Gift for your father.

15. YETI Tie-Down Kit

yeti gifts for dadyeti gifts for dad

Your pops would easily hook his Yeti cooler to a boat, truck bed, trailer, or deck with this. The kit consists of two heavy-duty nylon straps with stainless steel cam buckles and two stainless steel deck plates that mount to the floor.

Wrapping it up on Yeti Gifts for Dad

Shopping for specific brand fans is not too difficult but tricky; they are like Apple fans who can break down the different features we don’t see or notice. As a tip, you should search for the YETI promo code and apply it on the Yeti site.

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