Meet Stephanie May: The Gift Enchantress

Meet Stephanie May: The Gift Enchantress

Howdy, lovely folks! Allow me to introduce the enchanting Stephanie May, the youthful genius behind the scenes at MakeItSpecialGift. At a sprightly 26, Stephanie hails from the picturesque city of Calgary in Canada. Now, don’t let the Canadian roots fool ya; she’s been soaking up the sunshine in the US for over six glorious years.

Stephanie May iconic picture when she first worked at a gift shop

A Gift Whiz with a Dash of Canadian Charm

Stephanie’s love affair with gifts started early – during her college days, she moonlighted in a charming gift shop, weaving her magic with each carefully curated suggestion. Trust me, darlins’, you can bet your last dollar on her knack for finding the perfect gift for any occasion.

The Tale of a Heartwarming Connection

Now, here’s the sweet twist to Stephanie’s story – she waltzed into our lives through none other than Aunty Vivian’s dear friend, who also happens to be Stephanie’s mum. It’s like a story out of a feel-good novel, where connections and shared love for gifts bring people together.

Stephanie May iconic picture when she first worked at a gift shop

Brains, Heart, and a Love for Literature

Behind those bright eyes and the warm smile lies a mind that’s sharper than a tack. Stephanie is a voracious reader, soaking in knowledge like a sponge. So, when she’s not busy crafting delightful gift suggestions, you might just find her lost in the pages of a captivating book.

Spreading Joy, One Gift at a Time

Stephanie’s heart is as big as the Lone Star State itself. Making people happy is her forte, and she pours that genuine warmth into every gift recommendation she pens. After all, for Stephanie, it’s not just about the gift; it’s about the joy it brings and the smiles it creates.

So, as you explore MakeItSpecialGift and stumble upon those whimsical gift guides, know that Stephanie May is the youthful enchantress infusing each suggestion with passion, creativity, and a touch of Canadian charm. Welcome to the world of gifts, Stephanie-style!