Regifting – Definition & Detailed Explanation – Gift Etiquette Glossary

What is regifting?

Regifting is the act of giving a gift that was previously received from someone else. This practice involves passing along an unwanted or unneeded gift to another person, often on a different occasion or to a different recipient. Regifting is a common way to recycle gifts and reduce waste, as well as save money on purchasing new gifts.

When is regifting acceptable?

Regifting is generally considered acceptable in certain situations, such as when the original recipient has no use for the gift or when the gift is not to their taste. It is also acceptable to regift if the gift is brand new and in its original packaging, as long as it is appropriate for the new recipient. However, regifting is not appropriate if the gift holds sentimental value to the original giver or if it is personalized in some way.

How to regift properly?

To regift properly, it is important to consider the preferences and tastes of the new recipient. Make sure the gift is something they would actually appreciate and use. It is also crucial to remove any personalized notes or tags that may reveal the gift was regifted. Additionally, make sure the gift is in good condition and looks presentable before giving it to someone else.

What are the potential pitfalls of regifting?

One of the main pitfalls of regifting is the risk of the original giver finding out that their gift was regifted. This can lead to hurt feelings and strained relationships. Another potential pitfall is giving a gift that is not appropriate for the new recipient, which can come across as insincere or thoughtless. Regifting can also be seen as lazy or unoriginal if not done properly.

How to handle receiving a regift?

If you suspect that a gift you received may have been regifted, it is important to graciously accept it and show appreciation for the gesture. Avoid making any negative comments or assumptions about the gift, as this can be hurtful to the giver. Remember that the thought behind the gift is what truly matters, regardless of its origins.

Are there any alternative options to regifting?

If regifting does not feel right to you, there are alternative options for dealing with unwanted gifts. One option is to donate the gift to a charity or organization that can put it to good use. Another option is to repurpose the gift for yourself or someone else by using it in a different way or adding a personal touch. You can also consider regifting the gift back to the original giver if you think they may appreciate it more than you did. Ultimately, the choice of what to do with an unwanted gift is up to you, and it is important to handle the situation with tact and consideration.