Let’s Sculpt Some Love and Mold Some Appreciation for Your Dear Dad With These Clay Father’s Day Gifts

The beauty of clay gifts lies in their aesthetic appeal and their versatility, as they can be molded and shaped to different things, just like your dad has molded and shaped you into the awesome person you are.

I love getting clay gifts for those dear to me because of the elegance clay communicates; you’ll be gifting Dad something that appeals to time, household items from time immemorial have been made from clay, and potters have been a part of human civilizations for quite a long time. 

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Anything made from clay often communicates top-notch artistic expression, creativity, and sentimentality, making it an ideal gift idea to get for an excellent father. 

In this gift guide, I try to dig up gifts made of clay that should leave a lasting impression on Dad, from personalized sculptures that capture the essence of fatherhood to those elegant clay pieces that would add beauty to Dad’s personal space, to those with actual use all meant to put a smile on dad’s face this Father’s Day. So, without much ado, these are thoughtful clay Father’s Day gifts.

Great Clay Father’s Day Gifts

1. Handmade Clay Mug

 clay father’s day giftsclay father’s day gifts

A handmade clay mug is a lovely gift. If you’ve held one, you’ll feel the weight and know it’s a mug you can rely on. Your dad would do well with a nice clay mug, it would add some style to his early morning drinks, and he’ll love this. 

2. Clay Wall Art

 clay father’s day giftsclay father’s day gifts

A clay wall art could be made from clay that would be hard to find and probably expensive, or art that features some things made from clay; whatever you choose to go for, this would add a layer of elegance to Dad’s personal space. How often do you get to see this? 

3. Clay Figurine

 clay father’s day giftsclay father’s day gifts

An excellent clay figurine would look good in Dad’s office; it just might turn into the most beautiful piece in his house. Please do if you can get someone to carve a figure that would mean something to Dad other than a random art. 

4. Clay Wine Bottle Stopper


When Dad stands with his fellow wine enthusiast, he’ll feel some pride knowing he is unique. How often do you get to see people with a clay wine stopper? Well, Dad would be the first. That alone would make this an even more excellent Father’s Day gift


5. Clay Keychain

 clay father’s day giftsclay father’s day gifts

It could be a carving of his initials or a small figure that could also serve as a key holder. The end game here is that Dad would have a gift from you he’ll often carry around; I’ll insist you make the best keychain, something he’ll be willing to replace his current one. 

6. Clay Picture Frame

 clay father’s day giftsclay father’s day gifts

You and Dad or Dad with the family have so many cherished memories you cut on camera, print out any of those as a picture and feature them on this clay picture frame. It would look nice on Dad’s table, and he’ll like it, especially as it is made from clay. 

7. Clay Coasters

 clay father’s day giftsclay father’s day gifts

You’ll love it when these clay coasters are used on the table; if the best hands design them, they’ll add a touch of elegance to the table while helping protect it from unnecessary spills. 

8. Clay Ornament 

 clay father’s day giftsclay father’s day gifts

He can hang it on his Christmas tree, months from Father’s Day, or on his door. Wherever he chooses to have this clay ornament, he’ll always be happy that you got it for him. 

9. Clay Bowl

 clay father’s day giftsclay father’s day gifts

You can use this as a plate; maybe everyone in the house should be aware that its Dad’s special plate; however, a nice clay bowl beside Dad’s bed can serve as a ring dish, his car keys, glasses, rings, cufflinks and much more would look good inside this clay bowl. 

10. Clay Wall Hook

 clay father’s day giftsclay father’s day gifts

It’s time we swap out his current wall hook and replace it with something beautiful; this claw wall hook would look good in Dad’s house. 

11. Clay Wine Glass Charms

 clay father’s day giftsclay father’s day gifts

12. Clay Mobile Phone Holder


clay father’s day gifts
A functional Clay mobile phone holder for convenient viewing and charging


13. Clay Tealight Holder

 clay father’s day giftsclay father’s day gifts

When dad has an evening tea ritual, unlike other days, he’ll have a nice clay tealight holder, adding some beauty to his surroundings while giving him a serene environment to relax after a long stressful day. 

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