You Can Put the “Haha” in Boss Day While Staying in Character With Any of These Ticklish Funny Gifts for Boss’s Day

What are the others planning for Boss Day? Let me guess, mugs, cups, office accessories, cakes, blah blah blah, no, I’m not saying their gifts isn’t okay, I’m just saying, wasn’t this what they gave the boss last year and five years ago?

For this year’s Boss Day, you’ll take a different approach; how long have you been with your boss, one year, two, three, six months? It doesn’t matter as long as you’ve come to know your boss has a good sense of humor.

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In this guide, I try to create some awesome funny gifts for boss’s day. Don’t worry; I know it’s a professional setting, and you have to stay professional; nevertheless, these gifts would make the boss ROTFL. So, let’s ride. 

Awesome Funny Gifts for Boss’s Day

1. Tears of My Staff Travel Coffee Mug

 funny gifts for boss’s dayfunny gifts for boss’s day

Oh yes, all your tears are his inspiration; he drinks them, they add nutrients to his body, he loves to see you all cry, hahaha, and there’s nothing you can do, or maybe you can at least remind the boss of his evil peeve with this tumbler.

So, when next someone comes to report to the boss about how demanding a particular task is, they might have second thoughts knowing they’ll be giving the boss nourishment for his soul, that evil boss, lol.

2. “Boss Lady” Or “Boss Man” Nameplate

 funny gifts for boss’s dayfunny gifts for boss’s day

Let everyone who comes close to the boss’s table know they are standing in front of El Jefe, the boss. This is a beautiful nameplate; it would add some style to the boss’s surroundings. 

3. Dramatic Boss Keychain

 funny gifts for boss’s dayfunny gifts for boss’s day

Haha, I hope you have a great relationship with your boss, or you can trust your boss’s sense of humor to take this and get the joke. 

I like this keyholder because your boss would have it on them almost every day and constantly be reminded who gave it to them. Also, who knows, the boss might be less dramatic; I mean, she doesn’t want to make the keyholder tell the truth. 

4. “The Boss Survival Guide” Book 


You know, so many of us may see this gift and wonder, between the boss and the employee, who needs a survival guidebook? Well, the employee does need one, but oh boy, the boss would do well with one too.

The most challenging beings to control or lead are humans; in the future, AIs might take that from us, but for now, it’s us. Your boss is working on eggshells no matter how bossy they may seem; this book is humorous and relaxed too.


5. Funny Socks

 funny gifts for boss’s dayfunny gifts for boss’s day

These socks say it all, the boss is the boss, and he isn’t bossy; if you think he is bossy, then you are wrong, and this sock is right. 

6. “World’s Best Boss” trophy

 funny gifts for boss’s dayfunny gifts for boss’s day

And the “boss of the year” winner goes to no other than your boss; it’s not like there are other bosses to answer to.

This is a plot twist; you are going a few steps ahead of the company; no, we won’t need an employee of the year as we’ve already awarded someone this year. 

7. Funny Office Sign

 funny gifts for boss’s dayfunny gifts for boss’s day

This would take the edge out of anybody who would be waiting at the door to the boss’s office. This is a funny sign, and your boss would love it. 

8. “Daily Mood” Desk Flip Chart

 funny gifts for boss’s dayfunny gifts for boss’s day

If all bosses can adapt this, life would just be okay for so many of the employees; I mean, we deserve a heads up on how they are feeling so we’ll know if we can hit them up with a request for a salary increase or if we should talk to them about that project we killed or that excellent idea we cooked up – which might be hilarious. This flip chart might save everyone in the office. 

9. “CEO Of Everything” Desk Plaque

 funny gifts for boss’s dayfunny gifts for boss’s day

Your boss fits the role of a “jack of all trades,” and from what you can see, she seems to “be a master of all” If your boss fits this profile, then you are dealing with a “CEO of Everything,” and they deserve this desk plaque. 

10. “Stress Buster” Desktop Punching Bag

 funny gifts for boss’s dayfunny gifts for boss’s day

Yes, I can assure you that this punching bag will be necessary one day; when your boss is alone and a bit pissed, maybe some investors called, some employee is screwing up, maybe someone just cut them in traffic, this punching bag would replace the wall. Who knows, your boss might just be getting ready for a boxing match soon, thanks to you. 

11. “Bossy In Charge” Sticky Notes

 funny gifts for boss’s dayfunny gifts for boss’s day

Sticky notes are a part of my life; for your boss, it just might help them orient their life and profession as a whole. A nice sticky note pack would go to different parts of the house and would help keep things more planned out. 

12. “Office Olympics Champion” Trophy – A Playful Award To Recognize Their Leadership Skills In A Lighthearted Way



13. “Boss Jokes” Book

 funny gifts for boss’s dayfunny gifts for boss’s day

There are Dad jokes; there are also boss jokes. Get your boss a book filled with many excellent texts to help lighten his mode when dealing with some professional bump. 

14. Boss’s Day Survival Kit


Yes, it is essential that your boss has some survival kit; what, do you think you guys are the most excellent employees? You all probably have your little madness, and this is a survival kit to help. 


15. Funny Scented Candle

 funny gifts for boss’s dayfunny gifts for boss’s day

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