Empower Her Return: Thoughtful Gifts to Ease the Transition for Moms Going Back to Work

October 16, 2023

Oh, honey! The world of work is calling our supermoms back! It’s like the bat signal in the sky, but instead of fighting crime, they’re conquering spreadsheets, mastering meetings, and juggling Java (the coffee, not the coding language – but hey, maybe that too!). 

Returning to work is a monumental step, a mix of emotions, from the exhilarating rush of professional pursuits to the tender tug of leaving the little ones at home.

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It’s like the first day of school, but the lunchbox is filled with grown-up goodies like lipstick and an emergency pair of flats!

So, what do you gift a mom who’s about to step back into the workforce? Something that says, “You’ve got this!” with a sprinkle of practical magic to make her day a little brighter, a little easier, a little more fabulous.

Let’s dive into a treasure trove of gifts that are as incredible as she is, each one wrapped with love and loaded with the power to make her daily hustle feel like a breeze kissed with success! 

Remember, every mom’s journey is unique, and these gifts are curated to celebrate her strength, resilience, and undeniable flair as she dances back into the work world. Let’s make her standing ovation as heartwarming and supportive as it can be! 

Best Gift for a Mom Returning to Work

1. Mom’s One-Line-a-Day Journal

 gift for mom returning to workgift for mom returning to work

Oh, honey, let me tell you about this delightful journal that’s as charming as a pocketful of posies! It’s like a secret garden where a mom can plant seeds of her daily experiences and watch the memories blossom over time.

Now, I remember when my little ones would do the darndest things, and I thought, “I should write this down.” But life, as it does, whirls around like a merry-go-round, and who can keep up?

This journal, darling, is the perfect sidekick for a mom returning to work. It’s a place where she can scribble down the sweet nothings, the milestones, and yes, even the messy moments of motherhood. And it only asks for one line a day – it’s like the understanding friend who says, “Tell me all, but only if you want to!” 🌼

Available Here


2. oNecklace Personalized Jewelry

 gift for mom returning to workgift for mom returning to work

Jewelry, a girl’s best friend, but personalized jewelry? That’s a confidant of the highest order! Imagine a piece of jewelry that whispers the names of those you hold dear, nestling close to your heart.

It’s like wearing a hug, and who doesn’t need a warm embrace when stepping back into the world of work? This isn’t just a necklace; it’s a talisman, a guardian angel of sorts, keeping your loved ones close when they’re not within arm’s reach.

It’s stylish, sentimental, and speaks volumes about the love story of a family. And in the words of the fabulous Marilyn Monroe, “Diamonds are a girl’s best friend,” but a necklace that holds the names of your treasures? Priceless, darling!

Available Here


3. Audible Subscription


In the grand theatre of life, where every day is a different scene, an Audible subscription is like having a backstage pass to the world’s greatest stories.

Remember the days when radio shows had us perched on the edge of our seats, hanging on to every word? Audible is the modern encore! For a mom returning to work, it’s the perfect companion for turning commutes into captivating tales or mundane chores into marvelous adventures.

It’s like having Meryl Streep or Morgan Freeman narrating life’s playbook, turning every day into a performance worth a standing ovation!


4. Instacart Subscription or Gift Card


Grocery shopping, the never-ending saga of adulting! But what if I told you, there’s a fairy godmother waiting to whisk away the grocery woes?

Enter Instacart! It’s like having a personal assistant who knows their way around the aisles and picks the plumpest tomatoes.

For a mom juggling the symphony of work and home, it’s a melody of convenience that dances to the rhythm of time-saving tunes.

It’s not just about groceries; it’s about gifting time, choice, and the luxury of one less thing to worry about. So, let’s cha-cha-cha our way to easier days with Instacart!


5. Mama Bear Shirt

 gift for mom returning to workgift for mom returning to work

Embrace the bear hug of motherhood with a shirt that roars with love and protection! It’s not just fabric; it’s a banner that celebrates the fierce and fabulous journey of being a mom.

It’s cozy, like a warm embrace, and stylish enough to make a statement in the world of casual chic. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love a shirt that speaks to the heart?

It’s like wearing a badge of honor, a soft cotton blend of pride, and a sprinkle of mama bear magic. So, let’s wear our hearts on our sleeves, or in this case, on a fabulous shirt that tells a tale of love, strength, and the beautiful wilderness of motherhood.

Available Here


6. Mom Mug

 gift for mom returning to workgift for mom returning to work

A mug is not just a vessel for coffee; it’s a holder of moments, a sip of sanity in the whirlwind of motherhood. Now, this isn’t just any mug; it’s a tribute to the marvelous journey of being a mom.

It’s like having a daily dose of cheer in a cup, a reminder of the warmth and wonder that a mom brings into the world.

And let’s spill the tea, darling – every mom deserves a special mug that echoes with the laughter, love, and endless cups of coffee that fuel the extraordinary adventure of motherhood. So, here’s to moments, memories, and the magic of mom mugs!

Available Here


7. New Water Bottle

 gift for mom returning to workgift for mom returning to work

Hydration with a dash of style, now that’s a refreshing concept! This isn’t just about quenching thirst; it’s about infusing the day with a sprinkle of self-care.

A mom returning to work is like a superhero in disguise, and every superhero needs their trusty gear. This water bottle is like a sidekick, reminding her to sip, refresh, and recharge amidst the daily quests.

It’s practical, pretty, and pours a touch of care into the hustle and bustle. So, let’s raise a bottle to the health, happiness, and hydrating vibes of the wonderful journey ahead!

Available Here


8. A New Flexible Job


A job isn’t just about paychecks and positions; it’s about finding a space that nurtures growth, flexibility, and the harmony of life’s melodies.

Imagine a job that dances to the rhythm of a mom’s needs, offering the stage to shine professionally without missing the precious encores of family life.

It’s about opening doors to opportunities that resonate with the heartbeats of motherhood, allowing the symphony of work and family to play a beautiful tune.

So, let’s explore the realms of possibility, where work blossoms with the essence of flexibility, understanding, and the sweet harmony of life’s beautiful rhythms.

Search Google Jobs for oppurtunities


9. A Shiny New Resume


In the storybook of careers, a resume is the tale of triumphs, talents, and the trek through professional terrains. But what if the resume was not just a list, but a canvas that painted the vibrant journey of experiences, skills, and the unique chapters of one’s career saga?

A polished, powerful resume is like a ticket to new adventures, a passport to opportunities where dreams take flight. It’s not just about jobs; it’s about crafting the narrative of a career journey with flair, precision, and a touch of creative magic.

So, let’s pen down the tales of talent, the sagas of skills, and the chronicles of career adventures with a resume that resonates with the rhythms of possibility and promise!

See How To Craft A Good Resume


10. Quinn’s Cookies – Lactation Cookies for New Moms

 gift for mom returning to workgift for mom returning to work

Cookies, the sweet symphony of the senses, but these aren’t just any cookies; they are a melody of nourishment for the marvelous moms.

Quinn’s Cookies are like a baker’s hug, crafted with care, love, and ingredients that support lactation. It’s like a treat that understands the rhythms of motherhood, offering a blend of taste and tenderness.

And let’s be real, who can resist a good cookie? Especially when it’s baked with the warmth of understanding the beautiful journey of motherhood.

So, let’s indulge in the delightful embrace of cookies that care, comfort, and celebrate the wonderful world of moms.

Available Here


11. Picture Frame

 gift for mom returning to workgift for mom returning to work

A picture is worth a thousand words, but a framed one? Oh, darling, that’s a timeless tale captured for eternity! This isn’t just any frame; it’s a window to a cherished moment, a pause on the precious now, allowing us to travel back in time with a mere glance.

It’s like a heartwarming hug on a tough day, a silent storyteller of love, laughter, and life’s beautiful milestones. And in the grand theatre of life, where scenes change swiftly, a picture frame allows us to hold on to the moments that make the heart sing. So, let’s frame the memories, the smiles, and the magical moments that paint the canvas of our journey.

Available Here


12. Cute To-Do List

 gift for mom returning to workgift for mom returning to work

In the bustling bazaar of daily tasks, a to-do list is your trusty guide through the maze of must-dos and maybe-laters. But this isn’t just any to-do list; it’s a sprinkle of fun in the functional, a dash of cute in the chaos.

It’s like having a cheerful companion that turns mundane tasks into a delightful dance of checkmarks and accomplishments.

It’s not just about getting things done; it’s about adding a touch of joy to the journey, making each task a step towards a more organized, peaceful, and happy day. So, let’s make the daily hustle a bit more huggable with a to-do list that brings a smile to the routine!

Available Here


13. New Work Bag

 gift for mom returning to workgift for mom returning to work

A work bag is not just an accessory; it’s a faithful friend, a keeper of essentials, a partner in the daily hustle. Imagine a bag that combines style with substance, elegance with efficiency.

It’s like having a personal assistant that holds your world together with grace and gusto. A bag that complements your style, understands your needs, and walks the journey with you with unwavering support.

It’s more than just a bag; it’s a statement, a reflection of your taste, and a companion that makes the workday a bit more wonderful. So, let’s step into the world with a bag that brings a touch of fabulous to the functional!

Available Here


14. Meal Delivery Service


In the symphony of life, meals are the melodies that nourish the soul and dance on the taste buds. But in the rhythm of busy days, cooking can often feel like a daunting chore.

Enter the magic of a meal delivery service! It’s like having a culinary orchestra at your fingertips, playing the tunes of deliciousness, variety, and convenience.

It’s not just about food; it’s about gifting time, taste, and the joy of a delightful meal without the fuss. So, let’s savor the flavors of life with meals that make the heart and the taste buds dance with joy!


15. A Good Book

 gift for mom returning to workgift for mom returning to work

Books, the magical portals to worlds woven with words, where pages flutter with tales, truths, and treasures of the mind. Gifting a book is like handing someone a ticket to an unexplored universe, where adventures await and imaginations soar.

It’s not just about reading; it’s about journeying through the gardens of knowledge, the landscapes of stories, and the oceans of wisdom.

A good book is a friend, a mentor, and a magical mirror that reflects the wonders of the world and the depths of the soul. So, let’s turn the pages, dive into adventures, and sail through the endless oceans of the joy of reading!

Available Here


16. A Spa Day


In the canvas of chaos that life often paints, a spa day is a brushstroke of bliss, a palette of peace and pampering. It’s like stepping into a sanctuary where worries wilt away, and tranquility blooms in the garden of relaxation.

A spa day is not just a luxury; it’s a melody of self-care that sings to the soul, soothing the senses and sprinkling the day with serenity.

It’s about embracing the embrace of warmth, wellness, and a whisper of the wondrous magic of feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. So, let’s wrap ourselves in the robe of relaxation and dive into the divine delights of a spa day!


17. A New Outfit


Clothes, the tapestry of style that weaves the threads of confidence, comfort, and chic elegance. A new outfit is like a fresh brushstroke on the canvas of style, a celebration of individuality and the joy of expressing oneself.

It’s not just about fabric and fashion; it’s about feeling fabulous, embracing the beauty of uniqueness, and walking the runway of everyday life with grace and gusto.

A new outfit is a gift that twirls with the tunes of trendiness, comfort, and the delightful dance of looking and feeling absolutely wonderful. So, let’s dress the day in the delightful drapes of a new outfit that sings the songs of style!


18. A Personalized Journal

 gift for mom returning to workgift for mom returning to work

A journal, the silent listener to the whispers of the soul, the keeper of thoughts, dreams, and the doodles of the mind. But this isn’t just any journal; it’s a personalized canvas where words flow, ideas blossom, and the heart finds a voice.

It’s like having a confidant that holds your stories, secrets, and the symphony of your soul’s expressions. A personalized journal is more than just pages; it’s a space that understands, listens, and holds the heart’s treasures with tender care.

So, let’s pen down the paths of our journey, the tales of our heart, and the stories that paint the portrait of our lives in a journal that knows us by name!

Available Here


19. A Relaxing Pillow

 gift for mom returning to workgift for mom returning to work

In the theatre of dreams, a pillow is the soft stage where the mind dances in the realms of rest and relaxation. Imagine a pillow that cradles the head in the clouds of comfort, whispering the lullabies of luxurious rest and sweet dreams.

It’s not just about sleeping; it’s about diving into the oceans of oblivion, where each moment is a melody of restful bliss.

A relaxing pillow is a guardian of good sleep, a tender touch that turns the night into a nurturing nest of rest and rejuvenation.

So, let’s rest our heads, close our eyes, and sail into the sweet shores of dreamland with a pillow that pampers and protects our peaceful moments.

Available Here


20. A Beautiful Plant

 gift for mom returning to workgift for mom returning to work

Nature’s art, a plant is a brushstroke of beauty, a living, breathing masterpiece that paints the space with shades of serenity.

Gifting a plant is like sharing a slice of nature’s heart, a token of growth, greenery, and the gentle rhythms of life’s blossoming beauty.

It’s not just about decor; it’s about bringing the outdoors in, adding a breath of fresh air and the soft symphony of nature’s presence.

A plant is a friend that whispers the silent songs of simplicity, serenity, and the subtle beauty of life’s natural tapestry. So, let’s nurture the nooks of her space with the nurturing touch of nature’s delightful decor!

Available Here

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