Show Them Some Love on the Journey to the Kiwi Land with These Gifts for Someone Moving to New Zealand

People move for different reasons: work, family, migration, seeking better opportunities, access to different things, etc. But we all agree that making that move of relocating or migrating is no easy feat. It isn’t something or a decision you can hastily make. 

You can attest to how much of a big deal this is for this incredible person in your corner, your friend, family neighbor, etc..

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If you are here in the states, the journey to the Kiwi land is no joke; it is a significant move, and if it were you, you’d appreciate it if those dearest to you send support of some sort.

In this guide, I try to come up with gifts that would add a smile to the face of your dear receiver. Of course, most gifts are basically things that would count as keepsakes, but some are pretty symbolic to the latest New Zealander in the house, and others would really help them to navigate New Zealand more comfortably. 

Thoughtful Gifts for Someone Moving to New Zealand

1. Travel Guidebook

 gifts for someone moving to new zealandgifts for someone moving to new zealand

It is a big deal, especially for someone who has never left their country or city. We seem to be democratic and Western countries, but that’s not all there.

Your dear receiver would be traveling to a completely different country, different people, a different system of doing things, different land, etc., so yes, a guidebook is really an excellent gift for them. 

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2. Language Learning App


Speaking English is a piece of the pie; the Kiwi land would have a twist here and there. I mean, there is “New Zealand” english. 

An excellent translator app would really come through for your receiver and help during communication, especially on the first few days of settling there. 


3. Local Cuisine Ingredients

 gifts for someone moving to new zealandgifts for someone moving to new zealand

Over time, your dear receiver would learn some iconic NZ cuisine like New Zealand pavlova and fruit salad, the traditional Māori hāngī, the famous Jaffas, etc. 

So, in anticipation of their arrival in that beautiful country, consider getting them some local cuisine ingredients so they can start practicing before they leave or immediately when they arrive there. 

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4. Outdoor Adventure Gear

 gifts for someone moving to new zealandgifts for someone moving to new zealand

NZ has some really incredible landscapes, making it the perfect place for explorers, so get your dear receiver a truckload of essential adventure gear, and please insist they send you pictures. 

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5. NZ Map Art

 gifts for someone moving to new zealandgifts for someone moving to new zealand

This is an exciting journey, so let’s start by getting them a nice NZ map as an art that would add beauty to their dear surrounding. 

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6. Local Craft Beer


A toast, yes to this big more, and no other drink would be perfect for this toast than a locally crafted NZ beer. 


7. Maori Artwork

 gifts for someone moving to new zealandgifts for someone moving to new zealand

Let me share a few awesome things about the Maori culture and people. There are so many awesome things about them, but when I found out that they greet each other by pressing their foreheads and noses, I found that excellent; it reminded me of Mr. Bones. 

Traditionally, they also prepare their meals underground. In today’s world, I think they use an oven or prepare it still in the ground. 

So, for your excellent receiver, get them some fantastic Maori artworks to add beauty to their household and surroundings. 

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8. Pounamu Necklace

 gifts for someone moving to new zealandgifts for someone moving to new zealand

The Pounamu necklace is a Maori artifact that represents the ancestors, connection with the natural world, or attributes such as strength, prosperity, love, and harmony. 

It is quite symbolic to the Maori people and, in that case, quite symbolic to some well informed New Zealander. For the new migrants, this would be awesome to have on them. 

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9. Kiwiana Souvenirs

 gifts for someone moving to new zealandgifts for someone moving to new zealand

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10. Local Artisan Products


You should consider getting them some New Zealand products or just getting them some of what they’ll need from local artisans in NZ; of course, you’ll be assisting them and helping reduce the work load and things they may need to buy while there, above all you’ll be supporting some local talents in NZ that would mean much to everyone who gets to partake in your genorisity. 


11. Nz-Themed Jigsaw Puzzle


When they complete this puzzle overtime, they start to get familiar with some prominent parts and landscapes in NZ, and stylishly, you will have helped your dear receiver have some excellent clues about their new country. 


12. New Zealand Cookbook

 gifts for someone moving to new zealandgifts for someone moving to new zealand

Yes, its cooking time. I know it would take a while for the first few days or months to get familiar with how to ace the meal preparations, but with time, they start to get the hang of it and get exceptional at it. So, indeed, this would still be an excellent gift for your dear receiver. 

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13. Guided Hiking Tour


14. Auckland City Pass


You can help them explore some iconic parts of Auckland by getting a city pass. You will pass the vibe check if you do this – shhh, I’m trying to resurrect my dead rhyming and punchline career.


15. Kiwi Bird Plushie

 gifts for someone moving to new zealandgifts for someone moving to new zealand

When you think of Australia, you think of Kangaroos; when you think of New Zealand, you think of Kiwis; yes, they are part of NZ’s unique wildlife.

Nope, I’m not asking you to get them a Kiwi; I suggest you get them some nice Kiwi plush toy that would add beauty to their surroundings. 

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--->> Final Gift Suggestion!! <<---

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