Doing This Would Be You Creating a Bright Start; These Are Back-To-School Teacher Gifts from PTA That Are Ideal

It’s that time of the year; yes, backpacks are packed, pencils are sharpened, there’s an excitement among others, the school bells are ringing, the hallways are filled again, our kids are back in school and will be away from our hands for a while.

It’s a new academic journey; the teachers have their roles, the principals and other staff too, and the parents, which is the significant role of the PTA. 

As a parent, it takes quite a lot to convince yourself to allow your kids back to school and into the broad arms of their teachers; this is something we’ve done so many times that we forget the level of trust we are taking on.

The teachers do their best, and for everyone doing their best, a little gesture of appreciation and motivation would go a long way, so that is our goal for this guide.

Here, I have some ideal back-to-school teacher gifts from PTA. Note that most of these gifts or suggestions would require other parents’ collaboration, so maybe chat with them. 

Awesome Back-To-School Teacher Gifts from PTA

1. Local Gift Card


Yes, gift card, somewhat a blank cheque. The PTA can band together and get the teachers some awesome gift cards for local shops.

Gift cards to coffee shops, restaurants, and even some bookshops would play a significant role in how the session would kick off. 


2. Plants or Flowers


Also, the PTA should shop in local stores and get some excellent flowers for the teachers.

Alternatively, they can pay a florist to plant some student-friendly flowers around to add beauty and style to the school. 


3. Classroom Supplies


The PTA should reach out to the teacher’s head or the principal to discuss some supplies the school needs.

If there are things that the parents have at home, then they should send them in. You know our children often use these stuff directly or indirectly. 


4. Digital Gift Cards


While the physical gift card would see the PTA stoning two birds simultaneously, that is, attending to the needs of the teachers and supporting local business, it is often the case that what the teachers may need isn’t available in these shops. So, the PTA should consider getting them some digital cards. 


5. Lunch or Snack Packs


Locate local caterers and restaurants and source snack packs for the teachers. A fed stomach is a happy stomach; no doubt the PTA isn’t responsible for their meals. Nevertheless, it is a time to spread joy, and getting them some lovely, well, fixed meals would really suffice.


6. Appreciation Luncheon


The PTA members and the teachers should have a luncheon, just teachers and parents. 

Ideas would be exchanged; topics would be trashed; discussions would come up, etc., all in a warm and comfortable atmosphere and, of course, with food. 


7. Customized Stationery


Customized gifts are often some of the best gifts anyone can get; visit sites like Minted or Vistaprint to add style to their stationary set; maybe you can customize them with the school’s logo or go the extra mile to customize with the teacher’s name. 


8. Online Workshops


Purchase access to online professional development workshops or courses teachers can take at their convenience.


9. Teacher-Themed Apparel


Consider getting teachers t-shirts, hoodies, or other apparel with fun and encouraging messages related to teaching. This is a stylish gift for teachers. 


10. Customized Mugs


Websites like personalization mall or Zazzle offer customized mugs with school-related designs.


11. Subscriptions


The PTA can also consider getting the teachers subscriptions to educational materials and streaming services to help them sharpen their skills. 


12. Educational Games


Just like on our gift guide for items the principal can get for the teachers as welcome back-to-school gifts, the PTA can also consider getting the teachers some interactive games, which would help make learning more fun and engaging for the teachers and the students. 


13. Classroom Organizers


Help teachers organize with storage bins, file folders, and other classroom organizers. This gesture would also help your kids. 


14. Donations


Consider donating to a cause or Charity in the teacher’s name as a meaningful gesture.

Since you are dealing with all the teachers, you can donate in the school’s name; that would still count.

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