These Are Gifts for Someone Struggling Financially to Help Them Go Through Life

March 13, 2023

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Life is one bumpy ride, everything could go smoothly one day, and the next, you are in one significant financial yoke.

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I’m willing to argue that everyone has been through a financial difficulty, no matter how little or short it was. Indeed, most of humanity would prefer not to suffer from financial constraints.

When one is down financially, especially when there are so many bills, it could result in depression; it takes a significant toll on one’s mental health.

In such situations, those going through this would often need as much support as they can gather; the support ranges from offsetting some of the financial burdens to just helping their mood feel better and many other things, as you’ll see in this guide.

Some Thoughtful Gifts for Someone Struggling Financially

1. Help Offload the Debts if Possible


You know the size of your pocket and can tell if helping with some of their financial debts is possible; if it is, by all means, go for it. 

This would mean a lot to them and motivate them to struggle for the remnant. I’ll advise you to give something you are willing to part with. 


2. Loan them cash with no Interest


Yes, you can “borrow” some funds; my #1 rule of lending money is to give only what you can afford to lose. For a start, you know they currently can’t afford a lot, especially picking a loan; giving them some amount could help; if you can remove the time constraints, please consider that too. 


3. Gift Cards 

 gifts for someone struggling financiallygifts for someone struggling financially

Gift cards are some excellent and exciting gifts for them; they’ll appreciate these gift cards, and it would go a long way to help offset some little bills. 

Available Here

4. Sort Some House Bills


Yes, this is one other exciting way you can come through for someone struggling financially, help sort those bills, from the water, telephone, light bills, etc.; despite going through a lot, there are still things at home that needs to be sorted, offsetting some of this bills would help. 


5. Clothes

 gifts for someone struggling financiallygifts for someone struggling financially

If the person struggling financially is pretty close, you can tell how often they’ve been on a particular cloth; some excellent way to help out would be getting them some nice clothes. 

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6. Take them Out


When battling depression and sadness, we often appreciate those little windows that allow us to escape; this is possible through dates, strolls, visits, and much more. You can help lighten their mood by taking them out. I have some lovely gifts for s girl who is depressed


7. Help with Some Household Activities


If your schedule permits you, you should visit them and help with some household activities, look, when it comes to helping people, there’s no limit to how far you can go; assisting with the cleaning, washing, etc., would go a long way, it shows that you care about them and are trying to help where possible. 


8. Pay for Repairs


You’ve probably noticed that for broken doors, the leaking water cistern, the broken pipe, cars, or machines, a great gift for someone financially struggling would be paying for repairs around the house


9. Recommend them for Jobs

 gifts for someone struggling financiallygifts for someone struggling financially

This is one thoughtful gift; you must have heard a discussion somewhere around you, your company is hiring, you saw an advert, etc.; one way to show your support is by recommending them for this job or even helping them apply. 


10. Food Gifts


Yes, food is essential. 

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11. Body Products

 gifts for someone struggling financiallygifts for someone struggling financially

They are financially struggling, which doesn’t mean they should go out looking unkempt. It would be a pretty nifty idea if you could get them stuff to ensure they often look good outside; people’s body products are often unique; if you can find out what they use before you proceed, that would be ideal. 

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12. Babysit


If they have a newborn, you should consider babysitting for them while they strive for means to earn. 


13. House their Kids for a While


If you can afford to feed some extra mouths, consider housing their kids if they are OK. Most times, taking the kids away can give them enough room to think and calculate. 


14. Employ Them


If you can afford it, employ them to help around your house, they could shovel the snow, cut the lawn, repair things, drive them, etc. This allows them to earn a little and stick to the industry’s standard rate. 


15. Carpool


Offer to carpool with them; you’ll help them save their gas or transport fare. You can offer them rides to the church or place of worship, grocery shopping, the mall, work, etc. The amount spent on traffic could be used somewhere else. 


16. Offer your Used Clothes


If you can afford to, I think they’ll be OK with receiving your old clothes; I don’t think you should dispose of them. 


17. Keep them Company


You don’t want them hurting themselves right or wallowing in the unending ditch of regret and sadness; these are pretty constant when people are going through challenging experiences. 

One wise decision or action you can take towards someone going through a financial struggle would be keeping them company, sharing ideas, and helping get their minds over their sinking ship. 


18. Bath Gift Basket

 gifts for someone struggling financiallygifts for someone struggling financially

Even in the movies, we often retire to think, strategize, cry, and express ourselves alone in the bathroom, especially those with bathtubs. With this bath gift basket, they can be comfortable even when their world crashes. 

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19. Cash


This should have come first, but I prefer it comes last. Let’s be honest; most times, the best gifts for someone struggling financially would always be money. They need to sort many things and bills; cash at hand would help. 

--->> Final Gift Suggestion!! <<---

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