Those Geniuses Also Deserve Some Surprises, so See This List of Gifts for Sudoku Lovers

I’ve given Sudoku a shot many times and accepted that it isn’t for me; people who focus on Sudoku are pretty damn talented, and for obvious reasons.

Being a Sudoku player, you must be logical, smart, pretty observant, and sound, and if you have someone you call a Sudoku player, then you probably revere their possession of these skills. 

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In this gift guide, I try to dish out some thoughtful and exciting gifts for your Sudoku player, some things that show how much you approve of their craft while helping them have more fun. 

Exciting Gifts for Sudoku Lovers

1. Funny Sudoku Mug

 gifts for sudoku loversgifts for sudoku lovers

 There’s no possibility that I wasn’t going to include this mug. When I first came across this mug, I laughed, and I believe your dear Sudoku lover would get the humor in this. 

2. Handheld Sudoku Game

 gifts for sudoku loversgifts for sudoku lovers

As a Sudoku game lover, I am pretty sure they already have a Sudoku game, but I love how comfortable this piece is.

3. Cat-Themed Sudoku Puzzle Book

 gifts for sudoku loversgifts for sudoku lovers

It makes more sense when they are cat lovers; this is one simple yet cute gift for a sudoku lover. 

4. Guide to Solving Sudoku

 gifts for sudoku loversgifts for sudoku lovers

There’s no straightforward way to solve a Sudoku challenge; in fact, many Sudoku games a pretty different; I mean the challenges; however, one sure thing is people have cracked and are still solving them.

For your dear Sudoku player, I know he may be a legend, but there’s always something new to learn, and this book would educate him some more. 

5. Crossword Puzzle Scarf

 gifts for sudoku loversgifts for sudoku lovers

When it comes to people with hobbies, skills, or crafts they love, they often fancy it when most of their properties celebrate their skills. This is an excellent addition if a lovely scarf is missing from your dear receiver’s wardrobe. 

6. Sudoku Player T-Shirt

 gifts for sudoku loversgifts for sudoku lovers

Like the scarf, this t-shirt is another awesome piece in her wardrobe. 

7. Sudoku Teddy Bear

 gifts for sudoku loversgifts for sudoku lovers

This is similar to the last two gifts, only that they won’t be wearing it; however, it is something to have at home. 

8. Thumbler 

 gifts for sudoku loversgifts for sudoku lovers

A nice tumbler is another vital addition to what he already has. Nothing would make more sense than a warm cup of coffee when he goes Sudoku-solving. 

9. Baseball Cap

 gifts for sudoku loversgifts for sudoku lovers

I’m pretty sure your Sudoku lover would want even his outfit to celebrate his craft; this baseball cap does a great job of letting the world know they are severe Sudoku players. 

10. Funny Sudoku Game

 gifts for sudoku loversgifts for sudoku lovers

What makes it funny is how it’s crafted to resemble a toilet roll; this would ensure that even while easing themselves, all Sudoku players can still practice. 

Stephanie May

Stephanie May

Stephanie May is from Calgary in Canada, she's resided in the US for over six years now and worked in a Gift Shop during college so you can count on her gift suggestions. Thank you

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