Honor Her; She Deserves It for Balancing Mothering and Work; These Are Lovely Mother’s Day Gifts for Working Moms

Boy giving mother bouquet and Mother's Day card - Mother's Day gifts for working moms

Being a mother is already a full-time job, and being an avid worker with our economy and our current standard of living is another level of “hard,” now combining both and doing a great job at each is another level of greatness and that is what your mother has proven for the most of her … Read more

Celebrate That Remarkable Woman With Any of These Gifts for Persian Moms

A mature persian woman sitting on a chair while receiving gifts from a young American woman - gifts for Persian moms

You know her and can admit that she is such an incredible person and deserves “کامل” gifts, which translates to “perfect.”  If there’s one thing I’m very sure about Persian mums, or should I say Iranian mums (Iran is modern-day Persia), they are grounded in their traditions and hold them firmly alongside its values and … Read more