Bring Out Your Creative Gear and Go to Work With These Revolutionary 3D Printed Mother’s Day Gifts

We have an article on crochet gifts for Mother’s day; this is similar to that because of what they represent. The beauty of DIY gifts, be they crocheted or 3D printed, gifts are you get to personalize the gift for your receiver; this is one excellent gesture, you get to have some personality of your receiver in it, and you can customize with words, pictures or anything that would greatly appeal to them.

For your mother, there are so many cool traditional gifts out there. Still, it would be a thing of joy and class if your mother could get gifts that were made specifically for her, I mean gifts with a bit of her “person” in it; that would be such a fantastic Mother’s Day celebration gesture So, have a glance at these 3d printed Mother’s Day gifts, you could draw an idea from them or get one and add some customization to it. Before we proceed, see these gifts for 3D printer enthusiasts; gift yourself something; you deserve it. 

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Incredible 3D Printed Mother’s Day Gifts

1. Jewelry Holder


Your mother would fancy the idea of having a jewelry holder that was made for her. Something with her picture, her favorite quote, something she likes saying, maybe a name she often calls you, etc. Just ensure you get her a quality jewelry holder. 


2. Photo Frame

 3d printed Mother's Day gifts3d printed Mother's Day gifts

There are so many photo frames out there, and on sites like Amz, look at all these ideas and print out something unique for your mum. Add style to her photo frame and crown it with a picture she holds dear. 

3. Customized Phone Case

 3d printed Mother's Day gifts3d printed Mother's Day gifts

Enough with the traditional phone case she uses; get your machines oiled up and prepare some nice phone case, make it stylish; if you have room, add her picture or yours; maybe a picture of her favorite animal would all do. 

4. Candle Holder

 3d printed Mother's Day gifts3d printed Mother's Day gifts

If Mum has some scented candles or you plan on getting one for her, a nice candle holder would add some style to her house; consider printing one and make it classy and unique, not the boring stuff you can find anyway. 

5. 3D Printed Self Watering Hanging pots 

 3d printed Mother's Day gifts3d printed Mother's Day gifts

Some friendly indoor plants would add style to your mother’s surroundings; consider printing one for her or getting one from Amz. 

6. Plant Markers

 3d printed Mother's Day gifts3d printed Mother's Day gifts

You know her love for her garden and plants, and she doesn’t want to get things mixed up. With an excellent 3D-printed mixer, you can help her keep things organized around her garden. 

7. Personalized Keychain

 3d printed Mother's Day gifts3d printed Mother's Day gifts

One with her name printed on it, maybe her nickname, hers, or your picture, is another excellent gift. You can also include some motivational words on the keyholder, things to help her get by.

Another awesome thing about gifts like keyholders is that your receiver gets to handle them almost every day, so you’ll constantly pop into their mind. 

8. Customized Bookmarks

3d printed Mother's Day gifts3d printed Mother's Day gifts

9. Customized Cookie Cutter


If your mum enjoys baking, then some customized cookie cutters would be a nice gift for her. You know, there are so many shapes you can cook up with your 3D machine.

It would be awesome to have Mum serve everyone some cookies with a unique shape that would spark interest in those who taste her cookie.

We are often attracted to unique things; imagine being served a cookie shaped like an animal or chicken lap. 


10. Personalized Coaster Set

 3d printed Mother's Day gifts3d printed Mother's Day gifts

Help Mum add some flare and style to the dining area with customized coasters. I suggest you pass some funny messages on the coaster; start by warning everyone not to stain Mum’s tables.

11. Hair Accessory Organizer

 3d printed Mother's Day gifts3d printed Mother's Day gifts

 The beauty of 3D printers, you can have whatever you want without needing to wait for “delivery day” Get your printer ready and fix up some lovely organizers for her. This would be thoughtful; print up anything Mum doesn’t have already. 

12. 3d Earrings

 3d printed Mother's Day gifts3d printed Mother's Day gifts

Do you recall that fantastic cloth Mum likes wearing? Don’t you think it would go well with some earrings that match? Now oil your 3D machine, fix lovely earrings for those fabulous clothes, and watch Mum proudly wear them. 

13. Customized Flower Vase

 3d printed Mother's Day gifts3d printed Mother's Day gifts

While the flower would add some beauty to her house, with your 3D printer, you can ensure the vase also adds beauty to Mum’s house and surrounding. Make the flower vase beautiful enough with or without the flowers in them. 

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