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I’m always envious of those who can see clearly without the need for glasses, something I can’t relate to. However, visually impaired or full-blown blind experience life differently, so picking gifts for blind people should be carefully considered. We’ve documented over fifteen Amazon gifts for blind people in this guide; you can have a peek below.

Unique Gifts for Visually Impaired

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1. Talking Button Clock

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people

First on our list is this big button talking clock. It is an ideal gift for the visually impaired and blind; they can quickly know the time. You should place this button where they can get to it without much stress.

2. Audio Sunglasses

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people

Consider this audio sunglass if they love sitting on the pouch while listening to music or their radio. This item has speakers that aren’t too loud for others to hear but loud enough for the user. With this, they can keep out the sun while having quality music. I wouldn’t advise them to use this while walking outside.

3. Bump Dots

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people

Your visually impaired relative would quickly identify some items with these premium bump dots. In addition, they can be attached to their remote, drawers, and different appliances for easy identification.

4. Magnifying Glass with Light

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people

One unique gift for visually impaired people is this magnifying glass. It gives a 30X magnification capability, with lighting to further assist them. It doesn’t come with the 2x AA battery; you’ll need to get this separately.

5. Audio Bible Player

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people

If they’ve been complaining about their inability to read the bible, this audio bible can help out. Get them to know the arrangement of the key and allow them to have a great spiritual time.

6. Speed Cube

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people

I don’t think blindness affects the IQ; many visually impaired seniors are still pretty bright and intelligent. With this magic cube, your favorite person can play a smart IQ game, the Rubik cube. Unlike the usual Rubik cube, this has slight bumps sticking out to identify the sides.

7. Hands-Free Magnifying Glass

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people

Unlike the other magnifying glass up there, this glass offers a hands-free capability; that is, one can use it without the need to stress their hands. In addition, it gives a 3X magnifying experience; this may help some people. Finally, this glass also features an exemplary illumination system for reading in the dark.

8. Large Print Sudoku Puzzles

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people

Another game to keep the visually impaired company is this giant print Sudoku puzzle. It has different difficulty levels and a good number of games to play. It was crafted with care and is easy to tear out. See these gifts for a depressed girlfriend.

9. OrCam Advanced Wearable Assistive Device (Ideal for the Blind)

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people

This assistive device is quite pricey but is an ideal gift for anyone with a severe eye defect. They have to attach it to their glass frames; its artificial intelligence capabilities would help them read, shop with ease, and identify faces. It has a wide following and has been celebrated to assist a lot. So, if you were asking around “what is the best gift for a blind person” this item is.

10. Visually Impaired Crutch Cane

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people

This crutch cane would help avoid them stumbling on obstacles. Of course, there’s every possibility that they already have this; nevertheless, everyone would appreciate a gift

or a replacement for a spoiled crutch cane. This stick can be temporarily broken down to allow enough space while traveling or in a vehicle. This is one gift for blind grandpa.

11. Smart Bluetooth Speaker

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people

Thanks to technology, they can have an assistant available in their room 24/7. This speaker is integrated with Alexa voice and Google Assistant, two of the most prominent assistants. With its noise-rejecting mic system, this speaker is always listening in every direction for their voice despite the background sound.

12. Talking Arm Blood Pressure Monitor

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people

There’s a high chance they are concerned about their blood pressure, and a device like this can come in handy. It gives reports in English, Spanish and French. It can store up to 99 past readings; it is an automatic device.

13. Digital Voice Recorder

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people

A digital voice recorder would go a long way to assist them. This is an ideal gadget for blind persons; it features an excellent noise cancellation feature and captures pretty clear audio. In addition, it has just four buttons so it won’t be difficult for them to use.

14. Air Pen Scanner

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people

In actuality, this device has different features that may not be practical to the visually impaired, but its text-to-speech feature is the most unique of all. Once they run it over a text group, the device would read the text back to them.

15. Big Button Telephone

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people

While we live in an age of button-less phones, getting a mobile device with pretty big buttons is a smart purchase, and our visually impaired relative can agree with that. It has both big keys and a big volume button; it hears aid compatible too. Now, they can dial your number and reach out to you with ease.

16. Key Finder

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people

After getting this gadget, your work would be to set it up and attach it to those items they’ll get easily lost, like the remote, the key, and much more. So now, whenever they are searching for any of these gadgets, they have to use the remote, which brings about a loud sound.

17. Adaptive Utensils

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people

This is a set of utensils with pretty big handles for easy identification. The handle is made with sturdy rubber, allowing a firm grip. Along with a food-grade safe silicone handle, each kitchen fork, spoon, and the knife is made with dishwasher-safe stainless steel. It is one of many Amazon gifts for the blind


18. Large Print Address Book

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people

Fantastic gift idea for your grandparents! Big letters are easy to fill in and read for your grandma or grandpa. All the contacts and addresses are in alphabetical order.

19. Back Shoulder and Neck Massager

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people


Eight kneading massage nodes provide deep massage to your tissues and muscles. Uses Shiatsu based therapy replaces the therapist wherever you go to offer a soothing and relaxing experience to your strained muscles, whether it is due to the physical strain on mental stress

More Gifts for those who are Seeing Impaired

20. Echo Dot

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people

The Echo Dot could be great for your blind friend; getting things done around the house should be easier.

21. Talking Wrist Watch

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people

While the other gift above would be ideal for their room, this would be a gadget to walk around with. It is voiced optimized to tell time.

22. High Power Prism Monocular

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people

This monocular is an ideal gift for visually impaired seniors. They can attach it to their phone camera and watch nature, football matches or see their way around.

23. Audio Liquid Level Indicator

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people

This indicator helps with measuring liquids. It would help identify the amount of liquid in a cup or container.

24. Medical Alert System

gifts for blind peoplegifts for blind people

The author says, “This Medical Guardian alert has 1,300 feet of protection from our caregiver call button system, the largest range of any life-saving medical alert system for seniors in the home. Move safely around your home and yard with greater protection.”

Wrapping it up on Presents for Blind People

Wrap your eye with a thick piece of clothing, try navigating your way around your room for five minutes, then share your experience. That’s how so many blind persons experience life; I hope you were able to find something for your blind friend or family.

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