Tell Her “사랑해요 엄마” by Getting Any of These Loving Gifts for Korean Mom

Before we proceed, “사랑해요 엄마” is South Korean for “I Love you, mom” yeah, you indeed do; hence you are carrying out this research. These are the best gifts for a Korean mom for her birthday, Christmas celebration, Mother’s day, or any gifting season, including a “just because” reason. She is a lover of her tradition, so these gifts are perfect for that sweet Korean lady in your life.

Specific Gifts for Asian Parents

Best Gifts for Korean Mom

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All Gifts for Korean Mom

1. Korean Cosmetics (Anti Wrinkle)

gifts for korean momgifts for korean mom

This gift pack features a set of moisturizing high-nutrition herbal skin lotions, all ideal for that awesome Korean mom in your life. As a plus, this is a Korean product.

Users of this product can confirm how it makes one’s skin moisturized without leaving it oily and sticky. One of its most attractive features is its scent crafted to satisfy the user.

2. Fun K. Drama T-Shirt

gifts for korean momgifts for korean mom

If she is a K-pop fan or a big fan of K-drama tv shows or series, this is the ideal tees to get her. This cloth is engraved with writing that communicates her “biased” love for the K entertainment industry.

This is an imported cloth made of 100% cotton, a pull-on-closure t-shirt perfect for your dear Korean mom. She will surely love this and wear it during her favorite shows or casual strolls.

3. Traditional Korean Hair Pin

gifts for korean momgifts for korean mom

Hanbok is unique Korean clothes. It is a traditional costume for festivals, marriages, and birthdays. And it has been an extended part of Korean history.

This pin is the ideal Hanbok Korean hairpin; plus, this would add more beauty to her Hanbok attire; this is one incredible gift for your dear Korean mother.

4. Sake Soju Tea Cup

gifts for korean momgifts for korean mom

Another fabulous gift for your darling Korean mom is this Sake Soju tea cup set. This tea cup set is made of traditional wood.

They are lightweight, durable, and presentable. As a plus, these cups have a set of engraved words “사랑한잔,” which means “A Cup Of Love,” and “추억한잔,” which means  “A Cup Of Memories.”

5. Pearl Compact Mirror

gifts for korean momgifts for korean mom

This gift is a round compact makeup double mirror with standard and 2.5 magnification for detail. It is designed and crafted by competent Korean hands and radiates beauty.

It isn’t a bulky mirror and would easily fit into your Korean mom’s purse, bag, or outfit pockets. It has a metal case with a glossy hard epoxy protective coating on the image.

6. Traditional Korean Bookmarks

gifts for korean momgifts for korean mom

If you have a Korean mom who loves reading, this is the perfect bookmark. While helping her remember where she stopped reading, this bookmark also reminds her of her beautiful tradition.

This is the perfect gift for Korean moms

, and each bookmark features a standard Korean Hanbok design in different marvelous colors. She surely would love this.

7. Korean Snack Box

gifts for korean momgifts for korean mom

A box of assorted Korean snacks might be the gift you’ll need to put a smile on her face. This contains about 36 delicious snacks.

Each is an individually packaged single-serve snack for everyone who loves Korean snacks and food, especially your Korean mom. It includes snacks from top Korean brands such as Orion, lotte, crown, haitai, etc. Also, check out these Christmas gifts for a mom who doesn’t want anything.

8. Butterfly Jewelry Box

gifts for korean momgifts for korean mom

The subtle Wooden Box is intricately lacquered and inlaid with Mother of Pearl. It is a natural blend of minerals produced with sea shells like the Pearls.

So, the box’s finish is 100% natural, similar to a pearl, and can last decades. The chic and glossy box compliments her exquisite jewelry very well. Your Korean mom wouldn’t let go of this box.

9. Korean Ginseng Drink

gifts for korean momgifts for korean mom

A caffeine-free energizing wellness drink made from 6 years grown Korean Red Ginseng extract. The glass includes Jujube fruit, cinnamon, and ginger for added flavor and benefits.

There are several benefits that Korean ginseng is known for, from boosting stamina and the metabolism to calming nerves and detoxifying the body; all these make it a perfect gift for Korean parents


10. Fruit Basket

gifts for korean momgifts for korean mom

One of the best gifts to get Korean parents-in-law is a basket of fruits, and however, while Amazon doesn’t offer a basket of fruits, you can get this fruit basket for her.

As a plus, purchase the fruits separately and watch her face brighten up with joy and happiness; now she’ll be getting a basket of fruits and a fruit basket – yeah!

11. Yutnori – Korean Board Game

gifts for korean momgifts for korean mom

She probably played this when she was younger or maybe while in Korea, even if she might have crossed this, seen this in movies, etc., even if none of these apples, this is a fantastic game for her.

YUTNORI is an exciting and active board game that moves team horses on the map based on the results of throwing wood sticks.

This simple board game helps develop the brain, especially the Intelligence Quotient, requiring a combination of luck, strategic thinking, and team strategies from players. It is a tremendous Korean gift.

12. Electric Gooseneck Kettle

gifts for korean momgifts for korean mom

Gooseneck Kettle features five precise temperature presets. The accurate variable presets allow you never to burn your coffee or tea leaves again.

It also has a Keep Warm function that automatically keeps water at the same temperature for 60 minutes. All these features make this the number one Asian mom gift idea.

13. Preserved Eternal Rose

gifts for korean momgifts for korean mom
While “a gift guide for Korean moms” should predominantly have gifts associated with Korea or Asia, it wouldn’t hurt to consider a gift that doesn’t appeal to her tradition but her.

This is a glass of preserved rose. The glass figurine is carved to resemble an angel. With high-tech treatment, the roses never wither hence the “eternal.” The Angel represents guardianship and blessing, and the eternal rose represents eternal love.

14. Shiatsu Neck & Back Massager

gifts for korean momgifts for korean mom

After the tedious tasks of the day, your dear Korean mom needs something to help with her relaxation and compliment her aging bones.

If you need a relaxation gift for your Asian mom, get hold of this neck and back massager. The chair massager features a soft rolling massage along the back spine, the whole back, and much more.

15. Coconut Bowls Set

gifts for korean momgifts for korean mom

This package features a coconut bowl and a pack of wooden spoons. With this beautiful piece, she can prepare her smoothies, buddha, salads, excellent cream desserts, and more.

This is an incredible piece to have around; meals served from this plate appear excellent, and these bowls would have her visitors talking; it is an ideal piece for every Korean mom.

Wrapping it up on Gifts for Korean Mom

The pearl compact mirror, gooseneck kettle, preserved eternal rose, Yutnori board game, fruit basket, Sake Soju tea cup sets and much more are all gifts for Korean moms. These gifts would surely put a smile to her face and earn you a hug. Thank you for stopping here.

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