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From my little experience with men in general, they are often difficult to shop for. I often find it cute when I’m able to crack them and get them to smile with a present or two.

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My one-time roommate was Asian, and her dad was one strict yet gentle person I’ve ever met. After about three tries, we got a smile from him when we got him a gift *wink, I know I’m good at what I do, haha.

What event would you need this gift for? His birthday, Christmas, an Anniversary, Father’s day? No matter the occasion, here are the best gifts for Asian dads.

When getting gifts for people based on their nationalities or culture, other typical gift guides would contain gifts strongly related to the receiver’s culture, race, or tradition.

This is awesome; however, I believe not all gifts should be that. Having this in mind, I still have this gift guide that satisfies two subjects, “Asian” and “Dad,” and I trust he’ll love them.

Specific Gifts for Asian Parents

These Are the Ideal Gifts for Asian Dads

1. Asian Snacks Box

gifts for asian dadsgifts for asian dads

I fancy giving gifts of edibles to people, especially those whose codes you’ve been unable to crack—a Box of chocolates, cookies, candies, and in this case, a box featuring different snacks.

This box is an even better gift if it’s the case that dad has been away from Asia for a while; it features a good number of snacks that may bring some nostalgic feeling.

2. Shiatsu Foot Massage

gifts for asian dadsgifts for asian dads

As dad keeps getting older, some parts of his body fail him, or at least they aren’t as agile as they used to be, no matter how hard he tries to shove this aside.

Make his activities more bearable by grabbing this foot massager for dad. With this, he can keep his muscles a bit more up and go about his daily activities with a bit more grace.

3. Funny Dad Socks

gifts for asian dadsgifts for asian dads

A good gift for your dear old Asian dad would be these funny socks; when he changes into these socks, be rest assured that the lawn, the trash, and other heavy duties would have to take a chill pill cause dad is busy.

4. Sushi Socks Box

gifts for asian dadsgifts for asian dads

Dad indeed has a plethora of socks available, but I heavily doubt he has a box of sushi socks; for this year’s father’s day, celebrate dad by grabbing this Sushi socks box. It is funny but still serves the purposes all socks are sewn for.

5. Funny T-shirt

gifts for asian dadsgifts for asian dads

I couldn’t ignore grabbing this t-shirt for dad. He would fancy his bowl of rice pretty full; I believe he has earned the right to make this demand. Save dad the stress of voicing this demand by grabbing this t-shirt for him. Have a look at these gifts for a Japanese host.

6. Zodiac Sign Gifts

gifts for asian dadsgifts for asian dads

My friend’s Asian dad took his tradition pretty seriously and was an ardent believer in our Zodiac symbols and how they affected us.

Even if he doesn’t care about that, a Zodiac sign gift is another awesome gift to get your dad, and he’ll love it.

7. Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

gifts for asian dadsgifts for asian dads

Besides being an excellent music speaker which would introduce your dad to quality sound, this speaker is carved to resemble an outdoor lamp making it one beautiful piece to have at home. The evenings would take a different shift, with Dad getting this outdoor Bluetooth speaker.

8. Bronze Family Tree

gifts for asian dadsgifts for asian dads

This Bronze family tree is a pretty awesome gift to get for dad. I mean, you are literally giving him the means to keep track of his family tree.

This is one beautiful gift and a perfect item to have in his house. Besides being a fabulous decor, dad can literally watch his generation, significantly if they are expanding.

9. Funny Scented Candle

gifts for asian dadsgifts for asian dads

A funny scented candle is another excellent gift to get an Asian dad; in Asian traditions, especially in most of their religion, candles play a unique role.

While dad won’t be using this candle to pray, he can alert everyone when he “sends forth a spirit” into the room.

10. Asian Pear Green Tea

gifts for asian dadsgifts for asian dads

Does he enjoy having a cup of tea periodically, then grabbing him a gift in that category would be ideal. A fantastic tea gift would be made

from the iconic Asian pear, the Salda green tea. The benefits of this tea are pretty much, which would further improve dad’s health and help with relaxation.

11. Wireless Charging Station

gifts for asian dadsgifts for asian dads

A charging station of this nature won’t only give dad enough room to charge all his gadgets from one place, thereby

keeping things a bit less cluttered and more arranged would also be one decorating item to grace his room, office, work cave, and much more.

12. Buddha Statue

gifts for asian dadsgifts for asian dads

A statue referencing the great Buddha is another excellent item to get almost all Asian men. This piece symbolizes goodwill and prosperity.

13. Reusable Chopsticks

gifts for asian dadsgifts for asian dads

With these chopsticks, dads, alongside his friends, can enjoy most of their meals in the traditional ways. These are reusable chopsticks so that dad would have them for a long time.

14. Asian Symbols Tiger

gifts for asian dadsgifts for asian dads

Throughout the Chinese culture, Tigers symbolize bravery and strength; for leading his family so far and this far from Asia, dad has proven his bravery and strength, and this gift would commemorate him for those feet.

15. Elephant Statue Home Decor

gifts for asian dadsgifts for asian dads

In most parts of Asia, especially India, Elephants symbolizes divinity and royalty, and this piece is perfect for your awesome Asian dad. Besides, it is also laced with gold; typically, gold represents wealth and blessings; dad would love it.

16. Asian Flavour Blend

gifts for asian dadsgifts for asian dads

If you have an Asian dad who occasionally visits the kitchen to fix himself a meal, this is the perfect blend of flavors for him.

This gift features a natural blend of three spices, best suited for BBQ, and for that Asian-American dad who loves grilling, this is perfect; you know Americans love grilling. 

17. Digital Picture Frame

gifts for asian dadsgifts for asian dads

A digital picture frame that allows people to share pictures with their loved ones miles away is an ideal gift for that Asian dad who is far from his family or probably would be. He can keep in touch with any of his relations with this frame.

18. Portable Teapot Set

gifts for asian dadsgifts for asian dads

Help dad enjoy his tea by gifting him this teapot set; they are made from premium material and would make his drinking something pretty awesome.

19. Silver Dragon Necklace

gifts for asian dadsgifts for asian dads

Dragon in most Asian folklore symbolizes potent and auspicious powers, symbolizing strength, and your dad has proven that he has all of these. This necklace is one quality piece and a great gift for your dad.

20. Pet Gift

cute white dog with present. puppy with gift funny background _ gift for neighbor who shovels snow

When you can’t decide what to get a man, you should settle for something anybody or pet dear to his heart would love; in other words, you should get your Asian dad a good gift for his pet.

Wrapping up on Gifts for Asian Dads

Even fathers love gifts no matter how hard they act like they don’t. Gift giving remains one of the best ways to show someone how much they mean to you. No matter the occasion, some ideal gifts for Asian dads include traditional items related to an Elephant, Buddha, or Dragon, items made of gold, Asian teas, funny t-shirts, socks, etc.

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