For Obeying the Signs and Ensuring Safe Trips for Our Kids and Us They Deserve These Bus Driver Christmas Gifts

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As a parent that you probably are, you can attest to how much it takes to entrust the safety of our kids to anyone but ourselves. We also trust the school to ensure the best are selected to take care of our kids especially commuting them to school daily.

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Also, as passengers, we can attest to how much trust we put into anyone who drives us, our bus drivers; yes, it isn’t a popular view, but going out and coming back safely is often downplayed.

So, I totally get why you’ll want to do something this Christmas for either your bus driver or your kid’s school bus driver. In this guide, I’ve suggested the best bus driver Christmas gifts.

Other Gifts for Drivers

Best Bus Driver Christmas Gifts

1. Cup and Phone Mount

bus driver christmas giftsbus driver christmas gifts

Keeping their phones on the dashboard or in the pocket on the door might not always be the ideal place to place their device.

A phone and cup mount of this nature is perfect. With this, your dear bus driver can enjoy their coffee easily while having their phone within reach.

2. Bus Driver Keychain

bus driver christmas giftsbus driver christmas gifts

You can grab this keyholder for less than $10, which is an ideal keychain for any bus driver. If it’s for the kid’s school bus driver, they should gift this to him.

This keyholder reminds him that the little sacrifice he has made, the care and effort he puts into taking our kids or us to our various destinations isn’t going unnoticed.

3. Temperature Control Mug

bus driver christmas giftsbus driver christmas gifts

A temperature control mug is another fantastic gift for your bus driver. With this, she can have her coffee constantly at the exact temperature she wants.

Most of us would love our coffee constantly warm, and this smart mug can help your driver have hers at that temperature around the clock.

4. Cosmetic Pouch

bus driver christmas giftsbus driver christmas gifts

The words on this pouch are pretty symbolic and would mean a lot to your kid’s school bus driver, anybody can be a driver, but it takes a high level of “special” to be a bus driver.

It isn’t easy keeping an eye on the road while simultaneously watching out for the kids, and your driver has successfully pulled that.

5. Cooling Car Seat

bus driver christmas giftsbus driver christmas gifts

Your bus driver spends hours commuting between various bus stops; most of them don’t take breaks. They are constantly glued to their seats and do this almost every day.

This cooling car seat would make his driving more peaceful while simultaneously protecting the car seats. It is a gift built to make his job comfortable.

6. Appreciation Notebook

bus driver christmas giftsbus driver christmas gifts

He definitely has a truckload of things to write down, from a grocery list to itineraries, ideas, names, and much more; he has books for this, but receiving one as a gift, especially this Christmas period, would mean much more to him.

7. 16″ New York City Bus

bus driver christmas giftsbus driver christmas gifts

A cook keepsake every bus driver would like is a depiction of the famous New York bus. It is one beautiful item to have; it is a unique gift for every bus driver.

8. RFID Blocking Leather Wallet

bus driver christmas giftsbus driver christmas gifts

A wallet is another fabulous gift to get every bus driver; a wallet with RFID blocking is even more extraordinary. While mingling with so many people, this data might get stolen; if this were ever possible, this wallet as a gift to him would put that on hold.

9. Soft Baseball Cap
bus driver christmas giftsbus driver christmas gifts

A cute baseball with the inscription “The Bus Driver” is another fancy male bus driver gift idea. This cap is quite trendy, so even when he steps out for casual events, outings, and strolls, he can display with pride his profession.

10. Work Shoe

bus driver christmas giftsbus driver christmas gifts

Its synthetic sole, memory foam, and quality leather make this an even more awesome gift for him.

11. A Box of Chocolate

bus driver christmas giftsbus driver christmas gifts

I’m a proponent of giving chocolates as gifts. This box of chocolate features an astounding variety of assorted chocolates. While enjoying his Christmas, the bus driver can bask in these chocolates’ exquisite taste.

12. Road Tape

bus driver christmas giftsbus driver christmas gifts

He probably has a truckload of things to seal or will in the future; a tape that depicts the road is a remarkable piece to seal those things with.

As a plus, he might be giving out some gifts this Christmas, and this tape can add more style to his wrapping.

13. Custom Bobbleheads

bus driver christmas giftsbus driver christmas gifts

Bobbleheads are often good gifts for drivers; add more style to this bobblehead by customizing it. If you can get a picture from him, that’s

even more awesome, or you can customize it with his favorite celebrity or role model. I’ll give you a clue, listen out for his favorite music and customize this bobblehead with the voice behind the music.

14. Travel Mug

bus driver christmas giftsbus driver christmas gifts

A travel mug is another awesome gift to get the bus driver.

15. Gallon of Waterbottle

bus driver christmas giftsbus driver christmas gifts

Help him stay hydrated while commuting people to their various destinations. The importance of staying hydrated during the day shouldn’t be overstated.

It would help regulate his temperature, keeps his joint lubricated, keeps his whole body functioning, and many other uses.

Besides using this gallon while driving, it could come in handy when he goes hiking, camping, or hits the gym; there’s no limitation to where a good water bottle could come in handy.

Wrapping up on Bus Driver Christmas Gifts

If you are among those extraordinary people who have considered getting bus driver Christmas gifts, then a box of chocolate, a cap, a key holder, a seat cooler, a phone, and a cup holder are some fantastic items you can get to fulfill that goal. Not everyone thinks of doing this, so I also appreciate you for doing this.


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