For Coming Through for Us Especially During the Holiday Season These Are Gifts for FedEx Drivers

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There are some jobs that you never realize how critical they are to our society until when you need them. FedEx drivers or, should I say, delivery guys generally often fit into this category.

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The FedEx driver in this context may be someone you are related to, a family member, a neighbor, or a loved one; it could also be that FedEx driver who comes to drop off that delivery; whoever the person is, I really appreciate you for getting something for him.

There’s a catch if you are getting gifts for a FedEx driver you don’t know; there are some rules you must consider. Typically, these companies don’t want their drivers getting presents, or should I say “expecting” gifts; they frown at the drivers receiving cash or gift cards. This rule doesn’t apply if the FedEx driver is a family member or a close friend.

FedEx says this as I quote.

Gifts of cash or cash equivalents such as gift cards or gift certificates must never be accepted. Employees can accept a nominal gift valued at up to $75, no cash.” – Steve Barber, FedEx Global Communications.

So, we can decipher that gifts are accepted, not cash or overly expensive; with that in mind, these are great gifts for FedEx drivers. Stephanie also has a gift guide for UPS drivers here.

Other Gifts for Drivers

Thoughtful Gifts for FedEx Drivers

1. FedEx Miniature Delivery Truck

gifts for fedex driversgifts for fedex drivers

Yes, this is similar to the van they often make our deliveries with. This is a representation; of course, your dear FedEx driver can have this as a keepsake or, better still, a decor.

It would look good on his dashboard, decor in his room, living room, or wherever. This is one nice simple gift for the FedEx driver. We also have gifts for Bus drivers here.

2. Delivery Bus Ornament

gifts for fedex driversgifts for fedex drivers

While he’ll be doing so much delivery, especially during the Holiday season, he’ll also need to celebrate the holidays. One excellent gift to get him would be this small ornament. It is a simple git and celebrates his career during the holiday season.

3. Heavy Utility Work Gloves

gifts for fedex driversgifts for fedex drivers

If you’ve ever had to drive for long, especially in the blistering cold, then you’ll agree how important these gloves are. You are aware of the distances the FedEx driver would have to cover, especially during the holiday season, the weather wouldn’t be showing any mercy on him, but with these gloves, he stands a chance. Also, these are gifts for truck drivers, another set of people who drive for a long time.

4. Original Astronaut Pen

gifts for fedex driversgifts for fedex drivers

Yes, it is an astronaut’s pen; it can write even where there’s no gravity. While your FedEx driver wouldn’t be going to space anytime soon, this rugged pen would come in handy.

She has a truckload of signatures to receive this pen and would be there every time. I can term this astronaut pen a futuristic gift; whenever we make it to space, your FedEx driver will come prepared *wink.

5. Damaged Delivery Package Ornaments

gifts for fedex driversgifts for fedex drivers

I like to think that this gift is the perfect humor in every delivery guy’s life, but I doubt any of them want to deliver damaged goods. Getting this ornament for that FedEx driver would be you protecting him from dagaming any good *wink; maybe it may remind him of that sad one time; I hope there never was.

6. Chocolates Box

gifts for fedex driversgifts for fedex drivers

It’ll be best if you get the driver a homemade cookie or chocolate, but better still, a box of chocolate would remain the best gift for the FedEx driver. This is, in fact, the ideal gift people often suggest we give our delivery men.

7. Watermelon Flavored Chewing Gum

gifts for fedex driversgifts for fedex drivers

I must admit this is one thoughtful gift; a pack of bubble gum on his delivery bus is fantastic. It is a simple, affordable yet valuable gift. This gum would keep his mouth busy, enabling him to stay up and sharp while driving.

8. Car Tray Holder

gifts for fedex driversgifts for fedex drivers

When you are trying to cover a long distance, especially during the holiday season, and you probably have a truckload of people waiting to deliver their gifts, you may not have enough time to eat.

While it is possible to eat while driving, your dear driver won’t be comfortable, but with this car tray holder, the driver can enjoy his meal while delivering.

9. Energy Bars

gifts for fedex driversgifts for fedex drivers

Just like the box of cookies and chewing gum, some energy bars are other great gifts for the FedEx driver. These bars would keep his mouth busy while giving him the necessary energy to keep driving.

10. Original Hand Sanitizer

gifts for fedex driversgifts for fedex drivers

They’ll be carrying so much; I’m referring to goods shipped from miles away; they have no idea where these gifts and packages have been or what has come in contact with it; with this hand sanitizer, the dear FedEx driver can ensure things are clean.

11. Electric Hand Warmers

gifts for fedex driversgifts for fedex drivers

A good pair of gloves would go a long way, but the weather could be a bit harsh, and cold would be merciless to the FedEx driver; with this hand warmer, they can keep their hands warm, helping them not to get cold or numb. This gift would go a long way to help the delivery guy move forward. Check out these gifts for Tesla drivers.

12. Hydration Multiplier

gifts for fedex driversgifts for fedex drivers

They’ll be driving for a while, often on the road. Ideally, they stay hydrated around the clock because the opposite would cause so much harm to them.

A water bottle might be within reach, but there’s a limit to how much water it can contain. With this hydration multiplier, they can stay hydrated even with a cup of water.

13. Toe Warmers

gifts for fedex driversgifts for fedex drivers

The hand getting cold is enough punishment; having your toes cold is another level of agony. With these toe warmers, your dear FedEx driver can do his job effectively. This is one thoughtful gift; it would gravely add to his performance.

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