Wine, Pasta, and Roman Ruins Celebrate the la Dolce Vita With These Gifts for Someone Traveling to Italy

Is it the cuisines, the landscapes, the ancient ruins, Italy, the land ladened with so much history and an integral part of our history, democracy, education, philosophy, and so much more? With all these,  why someone would want to visit Italy is entirely understandable. 

Like many other huge moves, this dear person who is traveling to Italy must have thought things out; crossing the Atlantic that’s a truckload of planning, and no matter the reason for this move, they’ll often find getting a gift or a surprise of some sort from their love ones. 

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In this gift guide, I try to focus on items that would make their journey memorable and easy and also items that would facilitate their stay in Italy. There’s so much to consider as a worthy present, so I hope you can find something nice from this gift for someone traveling to Italy. 

Awesome Gifts for Someone Traveling to Italy

1. Italian Phrasebook

 gifts for someone traveling to italygifts for someone traveling to italy

This is very important to help them have a fruitful time in Italy; an excellent phrase book containing some common Italian phrases and jargon would help your dear traveler connect with the locals and get the necessary help when needed. 

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2. Travel Journal

 gifts for someone traveling to italygifts for someone traveling to italy

No idea how long they’ll be there and if they’ll be a next time, but the thing with all journeys is there’s always an adventure and story to tell, so encourage your dear traveler to try documenting their time in Italy.

You never know who might need this in the future; it could be turned into a fully published book, so get a lovely travel journal for documentation. 

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3. Italian Wine Selection


This would make sense before the primary day; I mean, let them start having a taste of what they’ll experience in Italy. There are a ton of Italian wines you can select from, chianti, Barolo, prosecco, etc.; let them have a taste of the rich Italian wine tasting. These are gifts for Someone Moving Out of State


4. Universal Travel Adapter

 gifts for someone traveling to italygifts for someone traveling to italy

The last thing you want is your dear traveler getting stuck with no power on their mobile device or lacking access to a sound charging output due to the different country laws.

You’ll be doing your dear Italian traveler great with a suitable universal adapter. Help them keep their devices powered on so you’ll always be able to keep in touch; this is one incredible gift to take to Italy. 

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5. Italian Cooking Class


Since they’ll be taking an Italy, you can start getting them ready for most of the mills they often prepare there; get them to be very prepared by enrolling them in an Italian cooking class; they’ll come to love this. 


6. Travel Guidebook

 gifts for someone traveling to italygifts for someone traveling to italy

You can contribute to helping your dear friend make the most of Italy by gifting them a travel guidebook about history.

If they are on tour there, this will start giving them ideas of places to visit and what to expect when they get there. This is yet another thoughtful gift. 

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7. Italian Music Playlist


Yes, the music is another excellent gesture you can offer your dear friend making this journey. Check out these Gifts for Someone Moving to Scotland


8. Leather Passport Holder

 gifts for someone traveling to italygifts for someone traveling to italy

Won’t it be nice if your dear traveler could have all her passports in a comfortable holder? 

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9. Portable Language Translator

 gifts for someone traveling to italygifts for someone traveling to italy

If been on quite a few journeys where I got stuck communicating precisely what I wanted, I had to get one of these. An excellent portable translator is an essential gift for anyone traveling; with an excellent translator, you’ll be doing your receiver a big favor; the communication barrier is so messed up in an entirely foreign country. 

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10. Italian Food Hamper


Before they make that move treat them to some lovely Italian hamper, items like pasta, sauces, olive oil, and biscotti, allowing them to savor the flavors of Italy before they embark on the journey. 


11. Espresso Maker

 gifts for someone traveling to italygifts for someone traveling to italy

They’ll e visiting a country where Espresso is more than a beverage. It is the most consumed beverage in Italy. Espresso is linked to the country’s habits, culture, traditions, etc. 

For your dear traveler, they’ll have the opportunity to make Espresso from the comfort of their room; the good thing is they’ll experience all the types of Espresso Italy has to offer. 

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12. Italian Art Print

 gifts for someone traveling to italygifts for someone traveling to italy

Some decor would do; look at this as a housewarming for them if they’ll be living in Italy for a while. Some fantastic art of a landscape or place in Italy would do; getting drawings of some Italian artists famous or enough would go a long way. These are awesome Gifts for Someone Moving to California

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13. Italian Coffee Table Book

 gifts for someone traveling to italygifts for someone traveling to italy

A coffee table book featuring the land, art, history, culture, tradition, etc., would go a long way, and rightfully so. You’ll need so many cups of coffee around if you wish to know all about the great and beautiful country of Italy; its rich culture, tradition, history, and much more is always fascinating for all. 

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