Exploring España Take Them From From Paella to Picasso With These Gifts for Someone Traveling to Spain

It is time; they have prepared for this for a while, whether it is a migration, job, temporal vacation, whatever it is, taking the bold step of traveling across the country, and in most cases, the continent line is no tiny feet. 

It takes a truckload of planning, preparations, etc., and at such a time, no matter how excited we are, we often prefer some support from those dearest to us. 

So, your extraordinary loved one is about to embark on an exciting adventure to the land of flamenco, paella, and mesmerizing art – Spain! What better way to send them off than with a thoughtful gift that complements their Spanish escapade?

Spain is a country that ignites the senses and captures the heart. From the enchanting streets of Barcelona to the historical riches of Madrid and the sun-soaked beaches of Costa del Sol, this European gem offers a taste of everything.

But what kind of gift can genuinely convey the excitement and magic of Spain? Well, that’s where I come in. So after consulting a few friends in Madrid, I have come up with perfect presents that will have your Spain-bound friend shouting “¡Olé!” before they’ve even set foot on Spanish soil. So, get a hook of these gifts for someone traveling to Spain and put a smile on their faces. 

Awesome Gifts for Someone Traveling to Spain

1. Spanish Phrasebook

 gifts for someone traveling to spaingifts for someone traveling to spain

Of course, they aren’t going to Spain to stay; it would be a crime if you visited Spain and didn’t go around. Spain is one beautiful nation with so many exciting spots to check, and guess what? They don’t speak inglés (that’s Spanish for English, by the way), so a thoughtful gift for your dear receiver would be a Spanish phrasebook with some key phrases to master. 

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2. Spanish Literature

 gifts for someone traveling to spaingifts for someone traveling to spain

Before they leave, get them some Spanish literature, novels, travel guides, etc., so they can immerse themselves in the culture and location they are about to experience. 

Trust me, there’ll be so much they’ll learn from doing this, and I’m pretty sure the knowledge they’ll get will be helpful. 

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3. Travel Adapter

 gifts for someone traveling to spaingifts for someone traveling to spain

It is a wise thing if they have a travel adapter; the electrical rules in their current location and their soon-to-be new location would be different, but with a travel adapter, you’ll help them ensure their devices stay charged.. 

If the person in question is someone dear, I doubt you’ll want their device off due to no power or inability to charge, especially in a strange country, so this is one thoughtful gift for someone traveling to Spain. 

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4. Spanish Wine Tour


Heck No!! You can’t visit beautiful Spain and not savor its wines; there’s just so much to experience, so please ensure they have an experience of the wine there so get them booked on any Spanish wine tour; you should easily book them online. 


5. Traditional Flamenco Dress

 gifts for someone traveling to spaingifts for someone traveling to spain

I doubt they can get involved in a full-on performance, but it’s not a crime to start practicing at home, so consider getting your receiver this fabulous Flamenco dress as they prepare to move to Spain. 

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6. Gaudi-Inspired Souvenirs

 gifts for someone traveling to spaingifts for someone traveling to spain

Artistic pieces inspired by Antoni Gaudi’s architecture in Barcelona. 

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7. Gourmet Spanish Food Hamper


It would be best if you got this before they leave: let them start “tasting” Spain even before they undertake the journey. 

It is always a thing of joy to experience some Spanish meals from any part of the world, and while they can’t wait to go there and experience it in person, I doubt they’ll turn down an opportunity to start here. 


8. Futbol Jersey

 gifts for someone traveling to spaingifts for someone traveling to spain

I am a Real Madrid fan; okay, I am not. I like the name, but I’m not unaware that two of the best players ever played in Barcelona and Real Madrid; that’s quite a name.

I’ll suggest you get them a jersey from any of these clubs, but again, it depends on the state they’ll be visiting, so consider that to avoid, you know, getting into a rivalry “peaceful” dispute. 

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9. Bullfighting Tickets


The iconic Bullfighting on my Instagram explore page, I have come across some bullfighting videos, and it is pretty entertaining to watch and risky, of course, but that’s what makes it entertaining, I guess. 

Grab excellent Bullfighting tickets if your receiver likes; it would be an exquisite experience. Also, tell them to send you videos. 


10. Spanish Cooking Class


I don’t need to go into details here; you must learn how to prepare their local meal. Yeah, yeah, you can order in, I know, but trust me, from the few videos I watched before putting together this article, it would be interesting if you knew how to prepare Spanish dishes like Paella, Gazpacho, Fabada asturiana, Pisto, etc. 


11. Sangria Set

 gifts for someone traveling to spaingifts for someone traveling to spain

A Kit with all the ingredients for making authentic Spanish Sangria, a pretty healthy food bar with sugar. 

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12. Customized Travel Journal


Taking this bold step is already an adventure on its own. Now, documenting it is extraordinary; who knows, he may publish it into a book, and you and others may read it to have a second-hand experience of Spain. 


13. Custom Map of Spain

 gifts for someone traveling to spaingifts for someone traveling to spain

With a personalized map, your dear receiver can always quickly locate their favorite spots, although they’ll need this for a while.

Alternatively, it can be used to make the places around them they’ll want to check out; this would be quite a task for you, but anything for our loved ones, right?

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14. Hiking or Walking Tours


There’s just so much to explore in Spain; touring is ideal as she has so many exciting landscapes to hike upon, from its coastal trails, Moorish-influenced areas,  Camino de Santiago, and much more. 


15. Paella Pan

 gifts for someone traveling to spaingifts for someone traveling to spain

With the Paella Pan, they can recreate their favorite Spanish dish from the comfort of their homes, and this Paella pan would ensure they constantly have what they need to fix up these meals. 

Considering that you might have signed them up with any local chef, this Paella pan is a start to other excellent kitchen utensils they’ll use to enjoy their “Spain Culinary Activities further.”

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