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I’ll start with this quote “You’re never going to kill storytelling because it’s built into the human plan. We come with it.” – Margaret Atwood, author of The Handmaid’s Tale.

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Yes, that’s true; the act of storytelling, stories as an entirety, is a deep part of our nature; we discovered writing like 5000 years ago; if you are a scientist, you know that’s a tiny chunk of human existence, especially with the fact that humans have existed for over 150,000 years, so that’s a chunk of history that wasn’t written and was passed down to other generations by word of mouth, the birth of storytelling.

In our age and time, we might not have that prehistoric manner of storytelling, I mean the gathering around fires to talk and reminisce about the expedition at wars or in the jungles, but we still tell stories in our movies, novels, the internet, music, etc.

Suppose you have a storyteller in your life. In that case, you can attest to how much they want to share their stories, they may be authors or aspiring authors, but the act of storytelling is something that so many people possess; it is sacred to me because I know how powerful stories are, the hold messages, information, details, etc. so before I divert entirely, these are some exciting gifts for storytellers. 

Awesome Gifts for Storytellers

1. A Big Writing Journal

 gifts for storytellersgifts for storytellers

What is a storyteller without writing material, a journal, or a book in this age and time? I can boldly make this assumption/claim that 80% of every storytelling was first drafted in a book or should I say, written down.

This journal might not be what your storyteller would present to their publishers, but it would house a truckload of ideas and journeys that would be the building blocks or foundation for something greater. 

2. Writing Equipment 

 gifts for storytellersgifts for storytellers

Yes, pens, they’ll need this and need plenty of them. There are other writing equipment like highlighters, and markers, figure out what is most important to your receiver and get it. 

3. A Book On Writing Stories – To perfect that craft or art

 gifts for storytellersgifts for storytellers

Your storyteller knows better than all of us that they aren’t as perfect as ____, so there’s always that need to perfect their craft, especially if they plan on taking the writing to a professional level. There is a truckload of things they still need to learn, and a book on storytelling would readily teach them and help them perfect their craft some more. 

4. Noise-cancelling Headphones – To help with concentration

 gifts for storytellersgifts for storytellers

Some so many people can’t concentrate unless there’s music playing around them. If your dear storyteller fits into this group, then an excellent noise-canceling headphone would go a long way to help.

As a plus, they can use this to receive lines, listen to audiobooks from their favorite storytellers, and play back their recordings. A tremendous noise-canceling headset has so many nurses in the life of a storyteller. 

5. A Subscription To A Literary Magazine


As I stated above, there’s so much your dear storyteller doesn’t already know, so a nice subscription to a literary club or magazine would go a long way as a gift. 


6. A Writing Course Or Workshop


Getting this as a gift is geared towards helping your dear storyteller improve and improve and almost get perfect; let them learn some more. If you get the storyteller this, it communicates that you aren’t just supporting their skills but helping and wishing that they perfect the craft. 


7. A Literary-themed Gift Basket

 gifts for storytellersgifts for storytellers

A lovely gift basket featuring things every reader and storyteller would love would do. If you can’t find any, grab a box of chocolates or their favorite snacks; at least they can munch something while writing their next hit piece. 

8. A Writing Retreat


This is similar to the workshop above; here, they should meet other writers, which would boost creativity. Alternatively, it could be a private retreat, where they are given all they’ll need, with or without the internet, time to focus and read. 


9. A Gift Card To A Bookstore


Typically, storytellers in this generation are also big-time readers; I know they have a truckload of stories in their heads, but there’s always something hidden in a book that they’ll love, something that would attract them, inspire them, and inspire them to help them learn some more. 


10. The Essential Guide to Memorable Storytelling – Hardcover

 gifts for storytellersgifts for storytellers

Like I’ve said many times, helping them improve their writing would help, it shows you don’t only care about their art and craft, but you wish to see them better than they were; this book features a vast amount of knowledge that should help them learn how to tell engaging stories. 

11. Tool: Storyteller Cards 

 gifts for storytellersgifts for storytellers

Uhmm, there’s not much to say here; these cards would help along the creative process; I mean, they are figuring out how to develop stories. 

12. 3D Moon Lamp

 gifts for storytellersgifts for storytellers

This is a lovely lamp to have at the side of your storyteller; this is one beautiful lamp, and I particularly like how it brightens up the room. With its ambient light, your storyteller can develop some writing ideas alone in the room. 

13. The Storytelling Dragon

 gifts for storytellersgifts for storytellers

Every gift doesn’t have to be something they’ll use to write a story; a friendly storytelling dragon would do something to grace their bed and add more beauty while making their sleep more comfortable. 

14. Classic Language Translator Device

 gifts for storytellersgifts for storytellers

What is more, appealing than a story that features different languages, shows some level of professionalism, and some top-notch storytelling? There’s beauty in this. They’ll come to appreciate this moving forward; throwing in some Spanish, French, etc., into their story piece would be so awesome. 

15. Writing Prompts: A Set Of Creative Prompts To Inspire Storytelling

 gifts for storytellersgifts for storytellers

It happens to the best of us; we, the writers *wink. Most times, when you face your screen and try to punch down some words with your keyboard, or when you have your pen at hand and are about to write, you find out that you don’t even know what to write. That’s when some friendly writing prompts can be handy, so consider this for your dear receiver. 

16. Storytelling Dice

 gifts for storytellersgifts for storytellers

With this dice, your dear storyteller wouldn’t run out of unique story narratives. When it comes to storytelling, one of the essential things to get right at the beginning is the narrative, which alone can help you direct and dictate how the story should and can go; this is important for the story’s plot, outcome, end, etc. This is one thoughtful gift for your dear storyteller. 

17. Typewriter Key Jewelry

 gifts for storytellersgifts for storytellers

Let’s go back the sands of time and have a picture of how storytellers some years ago did it, typewriters how they were able to publish these stories; for an old or young storyteller, having a gift that may give that nostalgic feeling is enough a gift for them. 

18. Personalized Storybook


Another fantastic gift for our dear storytellers would be if you take on their role and write a story about them. You know this storyteller well and can tell what makes them unique as a person; with this book, you can make them the hero and show them that while they write others’ stories, they too would make a fantastic story character. 


19. Storyteller T-shirt: A Witty And Stylish T-shirt That Celebrates The Art Of Storytelling

 gifts for storytellersgifts for storytellers

20. Portable Voice Recorder

 gifts for storytellersgifts for storytellers

They wouldn’t always have their pens and book handy, and even if they do, most places are not stable to write a story or drop an idea or two, but with a small voice recorder, they can tell that story or instead record a quick idea, point or something iconic to feature in their story. You never know when that magnificent idea could hit them, so a voice recorder should always be handy. 

21. Storytelling Podcast Subscription

 gifts for storytellersgifts for storytellers

Another awesome thing you can do for your dear storyteller would be to get them hooked on a subscription to a particular podcast about storytelling; this is necessary to build further their storytelling skills. 

22. Storytelling Mug: A Coffee Mug With Inspiring Quotes About The Power Of Storytelling

 gifts for storytellersgifts for storytellers

23. Storytelling Board


If you step into the cave of some storytellers, it’s almost like a detective’s home on a severe case, a board with pins and notes and ideas scattered and pinned around or on sticky notes. If your dear storyteller doesn’t have a board of this nature yet, then grab one for her. 


24. WhiteBoard

 gifts for storytellersgifts for storytellers

This is a tad similar to the gift above; here, instead of sticking and pinning notes, they can write down their excellent idea. 

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