Half a Century of Greatness: Unique Gifts for a 50-Year-Old Man Ideal for Every Occasion (Father’s Day, Birthday, Anniversary etc)

Fifty is such a vast age; you’ve spent over ten decades on earth and seen fifty Christmas holidays; that’s pretty huge and deserves to be celebrated. While this gift guide isn’t precisely for his birthday, it covers gifts perfect for a fifty years old man on Father’s day, an anniversary, his birthday, or “just because.”

So, after going through countless forums coupled with my experience, I’ve cooked up a comprehensive list of gifts for a 50-year-old man. These gifts range from items, sentimental and personal, to activities. The thing with most people at this age is they have everything you can consider getting for them and would sometimes prefer your company; I thought that, so let’s go. 

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Best Gifts for a 50-Year-Old Man

1. A Nice Wrist Watch

 gifts for a 50-year-old mangifts for a 50-year-old man

You know, a gift guide for a man isn’t complete if you don’t throw in a nice wristwatch. It is likely that he already has a nice wristwatch, but if you dim its fit, some nice wristwatch would be an ideal gift for him; something beautiful made from genuine leather, if possible, would do; he’ll still fancy some gold chain wristwatch too. 

2. A Bottle Of His Favorite Whiskey Or Other Spirits


The man is getting old; few things would excite him again, like a good bottle of his favorite whiskey or spirits. If you can afford the time, I’m sure he’ll love having that drink with you; you should get him something. 


3. A New Set Of His Favourite Sporting Equipment 

 gifts for a 50-year-old mangifts for a 50-year-old man

Yup, is he retired? Does he have sports he often engages in or one he used to engage in? This is the perfect time to get him those sports equipment.

He is fifty, no doubt, but his bones are still kicking. There is a truckload of things he can still do, and playing some friendly sports is one of them, so think along that lines, and help the gentleman stay active. 

4. A High-quality Coffee Maker

 gifts for a 50-year-old mangifts for a 50-year-old man

An excellent coffee maker for the man, enough of standing in the queue to grab a drink, he can prepare his coffee right from his kitchen. 

5. A Subscription To A Magazine Or Online Service He Enjoys


Yes, something like this would mean a whole lot to the man; it could be a service, a club, anything entirely; while a month sub would be ideal, it will be nicer if you subscribe for like two months or more, of course, it depends on the amount you can afford to part with. 


6. A Personalized Leather Wallet Or Other Leather Accessories

 gifts for a 50-year-old mangifts for a 50-year-old man

The mark of a gentleman is a nice leather, which could be leather shoes, wrist watches, belts, or wallets. Consider getting him a nice leather wallet, or grab a wallet you can customize with his name or initials. 

7. A Sleek New Briefcase

 gifts for a 50-year-old mangifts for a 50-year-old man

A briefcase is excellent for every fifty years old man, something nice and portable to carry his documents and other things. It will be best if you get him a genuine leather briefcase. 

8. A High-end Shaving Kit

 gifts for a 50-year-old mangifts for a 50-year-old man

He’ll need this; he’ll need something very premium and excellent; he has a big beard despite being fifty. You’ll be happy if the man still appears in need and shows a very responsible and clean beard; you can make that possible by getting him a high-end shaving kit. 

9. A Book On A Topic He Enjoys, Or A Bestseller He Hasn’t Read Yet


There’s not much to say here; take him to a land of awesomeness by grabbing him an excellent book, something from his favorite author, especially an author he has loved from way back; an excellent book on some of his favorite topics would do, I’ll be tasking you with some work, go through his library before you make your buying decision

10. A Gift Certificate To His Favorite Restaurant Or Store


I sometimes turn to gift cards when I can’t figure out a gift for y receiver; with this gift certificate, he can get exactly what he needs. There aren’t many options for a 50-year-old man as he’ll likely have everything. To avoid getting gifts for him he might never use, this would do so he gets to buy exactly what he needs. 


11. Smart Home Device

 gifts for a 50-year-old mangifts for a 50-year-old man

You know him better than me and can tell if this is an excellent gift idea for him. How in touch is he with technology? How much help does he need at this point in his life?

Well, a friendly Smart Home device would do; it would help him around with some menial chores and welcome the man to the world of technology. 

12. A Set Of Luxury Bed Sheets

 gifts for a 50-year-old mangifts for a 50-year-old man

A lovely silk and comfortable bedsheet, something to transform his sleep into very pleasing, is another excellent gift for the man. Go for a set or at least the bed sheet and two pillowcases when shopping. 

13. Bicycle

 gifts for a 50-year-old mangifts for a 50-year-old man

Get him to move his fragile bones while covering long distances with ease. When people start approaching the second side of their century, they begin taking an interest in friendly activities like cycling, so do this for the man. 

14. A Set Of Quality Binoculars Or Other Outdoor Gear

 gifts for a 50-year-old mangifts for a 50-year-old man

Yes, something to keep him busy in his backyard or cabin, an excellent binoculars to help him see some significant part of nature. With his age, his eyes become fragile, too, making these binoculars more critical. 

15. A Personalized Piece Of Art Or Sculpture


A lovely sculpture to add more beauty to his house could be a carving of his favorite author, his childhood hero, a carving of him, his family, etc. it could be a hobby or his famous sportsman. 


16. Wine Tasting Experience


Some of those activities he couldn’t engage in because of his job and lack of time, exercises like wine tasting, this is the right time for all of that, get the man an invitation to some wine tasting and allow him to have some fun as he might not be here for too long. My point in adding this gift here is to ensure you get him to fulfill those things on his bucket list; it’s around now, so do this for him as a gift he’ll appreciate. 


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Stephanie May

Stephanie May

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