20 Excellent Gifts for an 18 Year Old Son(s) That Will Earn You a Tight Hug

At 18 years, boys’ interest change. I have a younger brother who turned 18 last year; he has started hitting us with the “I am an adult” hehehe. At 18, they have different priorities, different interests; they start thinking like young men. They try to act independently and start making plans for the future.

You don’t expect him to be completely an adult, but you sure know he can point out when you’ve gotten him a crappy gift. This gift guide cuts across not just your son but your 18 years old brother, 18 years old stepson, and any other 18-year-old boy in your life.

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Don’t worry or stress your brain. I sure know how an 18-year-old boy thinks and can give you awesome Christmas gifts for that 18-year-old king in your life.

Top 10 Christmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old Son

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 1. Alarm Clock on Wheels – Wakie Wakie Young Man

Christmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old SonChristmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old Son

He is now 18. Get him this clock. He might not appreciate it now, but as time goes, he will. This running alarm clock will make sure he wakes up.

If he loves working out in the morning or going for a stroll, the clock got him covered. If he is a deep sleeper and wants to wake up earlier than normal, the Alarm Clock on Wheels got him. It is one of the coolest gift ideas for an 18 years old boy. Time is of the essence; let him learn to use it productively.

 2. Beats Studio3 Wireless Over-Ear Headphones – Music is Life

Christmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old SonChristmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old Son

Yes, music is life. Your 18 years old son will be so elated if you get him these headsets. They aren’t Apple-certified, but Amazon-qualified suppliers have tested them.

What you should know is, nobody, especially eighteen-year-old kids, will ever turn down a good headset. The battery in this device will last for a while. If this doesn’t sit right with you, you can skim through Amazon and get a better headset for your son.

 3. A Powerful Intel core i7 Laptop – Finally!

Core i7 Laptop | Christmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old Son

Source: UnsplashYou can upgrade or get him this trendy Laptop. As the day goes by, the age range of possessing a Laptop keeps reducing. Almost all households have at least one Laptop available.

Nothing will make your 18 years old brother happier than having a good core i7 laptop for the 2020 Xmas celebration. Go through the list of Laptops available on Amazon and select a computer you can afford.

4. Engraved Leather Front Pocket Wallet

Christmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old SonChristmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old Son

As a young man, he will soon have so many ID cards and credit cards. He needs a good Wallet to keep these cards, and this Engraved Leather Front Pocket Wallet is the right one for him.

This wallet takes things higher with the Engraved note attached to it. Your son won’t only get to keep his cards and personal documents, but he has a set of words reminding him of your steadfast love for him and how awesome he is.

Everything about this wallet is of high quality. It comes with a 13.56 MHZ frequency material which protects information on credit cards, driver license, debit card, and other IDs from being stolen.

 5. Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

Christmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old SonChristmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old Son

Is your 18 years old son a loud music listener like my younger brother? Then this gift is for him. Everything about this speaker speaks class. You can play music, listen to the news, check the weather, and receive and make calls with effective noise cancellation.

The portable Clear wireless speaker is rugged. It is both shockproof and water-resistant. Its speakers are loud, and it covers a wide Bluetooth range. Your son will surely love this, just be prepared for a little loud noise – but at least, he’ll leave the family speakers.

 6. LIERONT Phone Camera Lens

Christmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old SonChristmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old Son

Do you have a photo gig as a son? This one is perfect for him. In 2020 smartphones are going toe to toe with so many digital cameras. Digital cameras have had a steep decline these years. You don’t have to break the bank and get your son a digital high-quality camera. The LIEFRONT Phone camera is a worthy Christmas gift for an 18 years old son.

Everything about this Camera lens is quality. It consists of a 5in1 set without vignetting. It also comes with a high-grade aluminum tripod that helps balance the phone for beautiful photoshoots. I recommend this for any eighteen years old boy in your life.

 7. DJI Mavic Mini Drone FlyCam Quadcopter

Christmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old SonChristmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old Son

Among our gift ideas for boys, the DJI Mavic Mini Drone FlyCam is an awesome suggestion for your boy. In Canada and the USA, you don’t need to register it before use. It is lightweight and can stay in the air way longer than other FlyCam. Is your 18 years old son a tech gig? Does he love watching robots or seeing things work on their own? Then get this gift for him.

 8. Basketball Swivel Task Gaming Chair

Christmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old SonChristmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old Son

What sets this chair out is its basketball features. Does your son love gaming? This right here is a step for him. If you plan on getting a good gaming chair for your son, click the button below and search for “Gaming chairs for boys,” but if he fancies the NBA so much, then get him this. The chair is spot inspired, has a round back and round seat to further represent the famous basketball.

 9. Crosstour CT9700 Native Waterproof Sports Camera

Christmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old SonChristmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old Son

Yes! About 80% of boys engage in one sport activity or the other. Getting your son this will help him document every sports activity he participates in. This camera will do just fine in the water and under the sun. With 2*1350mAh, the Crosstour camera is perfect for every sports activity.

It has an anti-shake feature to stable the camera during filming. Offers 4k video quality and allows you to control the camera from your iPhone/iPad through Wi-Fi. You can also share your moment through your TV or Projector. Very few 18-year-old boys will turn down this gift.

10. Magnetic Dart Board Game

Christmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old SonChristmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old Son

This is special because it is a wegift. Wegifts are gifts both the giver and the receiver can enjoy. This is the game of dart but without any risk whatsoever. Its board is magnetic, and the darts aren’t sharp. You and your son can spend sufficient family time with this game.

It has a smart scoring system to rate the performance of all players present. It has a keyhole slot you can hang in any room, both your office or at home. Your son will enjoy playing this game with his friends, get it for him.

11. Playshion Drop Through Freestyle Longboard

Christmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old SonChristmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old Son

Does he love skating or watching people skate? Then this board is for him. It is the beginner’s choice due to its low-ground feature. It is a strong but flexible board and allows beginners to learn skating without getting injured. Get this as a Christmas gift

for your 18 years old son, and thank me later .

12. Fossil Men’s Machine Stainless Steel Quartz Watch

Christmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old SonChristmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old Son

He is a man, so get him a man’s gift. The Fossil men quartz watch is an awesome buy for your 18-year-old son. It is equipped to resist water for a long time but shouldn’t be used for snorkelling or diving.

The black silicon band radiates beauty, and its black texture dial and silver tuned hands speak quality. With a few bucks, you would be putting a smile on the face of your boy.

13. Schwinn High Timber Mountain Bike

Christmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old SonChristmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old Son

It is time you upgrade or get him a new bike. From pavement to trails, the Schwinn High Timber mountain bike will serve you well. Its suspension fork and mountain style frame will give your son balance while riding.

Its front and rear alloy linear-pull brakes are there for precision stopping power. Its wheels are equipped for lightweight strength and will give an enjoyable riding experience. In simple words, get this bike for your sun and let him love you even more.

14. ATIVAFIT Adjustable Dumbbell For Home Gym

Christmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old SonChristmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old Son

A boy is a man, work-out commences. Nothing beats having an in-house gym. The ATIVAFIT adjustable dumbbell fits that. It is durable and well cast for preventing rust. It doesn’t take much space in your room, with its gratis plastic tray, you can cave out a small section for your room.

All your son needs now is a calendar to work out with; he can get this from any smartphone app store. The young man will appreciate this, get it as a Christmas present and check back with me a year from now.

15. 3 in 1 Wireless Charging Station with Adapter

Christmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old SonChristmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old Son

This 3 in 1 Charging station is equipped with a fast charge and can boost three devices at the same time. It comes equipped with an adjustable metal support plate. You can listen to music or watch a video while it is charging. The Charging station has a temperature control watch to regulate its charging.

When its temperature gets to 40°, it automatically goes off. The wireless charger doesn’t block the screen or the edges of your device. It hides the iWatch and Airpods Pro cables, giving enough space on your table. All these features make it a worthy gift idea for your 18-year-old son.

16. Lightning Reaction Reloaded – A Shocking Game

Christmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old SonChristmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old Son

It is literally a shocking game. Each player grabs a handle from the base, then a player presses the button in the center and watch the red light blink. A piece of suspenseful music plays in the background.

Wait for it… when the red light turns green, Go. The players are to press the trigger button immediately, the last to react receives a light shock. Yes! Your eighteen years old son will love this. It will also make a cool gift for his birthday as he and his friends can get zapped a bit.

17. Gosky 10×42 Roof Prism HD Binoculars

Christmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old SonChristmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old Son

Ever been late for a live football game or concert? Did you have fun? Maybe you did with your friends, but wouldn’t it have been better if you saw whom you came to watch clearly? Well, the Gosky professional HD binoculars come in. It has a 10× magnification power and offers a large field of view. It is perfect for outdoor activities like a music concert, football games, stargazing, and much more.

It has High Definition optics, which makes your view super clear. It will work just fine in a harsh weather condition because of its tight-fitting protection. Gosky binoculars take things higher by offering a means to mount your smartphone, one of its objective lens. It is a great Christmas gift idea for 18-year-old boys.

18. Emergency Survival Kit – 47 in 1 professional survival gear

Christmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old SonChristmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old Son

With a few bucks, you could get this full survival kit for your son. Of course, where you stay will affect your type of gifts. However, this kit contains 47 survival gears, including a first aid kit, wire saw, folding knife, pen, fire starter, compass, emergency blanket, torch lights, fishing tools, and so many other items. It is perfect for a boy who loves hunting or going to the mountain. With this kit, your son’s camping trip will be 100% fuss-free.

19. Nike Shoes

Nike shoes | Christmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old Son

Source: PinterestA good pair of Nike shoes will do the trick. Go through the button below and pick an awesome Nike shoe for your boy. He could use them when he goes to the gym, goes for running, or to a friend’s birthday party. Find out your son’s favorite color and choose something fitting.

20. Upgrade His Gaming Console or Accessories


Xbox & Ps 5 | Christmas Gifts For An 18 Year Old Son

Source: Pinterest

He is probably a gamer – who isn’t? You can make his Christmas the best by upgrading his Xbox or Play station to the latest version. You can also get him new gaming accessories or replace the current one. You could get a customized or wireless controller pad. You could get him different games or even a Store Gift card, a PlayStation membership digital code.

When it comes to games, boys are always happy at the slightest gift given. You could get him a good gaming headset. Anything game related will make him happy. You should ask him for a guide subtly.

Finally, thanks for stopping by. How about you share this post then make your son happy this Christmas.

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