Although Not Together You Still Believes He Deserves Something So These Are Ideal Gifts for Ex-husband

It is rarely the case that we step into matrimony while anticipating its end, but again we have little control over how things may turn out; our efforts may just not be enough, and parting ways often may be the perfect solution.

Typically, most people see exes as enemies; I have no idea how their relationships went for that to be the case, so I can’t tell; on the other hand, most of us may be friends with our ex-partners, and in some cases, we’ll fancy coming back with them, other times we have a relationship with them, it could also be the case that they are parents of our children and have custody. They try their best to play their role.

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Suppose your ex-husband fits any of the profiles above; it’s completely understandable why you’ll want to get him a gift. I also need to note that you may be an awesome person and feel he deserves a gift, or you want to remind him how much of an assh0le he is. No matter the profile, I have something for everyone, so get any of these gifts for your ex-husband here.

Before I proceed, I feel you should understand some dynamics that should be respected while getting gifts for an ex.

  • Getting a gift for an ex who is still angry at you isn’t ideal; I believe you’ll be adding salt to the injury; instead, consider one of the apology gifts here.
  • Most times, our guts are right; they are often correct. You might be right if you feel it isn’t the right time to get your ex a gift.
  • It is often best to go for simple gifts; yes, you shouldn’t go big in most cases.
  • In most cases, it’ll be best if you avoid gifts that remind your ex of the past; there are exceptions, though.
  • If you love to show more affection, you should get your ex a gift they know you hate but they love; it shows that you remember.
  • Romantic gifts, most times aren’t ideal, come on, your ex might be seeing someone else.

Now, let’s look at these great gifts for your one-time husband.

Other Gifts for Exes

Interesting Gifts for Ex-husband

1. Funny Ex-husband Mug

gifts for ex-husbandgifts for ex-husband

This would make more sense if he has had other exes; even if he doesn’t, this is a good gift for your ex-husband. This would make more sense if you both are cool; maybe you still share funny videos on Tiktok and Instagram, or the relationship is generally cordial and peaceful.

2. Taunting Keychain

gifts for ex-husbandgifts for ex-husband

Look, most marriages end ugly, and in such cases, this is the ideal keychain for your ex-husband.

3. Men’s Slim Wallet

gifts for ex-husbandgifts for ex-husband

Wallets would always remain good gifts for men generally; getting this for your ex shows how much care you have for him, it is a simple gift, nevertheless, but it’s something he’ll often use. I also need to mention its protective feature; it would help protect your ex’s cards from some common fraudulent hijack.

4. Beard Kit

gifts for ex-husbandgifts for ex-husband

Let’s whisper; if you are still a fan of his beards, then this is an ideal gift for him. You can hate the man, but you must admit that his beards are still excellent and deserve top-notch grooming. With this grooming kit, your ex-husband can stay clean and neat.

5. Funny Notebook

gifts for ex-husbandgifts for ex-husband

Uhmm, let’s remind him of one thing, especially that ex who is still disturbing. Your heart doesn’t have room for him, but your car trunk does; I hope he can manage that *rolling_eyes.

On the other note, this book would come in handy; he can do a truckload of planning on this book’s pages, and his grocery list, to-do list, notes, ideas, and other jotting can be made effectively on this book.

6. Dark Wood Beer Mug

gifts for ex-husbandgifts for ex-husband

This is one classic mug; giving someone a mug as a gift entails you are being simple, but this isn’t some random beer mug; this is made from oak, and it is natural and durable. This is a perfect Christmas gift for your ex-husband.

7. Engraved Bamboo Cutting Board

gifts for ex-husbandgifts for ex-husband

It would be best if you celebrated your ex-husband on father’s day with this cutting board. It is one durable piece, something he’ll have for a long time. Despite staying separated from you, he has been a fantastic dad so that this board would do.

8. Snacks Variety Box

gifts for ex-husbandgifts for ex-husband

I often turn to edible gifts when I can’t figure out what to get my receiver, and I suggest you go with this. Please get him homemade cookies.

9. Temperature Smart Mug

gifts for ex-husbandgifts for ex-husband

If you have an ex-husband who is a workaholic, someone who is pretty busy around the clock, especially on Monday mornings, then get him this smart mug.

I believe everyone, including your ex-husband, would love to have his coffee at a specific temperature; this mug makes that wish a reality.

10. Armchair Caddy

gifts for ex-husbandgifts for ex-husband

If your ex-husband was a couch potato, someone who loved watching TV, then you should get him a gift that would make that interest more fun.

With this armchair caddy, your former husband would have access to his remotes, glasses, and other things when he mounts his couch. I also have other gifts for men who love watching TV.

11. 3D Hoodies

gifts for ex-husbandgifts for ex-husband

A suitable hoodie would make sense; look at this like a return for all the times you “borrowed” his hoodies. This is a beautiful hoodie; it is a worthy replacement for all the hoodies you took. You should see other 3D-printed gifts here.

12. Fake Lottery Tickets

gifts for ex-husbandgifts for ex-husband

It’s payback time; you can prank him with these lottery tickets; of course, they are fake. If you can send this to him without him realizing at first that it’s from you, the joke would make more sense.

13. Annoying Prank Device

gifts for ex-husbandgifts for ex-husband

You can get crazy by grabbing this prank gift, which will annoy the living hell out of him – in a cute way, I suppose. This device won’t stop beeping; your ex-husband might run mad *wink.

14. Tree Bookshelf

gifts for ex-husbandgifts for ex-husband

If your ex-husband was a sucker for knowledge, he was always reading till the point that it affected his relationship with you, then grab him this gift.

It fits the bill of a gift you hate, but he loves” this gift shows you care about him and his interest despite the relationship not working.

15. Assorted Chocolate Box

gifts for ex-husbandgifts for ex-husband

A box of chocolates is a simple yet excellent gift. I’ll always advise you to fall back on this if you can’t figure out what to get him.

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