Wishing Him Well, Want Him Back or Other Reasons These Are Gifts for an Ex Boyfriend

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For whatever reason, your relationship with your boyfriend ended, and he’s now an ex. However, an event or cause is up that entails you getting him a gift, and it could be his birthday, Christmas, an anniversary, or valentine’s day; you still miss him and want him back for whatever reason; this gift guide is for you. Many people claim you should give him space, but I know how difficult that could be especially if you are close to him and he played a good role as a friend, so here are gifts for an ex-boyfriend.

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Before I proceed, I feel you should understand some dynamics that should be respected while getting gifts for an ex.

  • Getting a gift for an ex who is still angry at you isn’t ideal; I believe you’ll be adding salt to the injury; instead, consider one of the apology gifts here.
  • Most times, our guts are right; they are often correct. You might be suitable if you feel it isn’t the right time to get your ex a gift.
  • It is often best to go for simple gifts; yes, you shouldn’t go big in most cases.
  • In most cases, it’ll be best if you avoid gifts that remind your ex of the past; there are exceptions, though.
  • If you love to show more affection, you should get your ex a gift they know you hate, but they love; it shows that you remember.
  • Romantic gifts, most times aren’t ideal, come on, your ex might be seeing someone else.

Now, let’s look at these great gifts for your one-time boyfriend.

Other Gifts for Exes

Best Gifts for an Ex-Boyfriend

1. Headphone Stand

gifts for an ex-boyfriendgifts for an ex-boyfriend

Was your guy a gaming freak or a music freak and a good headset he loved and cherished, then this headphone stand is the best gift for such an ex-boyfriend?

It is made of aluminum and plastic and could serve as a wireless and wireless headset stand, making charging easy and comfortable. It would also be a good decor and help organize his game desk.

2. Funny Sexy Mug

gifts for an ex-boyfriendgifts for an ex-boyfriend

This mug has this engraved on it “Thanks for the memories and all the hot steaming mind-blowing wall-shaking 0rgasms,” well, he sure gave you a ton of memories, right? Then get him this mug.

This mug is high quality, fantastic, and a nice piece to add to his wares. Also, see these gifts for a friend with benefit.

3. Funny Toilet Timer

gifts for an ex-boyfriendgifts for an ex-boyfriend

You know him well, and how long he spends in the toilet, you can get him this funny toilet timer to remind him that the toilet isn’t his bedroom and he shouldn’t sleep there.

This timer can also pass off as a funny gift for your ex-boyfriend. It gives him explicit instructions that it is time to leave the loo, for God’s sake.

4. Romantic Gift in A Bottle

gifts for an ex-boyfriendgifts for an ex-boyfriend

What was the relationship with him like, was he your first or you his first, was he a fantastic lover and you do miss him, are they so many memories you’ll love to relive, did it end on a sour note?

If any of these or even more applies, you need to remind him that he was the best decision you ever made. This gift contains that message in a bottle and is a gift also to get him back.

5. Cool Phone Case

gifts for an ex-boyfriendgifts for an ex-boyfriend

Would you love to keep running in his mind, or do you want to ensure he constantly thinks of you, then thinks of a practical gift, especially one he’ll always come across?

This phone case is the ideal gift for him. Figure out his current phone and get a phone case from here. Ensure you get a case related to his hobby, model, sports, and much more.

6. Beard Grooming Kit

gifts for an ex-boyfriendgifts for an ex-boyfriend

I believe you admired his beard, and you still do, then grab this beard grooming kit for him. Do you know how men love their beards? Yeah, this grooming kit is ideal, huh.

This beard kit contains vitamins and nutrients needed to grow a shiny and healthy beard. It is 100% natural and organic ingredients and is perfect for all types of beards! See these gifts for barbers too.

7. Face Care Routine

gifts for an ex-boyfriendgifts for an ex-boyfriend

Who said men don’t need a face care routine? You still care about him and wish him the best right? Then grab this face care routine for him. It is ideal for all skin types.

It contains the three best skin care products for men to gently cleanse the face and remove dead skin & impurities while nourishing, protecting, and hydrating it.

8. Workout Dumbbell

gifts for an ex-boyfriendgifts for an ex-boyfriend

A workout dumbell might be the best thing you’ve ever gotten him, and he will keep in shape and work comfortably.

This gift makes m0re sense for an ex who is often busy as he can work out during those break times. Who knows, you two may come back, and you’ll be meeting someone sexier this time.

9. Photo Picture Frame

gifts for an ex-boyfriendgifts for an ex-boyfriend

If you need a gift to help you two return, then a picture gift would do. Pictures say a thousand words.

With this photo frame, you can feature a picture of one of your two favorite moments or be less direct by getting a picture that is his hobby-themed, role model, pet, etc.

10. Travel Coffee Tumbler

gifts for an ex-boyfriendgifts for an ex-boyfriend

A travel tumbler is one of those remarkable gifts to get an ex-boyfriend; this mug could come in handy when he goes to work out, travels, hiking, camping, and much more.

The hands behind this offer this mug in different colors; you should know his favorite color and buy accordingly. It can keep his drinks hot or cold for some time.

11. RainBowl Toilet Light

gifts for an ex-boyfriendgifts for an ex-boyfriend

This rainbow toilet light is funny, it may come off as a gag gift for him at first, but it has a great use case. The stress of putting on the lights when you wake up at night to use the loo is both daunting and annoying.

It could see him waking up those who stay with him or letting the neighbor who stays up at night be aware that he is using the toilet; this toilet light helps reduce that. It has a proximity in which it comes on. Here are awesome sex gifts for long-distance relationships.

12. Pocket Folding Knife

gifts for an ex-boyfriendgifts for an ex-boyfriend

This ergonomic wooden knife could come in handy at any time; pocket knives of this nature are some ideal gifts for men. It has a lovely wooden handle with a great feel in its hand.

Another nifty feature is the blade’s finely detailed and gorgeous laser etching. The locking mechanism is well designed with zero worries of accidentally closing it. These are gifts for an ex girlfriend.

13. Magnetic Beer Bottle Opener

gifts for an ex-boyfriendgifts for an ex-boyfriend

It is a bit annoying having bear covers scattered around the house; maybe when you two were together, you could relate to all of this; well, this comes to an end now.

While you aren’t his girlfriend again, it doesn’t mean you can’t put a smile on his face. This beer opener is an ideal gift for him.

14. Chocolate Covered Cookies

gifts for an ex-boyfriendgifts for an ex-boyfriend

A simple box of cookies will do if you need a gift for your ex-boyfriend’s birthday. This gift isn’t a sentimental boyfriend gift; it is simple and straight to the point.

Since he’ll be finishing it that day or the day after, you know you aren’t giving him something he’ll often see, reducing the possibility of your gift being misjudged for a romantic gift. Keep it simple.

15. Casual Wrist Watch

gifts for an ex-boyfriendgifts for an ex-boyfriend

A wristwatch is one significant item to make it to a men’s gift guide; however, you won’t be getting him anything too fancy or sentimental.

This casual quartz wristwatch is the perfect item for him, keep things official with your ex but still show you care and wish him the best.

Wrapping up on Gifts for an Ex-Boyfriend

The relationship may be over, but you still care; some good gifts for an ex-boyfriend include a casual wrist watch, box of cookies, traveling tumbler, beard grooming kit, and others. These gifts are perfect for his birthday, Christmas, valentine’s, easter, and much more.

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