30 Very Funny But Useful Gag Gifts

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Typically, the picture or perception we have about gag gifts is they should be funny or try to be, we seldom espect any usecase for our emails but some of us would smile at the idea of having gag gifts that have some usecase no matter how little.

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While we try to offer gifts with some usecase of some sort, we still ensured that these gifs are funny and would surely make your receiver to ROTFL. Just to add, most of the gifts here are offensive to some people, so be mindful of who you decide to give them to.

Our Top 10 Gag Gifts

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1. Subtle Butt: disposable gas neutralizers

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

We kick start this guide with this crazy gift. That one friend whose fart can set your room on fire, this gag gift is for them. It is made of thin, soft fabric that does not show the pad.

You can get this for anyone who you are close to (of course). It will send them laughing when you send this to them.

2. Sorry No Hablo Fuctardo 20 OZ Tumbler

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

Sorry, No Hablo Fuctardo Tumbler is another funny gift for your receiver. I mean, you can probably guess what the translation is, so you already agree it is a funny gift.

As a tumbler, it serves properly and your receiver would love it. The punchline of the whole tumbler is the inscription on it. “Sorry, No Hablo Fuctardo” means “Sorry, I don’t speak Fucktard.”

3.  Funny Coffee Mug

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

The COVID-19 Pandemic, which gave everyone a taste of panic, reported a surge in Toilet paper demands. In fact, Toilet paper producers were rolling cash that year.

For most, the horrors of 2019/2020 are something they lived through with a smile on their faces and this mug is a funny reminder of that.

4. Bacon Bath & Grooming Kit Gift Pack

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

You probably didn’t know that bacon could be more than whatever it is you know it to be, for a gag gift, grab this package that contains a bacon lip balm, bacon mints, bacon bandages, and a bacon’ addict’ silicone band. In addition to its humor, its cool features will make a great gag gift.

5. Old World Christmas Glass Blown Ornaments

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

This vintage ornament would take your receiver back the hands of time, it is funny of course, but you have to give it up to the golden feature it possesses making the Christmas tree it is used on to be beautiful.

6. Affirmators! at Work

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

Starting the day with a word of affirmation, a quote or some form of motivation goes a long way to make the day productive. This pack has over fifty positive affirmation for your receiver. It may not seem like a a a gag gift, but it is one simple useful gift.

7. That’s What She Said – Dress Socks

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

The funny adage is a representation of a onetime funny phrase, besides that, this is one awesome socks for your receiver. It is made of cotton and perfect to scale the winter.

8. The Butt Toilet Tape – Funny Gag Gift for Men or Women who Have Everything
useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

Nothing screams “gag gift” more than a butt toilet paper tape, no, it isn’t a toilet paper it is rather a stationary holder. It can hold your receiver’s pen, masking tape, clips and notepad.

9. Sleeve Christmas Hoodie
useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

“Don’t Get Your Tinsel In A Tangle.” is one crazy phrase often used during Christmas, it is a simple way of telling people not to get upset in a funny way. As a gift, it is engraved on this awesome piece of hoodie.

10.   Toilet Night Light

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

Even while doing the darkest business anybody can do in their house, I mean the glorious act of using the toilet at night *wink.

This night light uses a sensor, so when they jump into the toilet to do their business, this night light would be there to serve.

11. Darth Vader Adult Throw Blanket

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

While coming forth as their favourite Star Wars character *wink, your receiver can also feel comfortable inside the sleeves of this beautiful throw blanket.

12. Bacon Addicts Triple Sampler Gift Pack

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

Bacon Addicts Triple Sampler Gift Pack comes with a bacon air freshener, a bacon mints for fresh breaths, and a bacon lip balm to keep the lips hydrated. In the pack, there is also a silicone wristband for bacon lovers.

13. Accoutrements Horse Head Squirrel Feeder

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

It will make more sense for a receiver who has access to squirrels, yes, those tiny quick things. This item is perfect for those who like trying crazy type of fun, once a squirrel feeds from this they’ll end up looking like a horse.

14.  Shakespearean Insult Bandages

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

It is a bandage no doubt which means it has a great use case, also it is a funny gift as it features some top-notch Shakespearean insults. Gotta admit, it’ll be crazy bandaging someone while they laugh off at these jokes.

15. F*ck Off, Cretin!

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

Get this for a close acquaintance and expect them to laugh even before using it. The book comes with over 15,876 insults which can be mixed and matched to create new ones.

16. The Gift of Nothing

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts


I hope your receiver tells you “Thanks for nothing” when they receive this. This gag gift is perfect for a child, it would help improve their creativity as it features a bunch of drawings they can work on.

17. The Farting Animals Coloring Book

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

Although it is more of a gag gift for kids, this is still one item even adults would love. Put them to test and watch them display their colouring talent while bursting into laughs.

18. Fresh Balls and ASSWIPES

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

I don’t think there’s much to say here, what can I possibly say with the names over there, it says everything.

19. Blah Button – Talking Blue Button
useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

The hands behind this gift are petty I must say, they made a button that says “blah” but the most petty part of it is, on pressing it, your receiver wouldn’t scream “blah” once but so many times and in different voices, they made sure you don’t have to say “blah blah blah” in the same voice. Thats crazily funny in my opinion.

20. The Zombie Survival Guide -Paperback

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

I mean whats the point of all the video games they’ve been playing, if they can’t put into practice if the needs arises.

Well, not to look any further, your receiver can prepare for the next zombie apocalypse with this book. It prepares them for the act of defeating zombies.

21. Drawing Without Dignity – Games

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

This box has over a hundred sensitive discussions to have, most are pretty funny while others might end you a punch. That’s nothing if you ask me, a small price to pay for fun!

22. Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts


Wacky Waving Inflatable Tube Guy is a great gift to give to your buddy at work. It is powered by a battery that allows it to move, wiggle, and shake. The inflatable tube guy is great for office tables and marketing/advertising. It can function without a battery.


useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

I mean while others would kill themselves to get a box of pizza, your receiver would be getting a box of pizza socks. All I have to say is you are cut from a different cloth.

24. Emergency Underpants

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

This disposable pair of underpants fit just any adult. It is easy to use and can be used by any gender. The underpants can act as a substitute to replace your stained underwear immediately. It is a perfect idea for a Christmas gag gift.

25. Shakespeare Insults Gift Poster

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

These organized and curated sets of insults are culled from every work of Shakespeare. It is entertaining, educative, and also humorous.

All the insults are labelled with the play, where it is found. It is an excellent gift for family, co-workers, kids, and well-wishers to keep them entertained all day long.

26. The Official BS Button

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

This self-explanatory device is necessary when you are pissed off. It comes with a buzzer that allows you to hit it, and it yells “That was BS!” and “BS detected, take precautions!”. With this device close to you or any other person expect the level of bullshit to reduce drastically.

27. Cirbic Retirement Timer

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

Cirbic Retirement Timer will make a hilarious gag gift for coworkers especially those who are about to retire. Your parents will surely appreciate this gift too.

28. Kitty Carpet Reusable Downstairs Toupee Merkin

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

Do I really have to go into details, I mean you saw Kitty and Carpet and Downstairs I don’t think I need to do much explanation.

29. Coddies Fish Flip Flops

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

There’s no how people who see this slippers wouldn’t ROTFL, it is pretty hilarious gotta say.

30. Passive-Aggressive Notes 2020 Calendar

useful gag giftsuseful gag gifts

Although it features some passive-aggressive words, words that would make you laugh, however, it still has a great use case. Your user would have something to start their day with.

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