Although Separated You Still Believe She Deserves Something From You So These Are Nice Gifts for an Ex-wife

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In your marriage years with her, it may have been easier getting gifts for your then-wife; even if you flopped it once, there were still many times to get her something, but as an ex-husband, the dynamics have changed, she might not be the version of herself you were used to, maybe she is seeing someone else, etc.

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There are still partners we’ve been with that we can always agree that they’ll forever be a part of our lives; your ex-wife could fit that profile.

She might be one excellent mother to your kids, so she deserves something on Mother’s day: her birthday, Christmas, an event, an anniversary, or whatever.

When it comes to getting gifts for people who were or are dear to you, especially those you care for, it is best to get gifts that appeal to their hobbies, interest, profession, etc.

Before I proceed, I feel you should understand some dynamics that should be respected while getting gifts for an ex.

  • Getting a gift for an ex who is still angry at you isn’t ideal; I believe you’ll be adding salt to the injury; instead, consider one of the apology gifts here.
  • Most times, our guts are right; they are often correct. You might be suitable if you feel it isn’t the right time to get your ex a gift.
  • It is often best to go for simple gifts; yes, you shouldn’t go big in most cases.
  • In most cases, it’ll be best if you avoid gifts that remind your ex of the past; there are exceptions, though.
  • If you love to show more affection, you should get your ex a gift they know you hate, but they love; it shows that you remember.
  • Romantic gifts, most times aren’t ideal, come on, your ex might be seeing someone else.

Now, let’s look at these great gifts for your one-time wife.

Other Gifts for Exes

Exciting Gifts for an Ex-wife

1. Crazy Ex-Wife Mug

gifts for an ex-wifegifts for an ex-wife

After weighing your current relationship with your ex-wife, you can decide if this gift is perfect for her. You know your ex and her level of humor, and you can tell if this would be perfect.

If you believe it would then go for it. This is one excellent gift for her every time she uses this mug, a smile should spread across her face.

2. My Ex-Wife’s Necklace

gifts for an ex-wifegifts for an ex-wife

I take a particular liking to the words engraved on this necklace stand. It is cute, funny and naughty and your ex-wife would love this.

3. Snuggle Wearable Blanket

gifts for an ex-wifegifts for an ex-wife

You can ensure that her nights are warm; I don’t know if I should say this, but she doesn’t have someone to cuddle with for the time being; this wearable blanket would be right there for her as she sleeps alone on her bed.

4. Fake Lottery Tickets

gifts for an ex-wifegifts for an ex-wife

I don’t have to remind you of this, but some of our exes were actual assh0les; while I’m not advising you to take any exact vengeance on her, you can still pay back in a funny way.

Send these lottery tickets to her; of course, they are fake. If possible, let her discover only later that you sent it. She’ll probably have fallen for the joke before then.

5. Naughty Mug

gifts for an ex-wifegifts for an ex-wife

The words engraved on this mug say it all.

6. Funny Dramatic Hoodie

gifts for an ex-wifegifts for an ex-wife

If your relationship with your ex-wife permits this joke, then grab this dramatic hoodie for her. Despite you both being separated, you still think she’s cute, right?

7. Leather Journal

gifts for an ex-wifegifts for an ex-wife

Your ex-wife sure has a truckload of things to write and jot down; this journal would be perfect for her to jot down all those things. I find its leather covering the most intriguing about this journal; it is refillable, so trust that she’ll have it for years.

8. Manicure & Pedicure Set

gifts for an ex-wifegifts for an ex-wife

Adding more fabulous items to her jewelry stand is one excellent way of putting a smile on the face of your ex-wife or showing her that you still care about her well-being, although in a platonic way. This is a collection of every pedicure and manicure she’ll need.

9. Instant Pot

gifts for an ex-wifegifts for an ex-wife

You can help make her kitchen time more bearable and effortless; this is a luxury gift for an ex-wife; I feel you should get this for her during the Christmas holidays.

With this instant pot, she won’t run late for work and would effectively fix up something for herself and the kids, especially when she is tired. This is one thoughtful gift for everybody.

10. Assorted Chocolate box

gifts for an ex-wifegifts for an ex-wife

When I can’t figure out an ideal gift for my receiver, mainly when I can’t gauge our relationship or what they’ll like, I usually settle for a box of chocolates or other edibles. If you can make some home cookies or chocolates, it’ll be even better.

11. Skin Care Products

gifts for an ex-wifegifts for an ex-wife

How long have you both known yourselves? A year, three, a few months, or more, the point is you should have an idea, even the slightest idea of what skin care products are best for her or she uses, then go shopping accordingly; it’ll be ideal if you get her a set of her favorite skin products. I have other gifts in set for ladies here. Also, if she has sensitive skin, then consider these gifts.

12. Ex-wife Bracelets

gifts for an ex-wifegifts for an ex-wife

This is a simple bracelet; it just reminds her that despite you both not being together again, you still are happy to call her a friend. To buttress, these are gifts for platonic female friends.

13. Funny Ex T-shirt

gifts for an ex-wifegifts for an ex-wife

I don’t think there’s much to see here; this shirt could go both ways; it’ll be a funny gift if you get this for her.

14. Divorced AF Funny Ornamental

gifts for an ex-wifegifts for an ex-wife

This is a funny and iconic gift for all exes.

Nice gifts for an ex-wife includes a prank gift like a pack of fake lottery tickets, a funny ex t-shirt, a leather journal, some pedicure and manicure set, her skin care products, etc.

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