Want Em Back or Not You Should Check Out These Gifts for an Ex-Girlfriend

The relationship is gone, but the friendship remains; I mean, you were friends before the whole thing, so it’s not weird you want to get gifts for an ex-girlfriend, especially for her birthday, an anniversary, Christmas, a spontaneous celebration, or when you want back in.

You should check out this post if you currently see her as a platonic friend with no feelings attached whatsoever. Nevertheless, this gift guide contains gifts for your ex-girlfriend; you should weigh what ended the relationship before you choose from my list; I’ve got you covered, though.

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1. Recipe Journal

gifts for an ex-girlfriendgifts for an ex-girlfriend

You can start by getting her a recipe journal like this one, especially for an ex-girlfriend queen of the kitchen. This recipe journal offers her enough space to write down her expeditions in the kitchen; it provides a full 2-page spread for each recipe allowing plenty of room to write down recipes & notes, plus a framed-in area for photos of the finished recipe.

Aside from its obvious practical use, this is a funny gift that you could get as a gag gift for your ex-girlfriend; the write-up in-fronts says it all; Recipe & S!hit. It shows you care about her that although you two aren’t a pair, it doesn’t mean you don’t have her at heart.

2. Jewelry Box

gifts for an ex-girlfriendgifts for an ex-girlfriend

There’s seldom any lady who doesn’t have a sh*t load of jewelry; getting a thoughtful gift like this jewelry box will go a long way. If your ex’s makeup was often scattered on her table or bathroom, you could help her out with this gift.

It offers three drawers with a fully lined interior to make it stylish and provide her jewelry with better protection. It’s a rectangle jewelry box with dividers whose various compartments keep her jewelry away from mess-up; it easily stores different jewelry sizes, even necklaces, bangle, oversized earrings like the hoop. It’s a practical gift for an ex.

3. Artificial Flowers

gifts for an ex-girlfriendgifts for an ex-girlfriend

I’d prefer you get this gift for her as a thank-you or get well gift, sending on, say, Valentine is big and might pass a different message. Nevertheless, this gift is made up of a five-branch artificial flower that comes in a vase. It is made of wire and silk and will stand the test of time; therefore, although you aren’t a pair, she will always think of you when she glances this way.

4. Bluetooth Headphones

gifts for an ex-girlfriendgifts for an ex-girlfriend

Is your ex-girlfriend a big fan of music and loves being in her zone? Then it would help if you got her these excellent Bluetooth headphone. This beauty offers her quality music with advanced software and noise reduction technology. Every time she dives into the world of these headphones, she will enjoy nothing but quality.

Its Bluetooth technology is compatible with many Bluetooth devices out there. It also offers a means for 3.5mm plug cable devices to enjoy. The super-soft memory-protein foam leather earmuff is designed to mimic human skin texture, ensuring lasting comfort and excellent durability; your ex-girlfriend will sure enjoy this. Since this is a tech gift, it doesn’t communicate many emotions making it one of the best gifts for an EX that is an EX.

5. Chocolate Gift Box

gifts for an ex-girlfriendgifts for an ex-girlfriend

This cool chocolate gift box is another fantastic gift for her birthday, a get-well or thanks you gift. The beautiful box with a gold design includes 32 crisp, buttery biscuits with rich Godiva chocolate. Pieces include Signature Framboise with white chocolate and raspberry, iconic Lady Godiva pieces in the dark and milk chocolate, and more. Every bit is guaranteed enjoyment; your ex-girlfriend will very much appreciate this.

6. Photo Albums

gifts for an ex-girlfriendgifts for an ex-girlfriend

This photo album, for me, is the best gift for an ex-girlfriend at her wedding. Ladies love pictures, and pictures contain just so many memories; after taking a ton of pictures of her marriage or her birthday or that special celebration, she could store her photos in it.

It can hold 300 4×6 inch photos, a total of 50 sheets/100 pages, and each page can hold three photos. It combines practical design and exquisite fashion; Sewing leather collage frame sets photo albums; the leather texture is smooth, the appearance is stunning and high-grade.

7. Tote Bag + Purse

gifts for an ex-girlfriendgifts for an ex-girlfriend

Show me a lady who doesn’t love a good tote bag, and I’ll show you a…, never mind, I won’t show you anything – lol. This tote bag is unique; it isn’t the basic stuff you can find in the market. Unlike other tote bags, this comes with a purse set that can hold her iPad, wallet, makeups, phone, little water bottle, perfumes, gloves, and other daily use and keep them organized.

It will come in handy when she goes to work, shopping, traveling, and on dates making it a practical and useful gift for an ex. You should know her favorite color, so picking a color won’t be hard. Please go check out this beauty for her.

8. Girls Backpacks

gifts for an ex-girlfriendgifts for an ex-girlfriend
Do you think she will prefer a backpack to a tote bag? Then get her this fantastic girls’ backpack. It is made with high-quality nylon fabric Water-repellent fabric that does not fade, is odorless, environmentally friendly, and healthy, and can protect her inner things from drizzling.

This backpack doesn’t just fit into her daily needs, but it provides today’s trend as it offers a popular fashion ribbon design; what’s more, Age brands designer designs it, they are unique in Amazon. It’s an ideal bag for your high-school ex.

9. Crazy Mug

gifts for an ex-girlfriendgifts for an ex-girlfriend

Are you two still talking dirty in the DMs? Or you have weighed your current friendship, and you feel you can push a bit, or you want to thank her, then how about you get this crazy mug for her. It has an inscription which reads;

Thanks for the memories and all the hot, steaming, mind-blowing wall-shaking orgasms,” as some exes may see this as going too far; your ex mightn’t. Aside from being a naughty gift that could trigger memories, this is a quality mug; the write-up will stand the test of time; it is a practical and funny gift for your ex-girlfriend.

10. Bed Desk

gifts for an ex-girlfriendgifts for an ex-girlfriend

When you were a pair, was she fun working or using her laptop on her bed? She also eats on it and often complains when the contains spill on her bedsheet, then get her this excellent bed desk. This laptop bed tray is a perfect lap desk for work, games, reading, eating, and school from the comfort of her bed, floor, sofa, or couch.

It will mean a lot, especially now more than half of the world has had to operate from their homes, making it a great home gift. It has a built-in iPad stand groove & side drawer for standing phones, storing pens, cables, or placing coffee mugs, including a book stand with fold-out legs.

11. Ankle Bracelet

gifts for an ex-girlfriendgifts for an ex-girlfriend

This anklet bracelet is a placeholder for any other unique jewelry your ex was fond of; it could be a nose ring, a lips ring, and much more. If she loved ankle rings, then get this for her. A set from this vendor contains up to 16 pieces of different styled anklets; she will have various ways to dress up. She can wear one or more as she wants. If you prefer changing, she can also wear different anklets every day.

12. Massager Gun

gifts for an ex-girlfriendgifts for an ex-girlfriend

Is your ex-girlfriend a yoga or CrossFit enthusiast? Does she engage in really rigorous activities, a sports lady, and much more? Then it would be best if you got her this massage gun. Muscle pain can disrupt daily life and prevent the flow of a happy and carefree lifestyle.

The massager gun helps alleviate the pain and soreness caused due to muscle knots and stiff joints. It also allows the user to relax and be free of stress by providing a massage akin to a professional one right at home.

13. Fashion Earrings

gifts for an ex-girlfriendgifts for an ex-girlfriend

This may be a little off for some ex-relationships; however, if you are convinced she will go with this, then you can get her this fabulous pair of earrings. They are classy and eye-catching crystal fashion statements that will make her stand out at any party or occasion. It comes in a MACHEE Luxury box, and it is perfect for everyday wear or any special occasion.

14. Beyoncé Heat – Perfume

gifts for an ex-girlfriendgifts for an ex-girlfriend

If she is a Beyoncé fan, I don’t need to emphasize how much this perfume will mean. Get this great scented spray for your beehive, ex.

15.  Best Ex-Girlfriend Ever Mug

gifts for an ex-girlfriendgifts for an ex-girlfriend

Yeah, not all EXs are bad; I know of one I’ll love to get back with. If you feel the relationship ended when you didn’t want it to, and she meant so much to you, then you can get her this incredible gift.

Wrapping It up on Gifts for an Ex-Girlfriend

Before you pick an item for your ex-girlfriend, you should first weigh how the relationship ended and how the friendship is currently going; you should also be sure the occasion warrants a particular type of gift. Getting jewelry for an ex is not bad, but you should be confident of her reaction first if you try to keep things simple. Thank you for visiting my site; do have a great day.

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