To Support Their Angelic Voices These Are Some Gifts for Voice Actors

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Voice actors are everywhere, in our movies, favorite TV shows, adverts, animations, online videos, YouTube videos, and so much more; the voice acting industry is massive, with people joining as we go. If you are blessed with a voice actor in your life or someone considering taking on that task, you can show support to them by grabbing any of these gifts for voice actors.

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All Gifts for Voice Actors

1. SSD hard drive

gifts for voice actorsgifts for voice actors

There’s almost no voice actor who wouldn’t fancy the idea of having an external drive. They need this to store their countless studio or recording seasons.

While their system may have storage spaces, an external drive would make more sense; based on this, you should consider getting your voice actor a good Solid State Drive (SSD).

2. Daily Planner For A Voice Actor

gifts for voice actorsgifts for voice actors

The more she gets better at her craft and gets more recognition, your darling voice actor will have a ton of things up her sleeves, and this planner is the ideal gift for her.

The most prominent feature is the writeup on the journal’s cover page which reads, “Voice over artist, you’ve probably heard me before” yeah, that’s possible. So, grab this for her and help her daily schedule activities. These are great gifts for actors.

3. Funny Voice Artist Shirt

gifts for voice actorsgifts for voice actors

White its write-up “Voice Over Artists are Fabulous and Magical Like Unicorns, Only Better” might be the most prominent part of this shirt.

It also features many awesome things like being 100% made of cotton, easy machine wash, pull-on closure, and durable while perfect for every gender.

4. Pro I/O audio interface

gifts for voice actorsgifts for voice actors

These days, voice actors can record from almost anywhere, while recording in a studio or with professional studio equipment would always be the best process for voice actors;

They can stitch something up with their mobile phones, pads, and personal computers. Nevertheless, a device like this is ideal for helping deliver crystal clear sounds over recordings on these devices.

5. Over Ear Headphones

gifts for voice actorsgifts for voice actors

This headphone is the perfect gift for voice-over actors; a gun is to a soldier what a headphone is to a voice-over artist. With this, he can pick every sound in his recorded notes.

The soft padded ear cushions are designed to monitor headphones’ comfort and noise isolation. The headband is adjustable and stretchable for him to find the desired angle he likes to fit in.

The beauty of these headphones is that your voice artist can make use of these headphones both for the act of voice recording and for other activities. Here are gifts for students in theater school.

6. Voice Amplifier

gifts for voice actorsgifts for voice actors

This is one super-powerful voice amplifier and speaker for your voice artist. It is a very loud amp with excellent clarity and low feedback. Sound covers over 6,500 square feet.

She can also use it as an MP3 speaker. The amp has a microphone input and an MP3 output. The amp will accept signals from both input ports and out through the speaker at the same time.

7. LED Strip Lights

gifts for voice actorsgifts for voice actors

I believe your environment is instrumental in how effective you deliver on your job, from how comfortable it is to how beautiful it is.

Lighting is one major thing many voice-over actors take an extra liking to, and these LED strip lights can help with that. This is remote, app-controlled, and features music and multiple colored LED strip lights.

8. Dynamic Microphone

gifts for voice actorsgifts for voice actors

I mean, microphones are the major input device; there’s no better way to record what they have to say in the absence of a microphone with no mic, no voice actor.

This dynamic microphone is the best thing you can get a voice actor. The SM7B  mic is quite popular amongst famous voice-over artists and major studios worldwide. See gifts for a theater major here.

9. Voice Over Artist T-Shirt

gifts for voice actorsgifts for voice actors

This excellent microphone design shows off her true passion for voice-over artists. It’s not easy being able to do a voice-over for movies; it’s a skill.

They get to wear this excellent design while recording in her home studio. She can also use this when stepping out for casual occasions and with fellow voice-over artists.

10. Microphone Isolation Shield

gifts for voice actorsgifts for voice actors

This mic stand with an isolation shield allows him to record his sound without disruptive background noise. No matter where he is on the road, in the park, anywhere, he has to set it up and start recording!

It is easily foldable, allowing him to move it around with ease. This gift also includes a tripod stand for recording while sitting. Its height is adjustable, which is the perfect gift for voice-over actors.

11. Splitter Mic Cable

gifts for voice actorsgifts for voice actors

This is a set of two 3.5mm stereo plugs, perfect for connecting his headset to his PC  and his microphone and headphone jack (It selects headphones, more on the buyer’s page).

It works effectively with VOIP applications like MSN Messenger, Skype, etc. It is flexible and durable, featuring a gold plating that resists corrosion and provides rigidity while improving signal performance.

12. Desk Shelf Organizer

gifts for voice actorsgifts for voice actors

This desk organizer might be perfect for the office, but there are things your voice actor would need to arrange, and this shelf organizer would be perfect for him.

This office desk shelf organizer and accessories are made of high-grade PVC material, which is more vital than traditional wood, making it durable for your voice artist.

13. Voice Changer

gifts for voice actorsgifts for voice actors

This live sound card supports a dual-channel microphone, and two microphones can be plugged into reverberation to work together.

It supports Bluetooth wireless connections, and connecting the phone via Bluetooth is accessible; this is a perfect karaoke device.

The colorful lights, changing with the music, have the same atmosphere effect as you have a party or a bar. Twelve modes and 16 sound effects let you experience the ultimate happiness of the anchor.

14. Headphone Stand

gifts for voice actorsgifts for voice actors

The headphone is pretty important to a voice actor, so you need to get him something to display and protect his headphone with style, and this is the perfect headphone stand.

The headphone stand can be used as a power strip, is with build-in three power sockets, total output is 1250W, suitable for home and office, charging laptops, printers, pc monitor and much more.

15. Portable Vocal Booth

gifts for voice actorsgifts for voice actors

This noise-blocking cocoon reduces sound reflections significantly and performs better than messy acoustic foam.

This booth allows your dear voice artist to record quality notes without random disturbances and noises. It also has wireless led lighting, a versatile phone/tablet holder, and a storage bag for that studio set up.

Wrapping up on Gifts for Voice Actors

Headphones, voice changer, portable vocal booth, Mic. isolation shield, and other gifts listed here are the best gifts for voice actors. These gifts would help your dear friend become a professional, which could see him earning roles with Pixar, Disney, and co – Amen. Thank you for stopping by. Have a great day.

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