The Journey of Flying High with Pride Would Be Better with These Gifts for Someone Going into the Air Force

US soldier - one in a series. - gifts for someone going into the air force

There’s absolutely no universe where you can catch me as a pilot, not to even talk of being in the Air Force – maybe Vivian can; you should ask her, haha. I recall some years back, I had the luck of watching our air force do some aerial maneuvers, and OMG, it was glorious, but … Read more

Pay Attention to These Gift Ideas for Someone Going Into the Military

A man undergoing military training cartoon - gift ideas for someone going into the military

When carrying out my research on this topic, I consulted some ranked military officers, and they did give their opinion. Typically, on arrival at the training camps, new soon-to-be soldiers are often stopped of everything, especially things that deeply tie them to being civilians – this may dissuade you from getting them gifts. However, when … Read more