The Journey of Flying High with Pride Would Be Better with These Gifts for Someone Going into the Air Force

US soldier - one in a series. - gifts for someone going into the air force

There’s absolutely no universe where you can catch me as a pilot, not to even talk of being in the Air Force – maybe Vivian can; you should ask her, haha. I recall some years back, I had the luck of watching our air force do some aerial maneuvers, and OMG, it was glorious, but … Read more

Celebrate Them for Their Services by Getting Any of These Gifts for Ex-military

American Flag with Gift and Military Dog Tag with a Message for Dad - gifts for ex-military

I’ve been lucky enough to come in contact with some ex-military personnel. I have heard firsthand of their sacrifices and experiences of how much they’ve put into serving their countries. Those in the military are one of the few who are ever ready to pay the ultimate sacrifice; that’s a courageous action and something that … Read more

Pay Attention to These Gift Ideas for Someone Going Into the Military

A man undergoing military training cartoon - gift ideas for someone going into the military

When carrying out my research on this topic, I consulted some ranked military officers, and they did give their opinion. Typically, on arrival at the training camps, new soon-to-be soldiers are often stopped of everything, especially things that deeply tie them to being civilians – this may dissuade you from getting them gifts. However, when … Read more

While He Serves the Nation You Should Serve Him Any of These Gifts for a Marine Boyfriend

Marine boyfriend receiving gift from his gf _ gifts for a marine boyfriend

While he honors the clarion call to serve the nation and help keep us all safe, you can show how much goodwill you wish him by getting him something. Before I proceed, America is grateful to your boyfriend, and we want to wish you both the best. One of the most reasonable ways to show … Read more