Welcome Your Foreign Friends to Your World With Any of These British Gifts for Foreign Friends

Union Jack flag of Great Britain on red background, Queen's Platinum Jubilee and holiday celebration concept - british gifts for foreign friends

Most of us are lucky to have friends from different walks of life, ethnicities, races, countries, and probably one-day planets *wink. These people mean a lot to us; we learn from them and understand how things are done in their worlds, the types of meals, clothes, festivals, and much more. Others have been there for … Read more

Celebrate Your Greatest Allies With Any of These British Gifts for American Children

gift box with UK flag and pine cones and branches on background. Image with Christmas holiday theme - british gifts for american children

America should be Great Britain’s oldest ally, one of our most recent “bromance” was during the world wars, and across so many international disputes, both nations have always stood together. Our similarities are just so obvious; I mean, we both speak English, slightly different, no doubt, and we almost have the same laws, democracy, and … Read more