For a Cross-Culture Delight, These American Gifts for Chinese Visitors Will Serve as a Bridge

Group of friends chatting and using laptop in cafe at the coffee shop cafe in university talking and laughing together. - american gifts for chinese visitors

Ni Hao and welcome to our site; so you are having an excellent visitor from oceans away, and you can’t figure out what to get them, well, I’ve got you covered; however, before diving into those awesome American gifts for Chinese visitors, lets first look at this unique experience you are about to have. Your … Read more

The Founding Fathers Would Approve These Gifts for American History Lovers, So Let’s Salute Them Here

A 1 USD coin stands upside down on a toy chair and a 50 cent coin lying in a miniature deck chair with the American flag in the background - gifts for american history lovers

History is generally not beautiful but it is never boring, there’s just so much one can learn from history, and in this case the history of our dear homeland. From the different wars, the revolutionary wars, the biographies of presidents, the civil rights movements, the industrial age, etc, there’s a truckload of things to learn … Read more

These Native American Gifts Would Take Your Receiver on a Trip to Ancient America

Pennsylvania Founder William Penn receives a gift from Native American Lenni Lenape Chief. Illustration published in The New Eclectic History of the United States by M. E. Thalheimer (American Book Company; New York, Cincinnati, and Chicago) in 1881 and 1890. Copyright expired; artwork is in Public Domain. - native american gifts

Native America is the roots, the foundation of modern America, that many of us can recall. It is always a thing of pride for many people to have something that shows they recognize America as it used to be before the founding fathers.  Gifts that are Native-american themed are often a decoration for many people. … Read more

For Staying Friends, Despite Cultural Differences, These Are Great American Gifts for Korean Friends

An American woman giving gifts to a Koreans woman - American gifts for korean friends

Let me share something extraordinary about Korea, at birth a child is automatically a year old, there are different explanations for this, but what I’m used to is that they claim the child has spent nine months in their mother’s stomach, almost a year, so on child’s birth they are a year old. Considering that, … Read more

Don’t Visit Them Empty Handed as We Have a Collection of Cool American Gifts for Japanese Friends

An American man handing a gift to a Japanese man - American gifts for Japanese friends

Before I proceed, I’ll to make sure you know that “素晴らしい” means “Awesome,” at least according to Google. Typically, when making visits, especially journeys that entail crossing seas, you are often expected to bring something with you; a little gift would do, no matter how small.  Thanks to globalization, it is easy to come across … Read more

Celebrate America’s Greatest Ally by Getting Any of These American Gifts for British Friends

USA and ENGLAND flags together on the staff - American gifts for british friends

For many years, decades, even centuries, the United States has had Great Britain as our number one ally. You can see these in many wars and how similar our cultures are. Although many things, including our language, bind us, some things are peculiar to the United States, and those things are what we have on … Read more

Celebrate Your Greatest Allies With Any of These British Gifts for American Children

gift box with UK flag and pine cones and branches on background. Image with Christmas holiday theme - british gifts for american children

America should be Great Britain’s oldest ally, one of our most recent “bromance” was during the world wars, and across so many international disputes, both nations have always stood together. Our similarities are just so obvious; I mean, we both speak English, slightly different, no doubt, and we almost have the same laws, democracy, and … Read more

Welcome Them to the Homeland With These Gifts for New American Citizen

a person standing next to the American flag while looking happy - gifts for new American citizens

Finally, getting that citizenship is often the dream of many immigrants. To celebrate this new fit, you should consider these gifts for new American citizens. For some, this is a breath of fresh air, especially after fleeing from one thing or the other, some a unique opportunity for their kids, a citizenship confirmation means different … Read more

Checkout These American Gifts for Foreign Friends All Exclusive to the Homeland

american gifts for foreign friends

Leaving your friend from different nationalities and parts of the world makes more sense if you give them American-themed goods. Thanks to globalization, there aren’t that many items exclusive to America alone. Nevertheless, we were able to dig up some awesome American gifts for foreign friends, have a glance. These gifts could be given during … Read more