These Native American Gifts Would Take Your Receiver on a Trip to Ancient America

Native America is the roots, the foundation of modern America, that many of us can recall. It is always a thing of pride for many people to have something that shows they recognize America as it used to be before the founding fathers. 

Gifts that are Native-american themed are often a decoration for many people. Still, for some others, it is much more than that, especially those who have been in touch with the culture either as descendants or as people who have taken a deep interest in the beautiful culture of Native America. 

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If you have someone with a high rating and love for Native America, I have some awesome Native American gifts they’ll like and fancy, as you’ll see below. 

Interesting Native American Gifts

1. Dreamcatcher – A Traditional Native American Item Believed To Filter Out Bad Dreams And Promote Good Ones

 native american giftsnative american gifts

I don’t see why your receiver wouldn’t appreciate this. People revere something for a reason, and they wouldn’t rate it if it weren’t working for them.

In Native America, this is a dreamcatcher, and it is said to ward off bad dreams, and that’s final; if you love your receiver to have a great night’s rest, grab this for them. 

2. Hand-carved Wooden Bowl – A Functional And Decorative Piece Of Art, Often Made With Traditional Carving Techniques

 native american giftsnative american gifts

They can use this excellent wooden bowl as decor or an actual plate in whatever way they decide to use this; it would serve perfectly.

In those days, they didn’t have access to the breakable ceramic or glass plates you have, but the natives did just fine with this. 

3. Native American Flute – A Traditional Instrument Used For Music And Storytelling

 native american giftsnative american gifts

In those days, the people of a specific tribe or village often gathered around a fire. They enjoyed the sound of the flute while listening to the village storyteller take them down the road of history, revealing some of the exploits of great Native Americans, their gods, and why this was this and that was that. Speaking of storytelling, here are fantastic gifts for storytellers

4. Native American Beaded Jewelry – Jewelry Featuring Intricate Beadwork, Often Incorporating Meaningful Symbols

 native american giftsnative american gifts

The natives were very colorful people; they never shied from the idea of celebrating their culture; you could see this in their outfits, dressings, and jewelry. Their beaded jewelry is one pretty integral part of their outfits. Most of the beads had pretty symbolic carvings. 

5. Traditional Pottery – Handcrafted Pottery Featuring Traditional Designs And Techniques, Often Made With Local Clay

 native american giftsnative american gifts

This would end up as decor, a flower pot, or just an item to add beauty to their surroundings. This is an ideal gift for any Native American enthusiast. Check out these gifts for history buffs

6. Pendleton Blanket 

 native american giftsnative american gifts

The Pendleton company is the brain behind this nice blanket. It’s easy to spot as they feature some traditional Native American designs.

Since it is made of wool, your user would see it as more than decor. It does serve effectively as a decor and an excellent blanket for cold nights.

7. Kachina Doll – A Traditional Hopi Doll Representing A Spirit Or Ancestor, Often Used In Ceremonial Dance

 native american giftsnative american gifts

Dancing was integral to Native Americans, and the Kachina Doll always popped out during such dances. Don’t get swayed by the “doll” in the name; it wasn’t a toy but an item to be revered.

They were given to children during special ceremonies and later hung on their door to be reverenced and worshiped. They were carved to represent the spirit of a tripe. 

8. Native American Cookbook – Featuring Traditional Recipes And Cooking Techniques

 native american giftsnative american gifts

Since your receiver is a Native American fan and loves the culture, they may fancy trying out some Native American dishes.

Get them this cookbook and watch them fix up something native. Don’t forget to throw something for the gods and ancestors of the land *wink.

9. Native American Art Print – Featuring Traditional Or Contemporary Native American Artwork

 native american giftsnative american gifts

Another fantastic gift for your dear Native American lover would be art with traditional or contemporary NA artwork.

The most common is often the head of a Native American warrior or a chief; it is pretty easy to identify those; however, you should check out for other options. 

10. Native American Flute Music Cd – For Relaxation And Meditation

 native american giftsnative american gifts

They’ll also love to hear some Native American flute or song play. Our ancestors have some very relaxing tones; that’s one common thing with those in history; they tend to fancy silence, especially for tribes big on traditions. Their songs take you to a different plane if you use them to meditate. 

11. Native American-inspired Clothing – Featuring Traditional Designs And Patterns

 native american giftsnative american gifts

12. Native American Traditional Drum – A Percussion Instrument Used In Music And Ceremonial Rituals

 native american giftsnative american gifts

Take them back in time by allowing them to create some Native American music; this percussion drum can help get that job done. 

13. Hand-carved Totem Pole – A Traditional Native American Art Form Featuring Symbolic Animal Figures

 native american giftsnative american gifts

What you have here are depictions. Typically, a totem pole is pretty vast and visible from afar. They use this to represent symbolic figures, animals, events, history, family legends, warriors, etc. They are primarily symbolic, so when you buy, ask questions before proceeding. 

14. Native America Traditional Tea

 native american giftsnative american gifts

Some other exciting gift for your receiver would be granting them the opportunity to taste some lovely Native American traditional tea. 

15. Native American-inspired Jewelry Box

 native american giftsnative american gifts

Ensure the box has excellent Native American traditional design and patterns. They can use this to store their jewelry, stationery, cash, random items, etc. Even when not serving as a storage box, it’s still a nice piece to have in any surroundings. 

16. Ancient Native Indian-themed Pocket Watch

 native american giftsnative american gifts

This would be a lovely keepsake to have. Its rigs of beauty and class would be a pocket watch your receiver wouldn’t shy away from using in public. Speaking of ancient, here are gifts for antique lovers

17. Native American Stories for Kids – Paperback

 native american giftsnative american gifts

When it comes to telling stories, the natives were pretty good at it. Like many other tribes and cultures worldwide, their stories and history were passed down by word of mouth; this book contains about 12 fantastic stories perfect for kids. 

18. Decoration Statue

 native american giftsnative american gifts

This statue depicts a group of Native Americans, including their chief chatting over a fire; this is one common practice and scenario you’ll always find in Native America. 

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