Motherhood Is Indeed Magical So for the Goddess of All Trades These Are Enchanting Witchy Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother has danced with to the rhythm of the moon, she has called to nature for wisdom, and from the spring of her craft she has been a unique and enchanting mother.

On Mother’s Day we celebrate those awesome ladies, those unique women who have been nothing but awesome and magical in how they brought us up, guided us, directed, came through for us, and much more.

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So, when I selected this witchy Mother’s day gifts guide, I went for those that would help her amplify her craft, to those that would help her unlock hidden truths, some are symbolical, some are witch related so if the mother is practicing or she just enjoys the craft then this guide is for her. Before we proceed, see these Harry Potter Mother’s Day gifts.

Unique Witchy Mother’s Day Gifts

1. Witchy Tarot Cloth

 witchy mother’s day giftswitchy mother’s day gifts

A tarot cloth is a perfect item your witch mother uses to read the future and the past. What is a witch who can see the future or past? When you go shopping, get your mother a tarot cloth with some awesome witchy design, she’ll love it. 

2. Incense Burner

 witchy mother’s day giftswitchy mother’s day gifts

Although the practice of burning incense is as old as possible mother has to practice with a bit of style and modernity so get her a unique and awesome incense burner, both the incense and the burner would add some style to her shrine or where she stays to meditate. 

3. Moonstone Ring

 witchy mother’s day giftswitchy mother’s day gifts

The moonstone ring is associated with feminine energy making it the ideal witchy Mother’s day gift. It would add some style to Mother’s outfit and when next she meets with the coven, they’ll all find her ring beautiful.

4. Crystal Necklace

 witchy mother’s day giftswitchy mother’s day gifts

A big emphasis on the crystal, if you’ve seen a ton of witchy movies, you’ll know how symbolic crystals are and how powerful they are. Please get her a crystal that corresponds to her energy or intention.

5. Cauldron – A Small Cauldron That Can Be Used For Burning Herbs, Candles, Or Incense

 witchy mother’s day giftswitchy mother’s day gifts

When she cooks up that weed especially when making a portion for you, it would be a thoughtful gesture if you get her a beautiful cauldron, something nice and stylish, who knows the beauty would add more flavor to her portion and it would help with the results. 

6. Moon Phase Wall Art – A Piece Of Wall Art That Features The Phases Of The Moon, Perfect For Any Witchy Home

 witchy mother’s day giftswitchy mother’s day gifts

If you’ve watched Mother in her element or when she’s doing her thing, you’ll know how symbolic the moon is and for most witches, every phase of the moon is pretty symbolic and has its type of energy.

A nice wall art would add some style to Mother’s room and would constantly remind her of her dear moon and how significant it is to her craft.

7. Witchcraft Magic Journal 

 witchy mother’s day giftswitchy mother’s day gifts

The best place for a mother to write down things, her to-do list, her diary, journal, ideas, grocery list, and other things is in a nice book that celebrates her special powers. 

8. Divination tool kit

 witchy mother’s day giftswitchy mother’s day gifts

If the mother is a practicing witch and probably just started, this kit is all she’ll need to go about practicing her craft. From a scrying mirror, the Wiccan book of shadows, witchcraft mirrors, etc, this divination tool kit would help Mother go about her invocations, magic potions, and spells. 

9. Spooky Bat Wine Opener 

witchy mother’s day giftswitchy mother’s day gifts

10. Wooden Witch Pendulum

 witchy mother’s day giftswitchy mother’s day gifts

You might know of the famous Ouija board, this isn’t exactly an Ouija board but it holds its powers and mystery and is somewhat an Ouija board.

Mother during her witchcraft journey would practice some invocations and ask some Yes and No questions and this board would help facilitate those missions. 

11. Crystal Ball – A Beautiful Crystal Ball That Your Mother Can Use For Scrying Or Meditation

 witchy mother’s day giftswitchy mother’s day gifts

12. Witchy Candle Set

 witchy mother’s day giftswitchy mother’s day gifts

Your mother de witch deserves some new supplies, she always needs candles when she is doing her thing, ensure you get her some.

If you can find out beforehand what types of candles she’ll need, please do and ensure mom has enough candles to practice with. 

13. Witches’ Brew Tea Set – A Set Of Teas With Witchy Names And Ingredients, Perfect For Enjoying During A Ritual Or Simply As A Delicious Beverage

 witchy mother’s day giftswitchy mother’s day gifts

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