Welcome Them to the Faith With Any of These Baptism Gifts for Adults

In Mark 16:16, Jesus said, “Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.”

It is impossible to complete your Christian faith without getting baptized. Baptism is like that seal that confirms you are a Christian, and if you have someone who has just gotten baptized, I appreciate you for taking out time and money to get them something that welcomes them to the body of Christ.

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Baptism alone is already enough gift, but it can’t be seen and touched but felt in the spirit; getting them something small and memorable to remind them of this big step they have taken is one other way to celebrate them for joining you or others in Christ. IIn this article, I try to point out some baptism gifts for adults

Many of us are products of infant baptism, while others got baptized when they were of age; getting baptized as an adult is such a special event, as an adult you’ve weighed everything and have agreed that you want to make this move, so these are gifts to celebrate that bold and fabulous adult. 

Best Baptism Gifts for Adults

1. Bible Verse Bookmark

 baptism gifts for adultsbaptism gifts for adults

I’m such a big physical book reader; I had to emphasize “physical” because most of us are into ebooks, notepads, or audiobooks; call me old-school, but I still prefer an excellent physical copy.

If your receiver is anything like me in terms of this, then they are likely suffering from the curse of dog-earring their books, so a lovely bookmark is ideal. 

This bookmark makes more sense because it features a bible verse and one that is related to this giant step your receiver has taken. 

2. I Got This, God – Art Print

 baptism gifts for adultsbaptism gifts for adults

Your receiver is now a member of the body of Christ; she can cast all her burdens on him and trust that he “Got her” this art print is one excellent piece of art to have in her house, and it celebrates this new move and would constantly assure her that “God got her.”

3. Baptism Keychain

 baptism gifts for adultsbaptism gifts for adults

I’m such a big proponent of getting practical gifts for people. By useful, I mean items my receiver would often use daily. One item that fits this profile is a nice keychain, yes. 

This keychain features a lovely bible verse reassuring your receiver that they’ve taken the right step. They would love this keychain and have it handy around the clock. 

4. Prayer Figurine Willow Tree

 baptism gifts for adultsbaptism gifts for adults

A lovely sculpture depicting a lady on her knees while in prayer is another excellent gift I recommend you get this adult who just joined the faith. 

This figurine would add a nice layer of beauty to your receiver’s house. It is one excellent piece to get the new convert. 

5. Baptisimal T-Shirt

 baptism gifts for adultsbaptism gifts for adults

Baptism makes you a new creation; the church teaches that you are cleansed from your sins and made new; this shirt further broadcasts that message. 

6. The Holy Bible

 baptism gifts for adultsbaptism gifts for adults

I don’t think I should say much here; the holy bible is an ideal gift for someone who joined the faith. We also have gifts for bible study ladies in case she joins a group. 

7. Vintage Delvin Box

 baptism gifts for adultsbaptism gifts for adults

Despite being a religious gift, this box would become an essential part of the items your receiver has at home. This box gives quite a lot of space for keeping some tiny and significant possessions. 

8. Christian Journal 

 baptism gifts for adultsbaptism gifts for adults

Like the box above, this is one other religious gift that could come in handy at home, work, or church, anywhere. It would be so excellent to write and drafting an excellent religious book such as this. 

9. Scripture Wall Art

 baptism gifts for adultsbaptism gifts for adults

Yup, another excellent piece of art for our new convert. 

10. Baptism Shirt 

 baptism gifts for adultsbaptism gifts for adults

I just couldn’t resist the urge to include this shirt; if you recall the trend from years ago, “straight outta” then you’ll get the humor in this shirt, it is an excellent piece and one your receiver would fancy especially if he was a fan of the trend or lived through it. 


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